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A FASCINATING PROJECT This is the first novelization published featuring episodes from Star Trek The Original Series Oddly enough, the novelization didn t published the episodes in the aired order, so if you are looking for the adaptation of Where No Man has Gone Before, the first aired episode without counting the non aired The Cage pilot you won t find it until the book 8 of this collection Yes, until the eighth book Also, it s important to take in account that James Blish wrote the novelizations based on the original scripts without being aware of any possible change on the final version of the aired episodes Also, while he is credited for the novelization of all 12 books, actually he was author of like the first 7 or 8 books, later of that, his wife took over without knowledge of the publisher.Still, this is a great effort since the 12 books, plus Mudd s Angels book, cover the entire original run of the now iconic TV series which started one of the most loved sci fi franchises.This first book features 7 stories and while one could think that they can t give a fair credit to them due being of only like 140 pages or so I can testify, that while not having many of the usual ornaments of regular novelizations, they are hardly poor adaptations One has to take in account that they were 45 minutes episodes, so it s not like novelizations of other franchises like Doctor Who, that they were serials of 4 to even 10 episodes of 22 minutes, demanding a whole book of 150 pages to do a fair job Here, I think that depending the scope of the story, some adaptation used pages than others, but in general, they were fair done Maybe, the only downsized of this titanic enterprise was presenting the stories without doing the changes made on the aired episodes BUT, even so, it can be a valuable experience to know how were originally thought those stories However, in comparison, the Star Trek Logs by Alan Dean Foster, adapting the episodes of the TV animated series of Star Trek are indeed a better work with details in the narrative and totally accurate to the development of the stories once aired CAPTAIN S LOG My ratings were based on my reading experience of the novelizations, and NOT about my opinion about the original aired TV episodes.Charlie s Law aired under the title of Charlie X Rating 2 starsThe Enterprise has the mission to transport the lone survivor, of a crashed ship many years ago, in the planet Thasus, which is a teenage boy named Charlie Evans Soon enough, the crew realized that he is dangerous due having powers of appearing and disappearing anything he wishes The situation gets even delicate when Charlie develops a crush on Yeoman Janice Rand.It s an okay story, but nothing too inspired and the main issue is that the crew hardly will be able to resolve the problem but falling into the deus ex machina factor.Trekker notes It s mentioned that James Kirk has 20 years of experience on space At that moment, he was in service like for 13 years tops It s possible that James Blish expected that a starship captain should be quite older, without realizing that Kirk was one of the youngest men to be promoted to captain in Starfleet.Sulu comments that it s required 30 years of training to know how to use the helm controls Thirty years At that point, Sulu is like 27 years old, and I am pretty sure that he didn t start to learn how to helm a starship, while inside on the belly of his mom Maybe it was a ruse to deceive Charlie, but it s still geez Dagger of the Mind Rating 2 starsThe Enterprise visits a revolutionary penal colony After dealing with a crazy intruder from the prison, Captain Kirk decides to conduct an inspection of the facilities He beamed down only with the support of Dr Helen Noel, a medical officer from the McCoy s department, with a doctorate on psychiatry and some training on penal prisoners rehabilitation.It was an okay story, with the major issue that Kirk falls too easily into a trap taking in account that he should be suspicious since there is a reasonable doubt that something odd is happening on the prison The Unreal McCoy aired under the title of The Man Trap Rating 2 starsThe Enterprise visits a scientific post on some planet due regulations of having to do medical checks, once a year, on the personnel of any outpost The post is managed by a married couple, and the wife was an old flame of Dr McCoy What should be a quick and easy mission detonates into several suspicious deaths of crewmembers.It was an okay story, with a fair plot, but it was too obvious that something strange was happening with the former girlfriend of McCoy that comparing notes between the members of the landing party could avoid many problems.Balance of Terror Rating 4 starsThe Enterprise is patrolling the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone when the crew got into full alert after finding out of several sneak attacks to Federation outposts along the border, indicating that some Romulan vessel should be in the area The situation gets even dangerous when the Romulan vessel shows having technology to make it invisible to the eye and sensors A deadly game of cat and mouse, interchanging roles constantly, begins.It s an exciting story that I really liked And while I did my best to focus on the narrative without trying to compare it with the original aired episode, and there are several differences that I didn t mind, but I couldn t help to feel that the novelization wasn t the same as strong since you will read only the happenings aboard the Enterprise, without having the insightful knowledge of the interactions aboard the Romulan vessel, and even not having