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( Read Pdf ) Á The Boys, Volume 9 ´ All The Pieces Are Falling Into Place, For The Boys As Well As Their Most Mortal Enemies The Long Dreaded Superhuman Conflict Is On Its Way But First There Are Secrets Still To Be Uncovered Like The Story Of The Team S First Encounter With Supergroup The Seven, And The Shockwaves From That Disastrous Meeting That Still Reverberate Today Hughie, Meanwhile, Discovers His Comrades Hidden History, As Their Original Leader Colonel Greg Mallory Takes Him Through Sixty Years Of The Filthiest Black Operations Imaginable And Finally, With Good And Bad Guys Teetering On The Brink, A Shadowy Force Sets Events In Motion That Will Push Even Butcher Over The Edge The Boys, VolThe Big Ride Collects Issues Of The New York Times Best Selling Series By Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Russ Braun And John McCrea, And Features All Of The Covers By Robertson Garth Ennis is one of my favourite writers and I ve been loving this series The Boys is about a world where superheroes exist and they re a bunch of dangerous, narcissistic prima donnas and The Boys exist to keep them in line If you like your graphic novels to be powerful, irreverant, digusting, offensive, thought provoking and just downright fucking brilliant, you should read The Boys In fact, you should read everything by Ennis And volume 9 knocked me sideways The end of the book just takes your guts and wrenches them out Stunning And for the comic book nerds out there, check out the cover and think about The Dark Knight Returns Classic. Finally, we Hughie officially meets the mysterious Mallory. Note the one star rating doesn t reflect this particular book, but rather this one particular issue I m discussing here, in this piece of my multi part review There is a problem with this series The portrayal of women There s no sense dancing around it or trying to soft peddle it Women You could give Ennis the same pass that a lot of people give Tolkien You can claim that he s writing a story in keeping with a tradition that marginalizes women, and so to do otherwise would be contrary to the theme Tolkien was following the Eddas, Ennis is following in the superhero tradition But honestly, that excuse only slightly, barely works for Tolkien Giving Ennis a pass is would be an insult to his intelligence He is viciously lampooning all elements of the superhero genre, so why would he toe the party line with women Now is Ennis worse than Hitler when it comes to his treatment of women No Not at all In fact, Ennis takes some pretty hard shots at how comics treat portray women Good for him Bully But still, better than Hitler isn t really a glowing endorsement There are problems here, and they re actuallytroubling because there s some good stuff in there too, and the problems aren t glaring, they re subtle Now, in order to talk about this in detail, I m going to get into some spoiler territory here Fair warning SPOILER WARNING First off, there are really only four significant female characters in the entire story Maeve The Female Rayner Annie Starlight We can conceivably expand this to six if we count Butcher s wife who we only see in an extended flashback in volume 10 and Bradley who doesn t show up in the series until Volume 7 Let s be generous and include them as well Even so, you have to admit that six female characters in a story this big isn t an awful lot Here are some numbers The combined membership of the two main superhero teams The boys, and the seven is twelve Three of those twelve are women Now that s not terrible it s 25% Way better than the Fellowship of the Rings But even so, it pretty much breaks down to one token woman on each team It s made clear that Annie has only been brought into The Seven temporarily, potentially just because some of the guys on the team want to have sex with her Five of the six main female characters are shown naked in the comic Five of the six female characters are shown having sex in the comic The sixth, Bradley, we just see the scene leading up to the sex Four of the six main female characters are victims of rape The fifth, The Female, is merely the victim of attempted rape While Starlight, the main female lead, went through sex by cohersion and has someone attempt to rape her in volume three Now let s look at the characters individually 1.The Female A socially retarded compulsive killer Psychopath And a mute 2.Maeve Alcoholic Though she s supposedly one of the three most powerful superheroes in the world, she is easily bullied and manipulated When she finally gets fed up and decides to take a stand against the big bad, she does so in a really stupid way, is absolutely ineffectual, and pretty much gets one punch killed 3.Bradley Supposedly savvy corporate climber Falls in love with one of the male leads an emotionally distant manipulative type , and proceeds to do everything she can to impress him Once, after being splattered with the guts of someone killed by a superhero, she says to herself in the mirror He s strong, so you re strong In the end, after they sleep together, she is betrayed by the clever, manipulative man that she admires for being clever and manipulative For some reason, she is surprised by the fact that he was clever and manipulated her 4 Rayner Director of the CIA Portrayed as tough and savvy She is in charge of The Boys, and is their liaison with the US government In theory, she s a strong woman in a position of power Unfortunately, she is regularly manipulated, misled, tricked, and bullied by Butcher She also has a sexual relationship with Butcher, where he regularly degrades her The implication is that she can t resist him and turn away from the sex In the end, despite