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4.5 5That ending That ending Oh my heart Blood Storm is the amazing sequel to Blood Song Blood Song was the introduction to Zeraphina and her world and Rodden can t forget Rodden but the action really begins in Blood Storm I found myself much emotionally involved in this novel and the last 1 4 had me frantically turning the pages To say I m feeling desperate for the next book is an understatement Im still in shock over Blood Storm s ending Loved this book Review originally posted in and stunning I adored Blood Song s cover but I LOVE Blood Storm s cover The blue background and the clouds really appeal to me and I love the girl s dress too Story A bloody storm is heading towards ZeraphinaIf you remember reading my review of Blood Song, then you ll know how much I loved it Besides the fact that it s an Aussie novel which meant that of course I had to read it, the world Rhiannon Hart has created in Blood Song sang to me in many different ways I was immersed in her writing and Zeraphina s story I needed the sequel so badly and when I finally had the chance to read it, it completely took my breath away Blood Storm is an AMAZING sequel to Blood Song.Blood Storm continues Zeraphina s story as she unravels secrets behind her life and what it means to be a Harming In Blood Storm, we re taken on a journey with Zeraphina and Rhodden as they gather ingredients which can help them defeat the Lharmells I absolutely love road trips and Zeraphina and Rhodden s trip is so exciting I like how things are slowly beginning to unravel, such as Rhodden s past and the looks of Zeraphina s future Rhiannon continues with her beautiful, eerie and gorgeous lyrical writing, hooking me into the story with each words and leaving me hanging with the ending I could not believe Blood Storm ended that way and now I am desperate for the third book already Characters How I adore Zeraphina and Rhodden Let s start with Zeraphina first During the journey, Zeraphina endures quite a few problems that she deals with very well Rhodden is not available to help her at times and I like how she can stand on her own, defend herself and also help others Her growing relationship with Rhodden is my favourite After that beautiful peacock scene in Blood Song, I am curious of how their relationship will develop and I m glad my curiousity is answered in Blood Storm Rhodden is slowly opening up to Zeraphina, including sharing his past to her and while sometimes Rhodden can be cold, I like his sweet moments with Zeraphina It pains me to think of what Rhodden has been through While I liked Renata and Lilith Zeraphina s mother and sister in Blood Song, I feel annoyed with them in this book Renata is all about Zeraphina, you are 17 already You must marry someone now and Lilith is not supportive of her own sister I wish they can understand Zeraphina s feeling better, rather than thinking of themselves all the time But it s not a problem since Zeraphina and Rhodden s scenes coats my little frustration over Lilith and Renata Overall Blood Storm is the lyrical and eerily gorgeous sequel to Blood Song Rhiannon Hart s writing once again pulls me into the world of Lharmells, hooking me with each words and leaving me hanging with the ending Dark, romantic and exciting, Blood Storm is an epic stormy sequel to Blood Song readers will love Thank you Rhiannon Hart for the copy of Blood Storm [Download Epub] ♤ Blood Storm (Lharmell, #2) ♰ The Rain Wanted To Be Ocean The Ice In The Mountain Caps Wanted Freedom I Never Knew That Water Held Such Longing The Clouds Above My Head Rumbled Like A Growling Wolf, Impatient To Release Their Burden I Held The Rain There A Moment Longer I Turned To Renata, Heard Her Gasp And Knew My Eyes Glowed BlueI Spoke A Single Word Rain In The Second Book Of Lharmell, Zeraphina And Rodden Must Travel Across The Sea To Find The Elusive Ingredients That Will Help Them To Win The Coming Battle Against The Lharmellin But Shadows From Rodden S Dark Past May Come Back To Haunt Him And While She Learns To Harness Her New Abilities, Zeraphina Still Fights The Hunger That Makes Her Crave The North Not To Mention Avoiding Her Mother, Who Wants To See Her Wayward Daughter Married To A Prince At All Costs Given the trouble Zeraphina and Rodden caused in Lharmell at the end of Blood Song, it s no surprise to say things are changing in Blood Storm But in a much subtle, devious, what is going on kind of way The weather has been far better in Armentia, for starters, and when the weather shifts, dear readers, you ought to