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!Free Pdf ⚇ Under-Heaven ☫ In The Santa Shop He Showed Us How A Raw Emotional Story Can Bring Readers To A Better Place In The Epic And Powerful Under Heaven He Has Done It Againtimes ThreeTraumatized By The Violent Murders Of His Parents And Himself, Nine Year Old Nate Wakes In A Version Of Purgatory With The Help Of Dead Relatives From Above And Below, He Struggles To Find A Way To Move On Meanwhile Back On Earth, Nate S Sole Surviving Sister Seems To Have Been Imprinted With Darkness Because Time And Again She Finds Herself Involved With Violent Men And Dangerous Situations When Mobsters Follow Her And Her Latest Boyfriend Down A Dead End Dirt Road, It Doesn T Seem Likely That Anyone Will Escape The Final Player In This Emotional Opus Is Five Year Old Jesse Who Places His Hope And Faith In His Drug Addicted Father It Isn T Until His Kidnapping From His Boston School That The Pain Really Begins Tim Greaton S Under Heaven Will Pull You Out Of Your World And Leave You Gasping For Breath In His, And The Surprising Culmination Of This Entwining Story Will Stay With You For A Lifetime One Reviewer Says, Like Walking The Edge Of A Cliff That Provides A Breathtaking View, This Book Is Both Scary And Beautiful While Another Reviewer Declares, Tim Greaton S Fans Will Follow Him To Hell In Gasoline Raincoats You Re Invited To Find Out WhyFrom The Author Dear Reader,By Now, Many Of You Are Aware That I Had A Pretty Horrible Childhood For Me,there Aren T A Lot Of Cheerful Memories, And Dredging Up What Few I Have Is Likerevisiting A Graveyard I Was A Somber Kid And My Childhood Was Something Isurvived Not Something I Enjoyed I Don T Blame My Parents They Loved All Oftheir Children, But They Themselves Came From Dysfunctional Homes And Were No Qualified To Raise Six Children Than I Am To Perform Brain Surgery Myparents Did Their Best But Their Best Was A Disaster No Child Should Everexperience What I Or, Worse, What The Two Boys In This Novel EnduredUnfortunately, Such Tragedies Occur Every Day In My Case, If It Weren Tfor A Local Library And The Books That Allowed Me Brief Periods Of Escape Duringthose Dark Years, I M Not Sure Where I Would Be Today It Is Certain, However,that I Owe A Great Debt To The Librarians And Those Many Authors Who Toiled Forme If My Novels Can Help Even One Similarly Troubled Soul Find A Few Moments Ofescape, Then I Will Have Succeeded Thank You For Considering Under Heaven I M Humbled By The Time You Ve Already Invested And Am Hopefulthat Nate And Jesse S Emotional Journeys Will Lead You To A Brighter Place Inthe Real World Your Friend,Tim Greaton Review posted here I was approached by the author, Tim Greaton, to review this book I knew I was going to be in for a very interesting read, but sweet Jesus From page one, this book grabbed me by the throat and didn t let up until the end Like others have said, because it is true, I really can t believe this is only 1 The mystery surrounding this book is so overwhelming I guarantee that even though this book is intense, it will leave a smile on your face Under Heaven is two stories in one One story is about a boy named Nate who has been killed He doesn t go immediately to Heaven however, he is in a place called Under Heaven It is where souls go that still have close ties to Earth and if their conscious overtakes them, they could still be taken to Hell Nate can t remember what happened to him, but he knows it was bad He learns that things are not as black and white as they may seem and we follow him as he struggles in the afterlife Read the synopsis, it does this best The other story is about another boy named Jesse He has a mom and a dad Dad has a big problem and his mother wants nothing to do with him We see how Jesse struggles with wanting a father, but Jesse is scared for him and for those he hangs around This is another book I will have to tread very carefully with Any small thing I say could spoil this and I can t do that to you guys Trust me, it will knock you out of your seat I loved our main characters I am not use to reading books where the points of view are from an 9 and 10 year old We see how they have to struggle with hardship and have to take on adult roles for the sake of the ones they love Nate had to for the sake of his baby sister, Vicky After what happened to him and his family, Vicky grows up and is heading down a horrible path Also all the other people dead relatives he meets in Under Heaven that makes a huge impression on him and bring so many personalities to this book Jesse is the man of the house because his father can t grow up and be a man There are times when Jesse has to become the parent for his dad s sake This story was so beautifully told and well written I had a connection with all the characters because each brought a certain emotion to the story and it really drives this book into intense and scary places Again, I won t spoil this, but the real focus is watching how these boys struggle with the situations that have been forced on them What can they do to get out of their predicaments Can they help those they love Can they keep their family together Following them on their intense journeys and watching them trying to make adult decisions, really adds something extra special to this book and was very thrilling to see You really have to check this book out Like I said, it was very intense If you are a parent, I think it might strike an extra chord with you It is sad, scary, and sweet all at once I don t really have any complaints except for one character that we are introduced to, Mary Lou Evans She was the very definition of a psychopath and I really would have liked to have known what happened to her She really opens Nate s eyes to what is real evil and I just want to know where she went Hope it is where she deserves to be This book does talk a lot about Heaven and Hell, but it isn t preachy Even if you aren t a religious person, you will love this book It truly puts a little spin on things we have heard and