the iconic moment when both starships commanders had a brief but meaningful talk Still, it s a gripping story specially since here, the suspicions toward Spock are stronger felt and clearly expressed by many officers.Trekker notes The story wrongly indicates the Enterprise as an Enterprise class starship instead of the the correct Constitution class.The story wrongly denotes Lieutenant Stiles as Second Officer, when that position is of Lt Cmdr Montgomery ScottIt was hilarious reading that Spock was carrying at some point, papers bound to a clipboard Geez Even, while on the TV episode one can watch a real hardcover book, we are in the 23rd Century, people In this story and others, is clear that they were still thinking about how to refer to people from the planet Vulcan Instead of calling them just Vulcans You will read terms like Vulcanites and Vulcanians.The Naked Time Rating 2 starsThe Enterprise is asigned to assist a scientific team to observe the irremediable destruction by natural causes of an inhabited planet However, the whole scientific team is found dead and the analysis of the crime scene indicates that something very unusual happened The situation gets worse when officers aboard of the Enterprise started to conduct themselves on erractic manners and one of them putting the starship in danger.It was an okay story Honestly I don t think that the story really exploded the huge potential of showing the inner emotions and deep feelings of the crewmembers, specially the key regular officers of the cast Sure, we have the now iconic scene of Sulu doing fencing in the corridors of the starship, but besides that, that honestly isn t too meaningful about getting to know Sulu s soul, you can t really see the regular cast members exposing themselves revealing things that they usually would keep in secret Also, the situation is again solved too easy, involving this time at least a member of the crew, but without showing a tangible process of how the solution was found.Miri Rating 2 starsThe Enterprise responds to an old SOS message transmited using antique radio waves The message comes from a planet colonized a couple of centuries ago by an Earth human group with irreconcilable socio political differences with governments of Earth The planet seems to be deserted at first glance However, soon enough, the landing party find a young teenage named Miri, but also they find out that there are many children aroudn, but also they discovered that now the whole landing party is infected by some unknown fabricated virus, making them to remain on the surface of the planet battling against clock to find a cure.It was an okay story It s interesting the social implications behind the original intention of the fabricated virus However, first, the landing party is too easily fooled by the children even taking in account some special situation about them due not having a proper care of their tech equipment, and second, the landing party has too many regular cast members for thinking that it would be a real danger about this killing virus.The Conscience of the King Rating 5 starsThe Enterprise is diverted from its original course due a false offer of new technology but there is a real intention behind the ruse An old friend of Captain Kirk, the one who made the false offering, he is telling to Kirk that the owner and prime actor, of an itinerant Shakespearean theater company, is in reality a former dictator, the infamous Kodos the Executioner , thought dead, who provokes the death of four thousand colonists as an intent to save the other four thousand remaining colonists due an unexpected famine First, Captain Kirk, one of the survivors of that holocaust, isn t believing the accusation, but when his old friend is murdered, he starts to take into motion a risky strategy to discover the truth.I loved this story I don t recall of having enjoyed so much the aired episode, but definitely in its written form was a wonderful story to read Shakespeare isn t a fortuitous element on the story but the key of its strength Anton Karidian, the one accused of having been Kodos the Executioner, is wearing the Hamlet s murderer king attire while Lenore, his daugther, is wearing the costume of the mad Ophelia Insighful, ironic and priceless OVERALL PERCEPTION While the stories are short of details, still they are an interesting reading An odd thing is that while you aren t be in any doubt that James Kirk is the captain of the ship, always cool and in control of the situation, maybe due the selection of the stories for this first book, you will be unable to perceive to Spock as the impresive smart and formidable character, that he is indeed in the series, since he hardly do anything of usefulness in these stories Even it can be easily understandble if people could think of Dr McCoy as a relevant character than Spock, having only this book as reference. Though these are shortened versions of the episodes, they still made for entertaining reading. Well, that s it I ve now read every book Blish published.Really not much different from the other ten volumes of adaptations Blish did don t ask how I ended up reading the first one last I don t know myself except for the lack of a foreword It was the release of this volume that created a deluge of fan mail that Blish would address in his forewords to subsequent volumes.As usual the quality varies with the quality of the adapted original script Interesting to note that the iconic image of Sulu brandishing a fencing foil has him wearing an undershirt here he s famously bare chested in the episode There s another go round for the Shakespeare inspired trope, along with the child with god like powers.