be alarmed Suspicious murders are on the rise, and Rodden s hackles are raised Determined to find out what the Harmings are up to and who the new Lharmellin leader is, our delightful duo set upon a journey in search for materials fatal to the Lharmellins, so they can arm themselves and strike agai Preferably before the Lharmellins and Harmings take over A journey rife with danger, terrible secrets, entertaining banter and an ending that will shock Zeraphina is just as stubborn and feisty as ever a girl who throws the standard notion of Princess off a cliff and stands proudly in defiance She s growing into new abilities, courtesy of her Harming nature, which prove to be an exciting journey for both her and us She and Rodden are, as always, simultaneously at odds with one another and yet fighting this burning attraction that is so obviously evident You re growling at them both to give in already But we re rewarded with something we ve been waiting for just as long answers to The Mystery of the Sexy and Infurating Rodden Lothskorn Thanks to Zeraphina s unwavering persistence, he reluctantly lets down his barriers to expose the devastating truth of his past And oh, it will make you ache for him.But knowing the truth doesn t mean these two are going to jump on the back of a brant and engage in some airborne romping If anything, this revelation appears to cement the divide between them Fear not, though, because the easy banter and blistering romantic tension are still ever present It s just Zeraphina has a greater understanding of The Mystery Formerly Known As Rodden Lothskorn so she s given reason to play by his annoyingly chaste rules But how long can they really deny their feelings for one another Amidst the life and death of the Lharmell problem, Zeraphina has another shudder worthy dark cloud hovering over her head marriage Her 17th birthday is nearly upon her and Queen Renata, is adamant that her daughter marry Oh Renata you want to hate her, scream at her in frustration, but there is something I find so delightfully amusing about her scenes I think it s because Zeraphina does whatever she can to get under Renata s skin and she s not the perfect, obedient daughter She s that wild child who Renata is desperate to reign in, but despite her efforts, it s clear she never will This paves the way for some ridiculously entertaining scenes But Zeraphina s stay in Armentia is not an entirely pleasant read You know that type of Royal who has you wanting to claw the very skin off their face Yeah, we meet a man of such breed and I VERY MUCH WANTED TO CLAW THE SKIN OFF HIS FACE The ending Don t even I don t want to just don t ask I had to reread the last couple of pages as soon as I finished, just to make sure I read it right WHAT THE LHARMELLINS DO YOU THINK YOU RE PLAYING AT, MISS HART You can t DO that and then cackle madly from your throne likely carved from humans, she s so EVIL and tell us we have to wait until the next book to see what happens next YOU HORRID LADY It s definitely a cliffhanger A cruel, WHAT THE EFF moment that has you not quite wanting to believe what just happened And I don t, for your information I JUST DON T, OKAY Despite the cruelty of the final pages, there s no denying Rhiannon Hart is a brilliant Aussie talent, treating us to a thrilling sequel that oozes with danger, mystery, a feisty, ever complicated romance, and a climax to leave you breathless You ll be begging for the third installment in the trilogy by the time you reach the acknowledgements page, because DAMN YOU, RHIANNON My review can also be found on my blog Collections.Wow, I almost don t even know what to say I m just really impressed and shocked right now I loved the first novel in the series Blood Song, but man Blood Storm definitely topped it Everything I hoped to find in this sequel was there and a whole lot It was all freaking awesome, and much praise to the author for writing such a fantastic and mesmerizing read Blood Storm begins five months where Blood Song left off Zeraphina and Rodden are still bickering companions, and Rodden is as mysterious as ever But they continue to look out for one another After everything they went through, I thought their relationship would have evolved into something slightly romantic by now However, that wasn t the case at all Zeraphina obviously has feelings for Rodden She won t tell him, though, especially since he acts distance towards her for reasons not even she can figure out It may have been frustrating for her, but as a reader, I didn t find it frustrating in the least I loved that