#DOWNLOAD KINDLE Í William and the Magic Ring: A Shadow Casting Bedtime Story ⚸ eBook or E-pub free

I think the way that this story was told was amazing and unique I really loved how the story is told through cut outs, to make the story so much better. Great illustrations, forgettable story What a great concept for a book shadow casting But the story is a snore at least if your kid is older than, say, 4 but then, if they re that young, the illustrations may be too frightening Too bad, so much could have come of this. #DOWNLOAD KINDLE º William and the Magic Ring: A Shadow Casting Bedtime Story õ In This Enchanting Read Aloud, Every Page Is Illustrated With A Laser Cut Image That Can Be Used With The Included Flashlight To Cast Shadows On Any Wall Crafted Of Extra Heavy Paper In The Tradition Of The Handmade Book When Projected, The Illustrations Create A Magical Atmosphere Of Light And Shadow Flashlight Included For Immediate Enjoyment Wow this book is very creative It uses cutouts that if light is shone behind them they cast shadows of pictures that tell the story Of course the boy in the story is imagining all the shadows as figures and creatures that are telling a story In the end it just goes to show how Imaginative children s minds can become in the dark. This is a cool book I love the shadow casting and cannot wait to share this with my grandchildren. This book is adventurous and the shadow art it so much fun for kids They love the different experience of reading in the dark I loved the way the book ended SO CUTE Great for bedtime story, and for in the classroom Received this book as a gift It was so much fun to read with my two boys spooky and very fun.This is about a boy who has a wild imagination and sees shadows on his window. As soon as I saw this book I knew I wanted to get it for the kids I used to nanny This book is perfect because it will have kids on the edge of their seats, and so interested They will be so excited to see what comes next, and I can just imagine how much fun a little kid would have holding the flashlight seeing what shadows will come next This is a great interactive book, and I love how creative and different it is This book was so interesting The illustrator cut out sections of the book to create a shadow casting illustrations Each page has a fantastic piece to been seen on the wall of your home The story was fantastic as well Little William sure has a great imagination By far one of the coolest little books that I have ever seen in my life.