the fact that she was instrumental in the good guys winning the day, Butcher ruins her political career by playing a tape he made of one of her sexcapades where she says, I m a whore I m a fucking whore I m a dirty whore getting fucked by a pig This takes her by surprise, because apparently she forgot that Butcher has been secretly taping and blackmailing people professionally for the last twenty years of his life 4 Annie Starlight Tough, smart, powerful Emotionally troubled, but not unfairly so, as she d been through some rough shit over the course of the book Personally, I think she s the most emotionally mature person in the whole book And is probably the most dynamic character, undergoing the most realistic change throughout the course of the story 6 Butcher s Wife Becky The perfect girl The woman that turns Butcher s life around We only see her directly in two issues of the 72 issue comic, in a flashback narrated by Butcher Now again, I m not saying the entire series is anti woman Or that there s nothing good in there when it comes to women Far from it.Good things 1 Annie is a great character, and as I ve said before Probably the most emotionally mature person in the series, as well as the most dynamic character That said, while she s supposedly a powerful superhero, the only time we ever see her take any real action is when someone tries to rape her in volume three When the end of the world badness happens at the Finale of the series, she just leaves Disappears She s effectively written out of the story and doesn t do anything to help at all 2 Ennis takes a real vicious shot at the whole glamorization of rape thing in the third volume of the series The Superhero s corporate handlers propose a new look for Starlight, slutting her up to the Nth degree They also plan on changing her backstory to include the fact that she was raped It s Victory Comics, one of them says They re ever so fond of rape, dear They are, chimes in another They really are Nothing goes together like supes and rape That s what they say at Victory Starlight freaks the fuck out on them and tells them off in no uncertain terms 3 There is at least some representation of strong women in the series But it s largely undermined by how the women themselves are treated and how they behave The general trend is that while women can be smart and powerful, they re ultimately useless, stupid, or undone by their desires Dirty sex for Raynor Affection for Bradley 4 The theme that men need women to keep them from spiraling out of control and becoming deranged, violent, world destroying assholes Butcher s wife, Becky, says it best when she says, All this strength All this power It has to be tempered Men without women, Billy It ain t a good idea Personally, I m fine with this as a theme I think there sthan a little truth to it And, mythically speaking, women are a civilizing force You can trace that all the way back to the story of Gilgamesh, when Shamhat tames Enkidu But We have some trouble here Becky is the only main female character who is only in two issues of the comic, mind you that is portrayed as entirely good Not stupid Not a slave to her desires Not hiding some dark desire to be abused and called a whore She s also the only main female character who isn t in any position of power The implication is that men are the powerful ones, and a woman s best place is in not having any power themselves They re just supposed to love men and temper them Keep them under control Am I drawing a conclusion with insufficient data Yeah A bit.Though now that I think of it a bit, Annie backs up the idea too She s the only other good female character in the book She isn t punished by fate, or brought low by her dirty, dirty flaws She s theoretically powerful But only theoretically She never really gets into fights You could argue that she s able to stay a good character because she never uses her powers, she spends most of her time in the story trying to help Hughie come to grips with things, and grow up a little Gech This has gotten ridiculously long I ll stop here What s my point While I think this series is great The treatment and portrayal of women is not good Not horrifying, maybe But definitely bad and pervasive throughout the series So On this particular issue One star Review continued in Volume 10 Ugh This is the worst of Garth Ennis Overly violent and bloody, meandering, overlong and just full of gay tranny jokes that make it super obvious Ennis is either a serious homophobe, 13 yrs old, or has serious issues with his own sexuality there sshit on this than Elton John s cock really That s fucking genius you dumb twat Ennis is that guy who tells racist and homophobic jokes but then says it s ok because he has a gay uncle, or knows a black person.As for the book, I honestly skimmedthan half of thisHughie and Annie still have issues, Butcher is still a nasty cunt, the Seven are repulsive, sexual perverts Honestly, their violence and disregard for life bothers methan how they like to orgasm Vought is evil, there s gonna be a throw down, Hughie doesn t belong here, No ones as hard as Butchermate He s almostof a bully to Hughie than any of the Bad guysjust end this already Even the art isn t strong anynot that art needs to be good to show gay sex and bodies blown to bloody bitsThis series should have already wrapped upit s tired, derivative of itself, and just here to cash a paycheque I don t feel the passion I used tothis just feels phoned inand way overly long.Just not worth my effort I expected a lot Preacher is next up, and depending how it goes, Ennis might be moved to my never read again list Or maybe I m just not 17yrs old and this shit doesn t seem cool Violence language and sex doesn t a Tarantino make