there were plenty of interactions and development between them What I realized is that they didn t need to be in a romantic relationship for us readers to know that they both had strong feelings for each other and that they would do anything to protect the other It really made the wait for even just a hint of romance much rewarding and satisfying.When I finished Blood Song, one of the things I wanted to know about was Rodden s past All the answers about him I was looking for were eventually revealed in this book But what got to me was how truly heartbreaking his past was He suffers from tons of guilt and regret And it explained why he kept secrets and why he tried to stay emotionally distant from Zeraphina He s an amazing person with so much depth to him, and I just wanted to comfort him right along with Zeraphina Not only was Rodden s past dark, but the entire novel felt a whole lot darker than Blood Song Zeraphina and Rodden went through many terrifying ordeals in this novel It wasn t an easy journey, and they had to work hard to survive and keep each other safe Zeraphina proved yet again how strong and determined she is She s an awesome heroine that I admire I really just adored both these characters they no doubt make a perfect team.I m already counting down the days till the final book Blood Queen Blood Storm was completely captivating and addicting, and definitely one of my favorite books and sequels this year It had everything I loved about Blood Song and other aspects that made me love it even It was darker, filled with nonstop action and adventure, and had a believable and gradually developing romance And unlike Blood Song s ending, this ending pretty much killed me It was a huge cliffhanger I have no idea how what happened is going to be fixed, but it makes me desperately want the next book right NOW Seriously, a wonderful series that I can t recommend enough. If you ve not read Blood Song Book 1 by Rhiannon Hart, there be spoilers ahead ArghWait WHAT WHAT JUST HAPPENED Such was my reaction upon finishing Blood Storm at 3 30am one morning not long ago My sleeping husband snuffled indignantly at my outburst as he rolled over in bed beside me, reminding me that Oh right, it is an ungodly hour of the morning, so I might want to keep my screaming to a minimum So instead, I silently vented my disbelief at my bedroom ceiling who wasn t empathic at all, I might add The nerve Anyway, there I was, gesticulating wildly, and after about 3 minutes of that I felt better.Mildly better.Ok no, I didn t feel better at all sigh This book ate at my heart little by little, page by page and I just loved, loved, loved every, single second of it.When we last saw Zeraphina, she had killed the Lharmellin ruler and she Rodden had made it safely back to Pergamia where she was determined to stay on for a bit, despite her mother s desire for her to come home to Amentia Though the Lharmellin leader is dead, Rodden Zeraphina s work is far from over, and it won t be until they can figure out a way to rid Brivora of the Harmings and Lharmellins There s only one effective way of killing the creatures yelbar A metal alloy, that s all but useless to humans but absolutely lethal to those with Lharmellin blood But Pergamia s supply has all but dwindled sending Rodden and Zeraphina on a dangerous quest across continents to acquire.Zeraphina Her experiences in the North have matured her and given her purpose It s no longer just about learning to live with her Lharmellin blood, but rather it s become about ensuring a future where mankind is no longer threatened by the Lharmellins or their Harming servants Zeraphina, of course, is still the Zeraphina I fell in love with in Blood Song Plucky, tenacious, independent, outspoken, intelligent and courageous it s not that Zeraphina doesn t feel afraid when considering going up against the monsters of the North, it s just that the potential price for her inaction frightens her I just love Zeraphina s spirit, her quick quips and comebacks, her behavior that can be shockingly unprincess like She may have been raised a princess but Zeraphina s become a rather capable fighter, she s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she can slum it with the best of them She abhors the thought of a loveless, political marriage that her mother s determined to make for her and longs to be useful than just a means of providing another Brivoran royal heir And perhaps it is ironic but for however much she and her mother don t get along, Zeraphina actually is a lot like Queen Renata in her steely resolve and