it just makes it that much refreshing Highly recommended see the short video review here Where do we go when we die What happens to our souls when our bodies are no Are we better off dead or alive These are questions that many people ponder throughout their lives, and ones that Nate continues to ponder even in Under Heaven Aside from poking the readers brains with philosophical questions, the tragic stories of both Nate and Jess will tug on your heart strings like a fiddler playing a solo.This uncertainty and confusion that Nate feels is easily related to, leaving readers, like myself, clutching my chest at the thought of a young boy dying so viciously and meaninglessly or, watching poor Jess get his hopes up on his drug addicted father If fingernail marks aren t left on your breast, then you have a heart that s harder than steel.An interesting dynamic about pondering the after life is dealing with the joy of reuniting with old family and friends while trying to accept the absence of those left on earth While Nate may have left his dangerous life in death, his sister continues a perilous life on earth Such a situation begs the question Is it better to have lived, or to have died While most situations and decisions are not black and white, it seems that even in Under Heaven, there are most certainly grey areas, as well as red, blue, yellow, black, green, etc Watching Nate s uncle from Hell be a likeable character is both disturbing and amusing Likewise, seeing a caring boy in Under Heaven who could dangerously be snatched by demons is vexing Judging the good and the bad isn t so easy, even in the afterlife.Though there isn t much laughter or smiles, there is a form of peace in this story Like walking the edge of a cliff that provides a breathtaking view, this book is both scary and beautiful Prepare to gasp on fears and choke back tears this novel pulls out all the stops and pays no heed to speed bumps EZRead Staffer, Amelia I m sure we have all wondered at one time or another where our souls go when we die Under Heaven is a suspenseful novel that puts a twist on the traditional theory I was kept captive by Greaton s characters on earth as well as under heaven, a place in which the main character s soul spent many years trying to decide which direction it should go I can honestly say I did not know how the story would end I do know though I want a dog like Whiskey I give Tim Greaton 5 Big Happy Cookies for this one Marla Worlds CollideThis is the third book from Mr Greaton I chose to read How does it compare to the first two Completely different in a good way Of all the books I ve read and reviewed over the past few years, this one falls into its own category of which I m still trying to place This book reminds me of a fine Cuban cigar, perhaps a glass of Dom Perigion or a well aged Brandy Each are to be savored and enjoyed, not rapidly consumed waiting for a refill Relax and enjoy the moment.The story starts out a little slow with two diverging story lines I went back several times to make sure I was reading the same story I thought maybe a chapter or two were inadvertently snuck in Patience The two stories are paralleling an unseen time line The lives of two boys Nathaniel who was murdered and caught in under heaven, a sort of weigh station between Heaven and Hell and Jesse, who is very much alive hoping his parents reunite are going to collide in a most unusual way I was twenty four chapters into the read and still had no idea where the story was going For some, that can be frustrating, Refer back to how I described this read It s not a six pack of Miller Lite or a Pack of Marlborro Light 100 s that the users frequently can t get enough of This is a story for savoring and reflecting Believe me, there is so much extra activity surrounding these two boys, one will need to regroup and reflect before moving forward Enjoy the moment, then move forward with caution.In the end you will be shaking your head in stunned silence and asking the question, No way I know I was A great read for all. In a message from the author, found on.com, Tim Greaton explains how he had a difficult, no, horrible childhood Rather than wallow in despair, the young Tim found escape in his local library and books Many of us found solace, friendship and safety in books.Now Tim writes books in the hopes of passing on to others, the moments of escape books gave him as a child.In Under Heaven, Tim gives us two stories twinned together like strands of DNA, not to be absorbed separately, but rather as a whole Two boys, both are in painful circumstances, seemingly without hope or beauty although each experiences love, which ultimately is the hope and beauty in their lives.Nine year old Nate is brutally murdered along with his parents, in retribution for being not one of us His beloved dog, Whiskey, saves Nate s baby sister, Vicky Good thing, too, because watching Vicky becomes Nate s anchor, his reason to continue existing when he finds himself in Under Heaven, a kind of waiting room for Heaven Souls come and go in Under Heaven, but Nate is frozen in place, wanting love, but fearing pain.Five year old Jesse is alive Alive in a world that seems determined to change that He both loves and fears his father, wanting to go forward, yet stepping back in fear.Jesse s dilemma appears to echo Nate s in Under Heaven Just where the echoes link them, however, is found in the end where the unravelled strands of the DNA of the story are woven tightly together in a profound and satisfying way.Tim Greaton s book Under Heaven is a dark, scary moving tale with dollops of love and angels abound Not only did Tim succeed in his chosen path to provide escape for others in books, he makes the reader want of his brand of fiction. Book Under HeavenAuthor Tim GreatonGenre Fiction, Suspense, Paranormal life after death Length Approximately 322 pagesA thought provoking read.UNDER HEAVEN by TIM GREATON is a beautifully written novel about life after death Mr Greaton has introduced a unique and interesting theory on what