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I wish Laura Laing wrote this book back when I was going through school In school, math was presented as a series of bland formulas, steps and procedures, painfully boring and apparently having nothing to do with everyday life I never really knew why I should care about Pi until I read the lively explanation of installing a fish pool in Laing s book This is just one of the numerous practical examples that make her strategies easily understood and remembered This book is a great read for anyone who never really got math back in school No need to feign a headache next time the kids come to you with their math homework It also makes a great reference to pull out when faced with everyday math problems trying to make a wise car purchase, cut your grocery costs, or pick up enough mulch for your garden. (((Free Epub))) ⇫ Math for Grownups ☔ Ever Wish You D Paid Attention In Math Class From Third Grade To Senior Year Of High School, It Went In One Ear And Out The Other, Didn T It But Now You Re Staring At The New Washer And Dryer, Trying To Figure Out The Percentage Of Sales Tax On The Purchase Price You Multiply Something By Something, Right Or You Re Scratching Your Head, Wondering How To Compute The Odds That Your Football Team Will Take Next Sunday S Game You Re Pretty Sure That Involved Ratios The Problem Is, You Can T Quite RememberHere You Get An Adult Refresher And Real Life Context With Examples Ranging From How To Figure Out How Many Shingles It Takes To Re Roof The Garage To The Formula For Resizing Mom S Tomato Sauce Recipe For Your Entire FamilyForget Higher Calculus You Just Need An Open Mind And With This Practical Guide, Math Can Stop Being Scary And Start Being Useful Where you one of those in school who could never grasp math Or always wondered why you needed it, you weren t going into a field that required it Math for Grownups by Laura Laing is for you.Laura walks the reader through everyday math, interest rates,percentages, the cost of a loan or the return on investments.With clear and easy to understand language along with simple equations and formulas she will have you up and running in no time.For those who struggled, those who may just need a refresher course,and for the students now headed out into the world.This was a fun read and a great refresher course and one that I recommend my own kids to read as they head out into life This will ensure they can really decide if they are getting that great deal This is one I am keeping on my shelves. Essentially, this book provides examples of common sense math using everyday scenarios I suppose I didn t realize how many adults struggle with basic math, which is the reason I didn t learn anything new However, I think anyone who suffered through terrible math teachers and or math phobias will glean a great deal of valuable information to calculate anything from doubling recipes to calculating interest. This is a book I am promoting at work but it is honestly a great tool for anyone, covering travel, shopping, home improvement, and parenting topics The author has a great website and posts a day in the life style QA pieces with everyone from a fish hatchery technician to a copywriter Follow Laura on twitter From the library shelves, this had some definite real life math, complete with formulas and examples that I can use for different topics in my math classroom. FALSE Also in Nook Archive. Superfluous, cutesy text detracts from the useful bits Doesn t deliver promise of subtitle Skip.