happens after our soul leaves the body I thoroughly enjoyed reading what is a new take for me on this often thought of experience.I must admit while reading about Nate s living experiences, as well as the horrific events of the end of his life and his family s lives, I found it almost too painful to continue My heart broke for these characters both for their every day life s experiences and their tragic passing Through Mr Greaton s writing the reader experiences such vivid emotion I found myself gasping at the actions of some of the characters as well as wanting to reach through my Kindle and wrap my arms around those suffering such great pain This book will bring tears to your eyes and at times a smile to your lips.I don t want to give too much away about Under Heaven, the place that Nate found himself in for decades after his death, because I was enchanted and at times disturbed by this place I want the reader to experience it firsthand as I did.UNDER HEAVEN by TIM GREATON is a must read novel At the end I was left with the feeling of warmth, joy, and a touch of wonderment. I believe.I believe there is life after death.I believe angels walk among us and Tim Greaton has met them.From the depths of despair and tragedy two boys follow the only path they can to ultimately find peace Of course there are a few bumps in the road like murder, kidnapping, death and all the cruelty that tears a struggling family apart.UNDER HEAVEN is a brilliant collection of characters and Tim weaves them into a story that will tug at your heart He found a way to encompass all that is horrifying in a child s life and at the same time open the door to pure joy and happiness I m a mom my heart ached for Nate and Jesse and I wanted to hold them, protect them and then cheer for them when life opened new possibilities.Life is not perfect, and quite frankly, I couldn t put this book down even though I was sure it would make me cry but it didn t Just when I wanted to burst into tears Tim gave me hope Well done UNDER HEAVEN is brilliant and the end Perfection Thank you Tim Under Heaven follows the paths of two boys lives You first meet Jesse, a five year old boy who lives in Boston with his mother He comes from a troubled home and his parents have split up recently This isn t easy on him as he has fond memories of the three of them as a family Unfortunately, his father has become a drunk and drug addict which has caused a lot of problems Jesse wants his parents to reconcile, as he loves his father a lot and misses him, but also knows his mother can t handle his dad under the current circumstances In the boy s young mind, he doesn t understand why things have changed so much and he is willing to try anything to fix them Unfortunately, it may be a task too great for his small shoulders to handle alone.The other boy, Nate, also has a strong presence in the novel He died at the age of nine in the 1940s and went to a place called Under Heaven This isn t necessarily a bad place, of a transition point for most souls Yet Nate can t resolve the tragedy that happened in his past life to move on For awhile, he can t even allow himself to remember it, but knows that unlocking the mystery behind his death is key to knowing what step he must take next in his afterlife It is not something he is capable of for a long time, though, and the novel follows his experiences in Under heaven and the other souls and angels he meets there who try to help him.I must say this book was difficult for me in the beginning It starts in a dark place for both boys and felt rather depressing The multiple points of view also caused me some trouble until I got into the flow of the story, but I stuck with it believing it would get better As it turned out, I was right Somewhere around the fifteen percent mark, the novel picked up speed and the suspense became intense I found myself getting attached to both boys and needing to know what would happen to them They came alive for me and I knew at some point the author would entwine their stories together, despite the time difference How exactly this happens, I won t say, but it wasn t in the way I anticipated The depth of the novel is far greater than one can even predict.For those considering this book, I would say that if you are like me, it may be tough to get through at first Do not let that deter you, because the story progresses and once you reach a certain point, it will be nearly impossible to put down So many unexpected events happen and you meet some very interesting characters in addition to the main two boys The way the author gets inside these kids heads is amazing and you will feel like you are right there with them, suffering through the hard times and smiling through the good When the conclusion came, I found myself misty eyed as all the pieces came together, even parts I hadn t considered as significant.If you are interested in alternative versions of the afterlife and enjoy stories where something good comes from tragedy, this is the perfect story to read Under Heaven will touch you in ways you cannot even imagine and bring a whole new perspective to how you view the world I certainly enjoyed it and plan to read the novel again I wasn t really sure what I was getting into when I began the book It is essentially three stories cleverly inter related The story focuses on two young boys, Nate and Jesse whose stories seem completely unrelated even though as a reader you know they must be The story line eventually leads you to this connection pretty cleverly and in a way which is very hard to see coming.I m not sure how to categorize this book At first I thought it was religious fiction but ultimately I would call it a fantasy with many spiritual overtones and borrowing heavily from christian beliefs regarding life after death and mixing in a little reincarnation It s a pretty unique mixture and I found it interesting and thought provoking.The book is a tear jerker and not my usual type of reading but I must say I enjoyed it very much I ll look for books by this author.