regal no nonsense attitude It s just that unlike her mother, Zeraphina doesn t have her head buried in the sand She sees the world for what it is and wants to change it.Rodden In Blood Song, Rodden was formidable, imposing, and played a bit to the antagonistic side of things But by the end of that book, the reader was given a pretty clear cut view of his character i.e as in, the values by which he lives even if his past remained much of a mystery No longer such a mystery as he was in Blood Song, we see a lot of Rodden in this book He becomes of a tantalizing flesh blood person, rather than a tantalizing, handsome enigma For instance, fun fact about Rodden he gets violently seasick, which is an endless source of amusement The almighty Rodden Lothskorn laid low by a bobbing boat But we also learn that Rodden s a tortured soul, forever running from a past he can never quite escape He s honorable, deadly, fierce, insightful, extremely knowledgeable, and surprisingly sweet I love that he has high expectations of Zeraphina and that he treats her as an equal He doesn t coddle her, doesn t mince words, seems to live to antagonize her, but it s also clear that he cares for her very much Before Zeraphina, Rodden s existence had been a lonely one, but in her Rodden finds hope, a kindred spirit, and possibly absolution.Zeraphina Rodden Theirs is the kind of romance that shines because of it s subtleties it requires a bit of reading between the lines, picking up all the things they won t admit to each other, or can t say Zeraphina and Rodden have always been a bit of a tempestuous pair, but it s tamed slightly since they ve returned from Lharmell They ve developed a comfortable rapport with each other Oh, they still bicker like cats and dogs, but it s familiar and doesn t hold the same biting, malicious edge There s a growing trust between them, and a camaraderie because of their shared experiences and natures One of the reasons I love this book so much is that Zeraphina Rodden get to spend almost every scene together so much wonderful interaction between them as they journey to Verapine and back again It s a quiet, but powerful romance with lots of lovely tension.Story So yes, Zeraphina and Rodden go off adventuring in this novel Yes, just the two of them No, no chaperone Yes, I know This is a direction I often find myself hoping novels will take, but rarely do they ever venture down Hero Heroine Only Lane And why Because I suppose there are a lot of cliches and romantic pitfalls that can occur when you don t have buffers and barriers between your two romantic leads I get it And you know what I mean Exhibit A The sun is going down, Hero and Heroine must find a place to stay for the night Our options are Scenario 1 There s only enough money for one motel, hotel, tavern room Guess what There also happens to only be one bed Hero offers to stay on floor, Heroine feels bad Guess what happens no really, guess.Scenario 2 Oh Your sleeping bag somehow conveniently disappeared in an event that was fraught with danger and much mortal peril Well, please share mine And you re also soaked to the bone AND lost your only other change of clothes Well, then the only solution is to share my sleeping bag wearing only our delicates Yeah You know what I m talking about.Guess what This story doesn t do that It doesn t conveniently throw Zeraphina and Rodden together in situations that must make them release the romantic tension in incredibly clich ways And this is to the point where it s almost frustrating There are so many opportunities where this novel could ve taken the wide road, but it doesn t Somehow Rhiannon Hart has created a fresh journey adventure story featuring her two main characters who happen to spark romantic tension like a live wire without caving to conventional methods of building or relieving that tension It is refreshing It is awesome It is oh so frustrating But it makes it that much better So while at times I just wanted to knock their heads together so their lips might finally meet Kiss KISS , I thought the way she handled the circumstances of Zeraphina Rodden traveling together really well done.Once again we see this world and its players through the eyes of Zeraphina her narration wonderfully wry and subtly humorous Which is always the best kind of storytelling, one shouldn t take themselves or their story too seriously, after all Although, there are many, many serious things that do occur in this story Things that took me off guard and shocked me Things that I both liked and didn t, but they are ultimately the things that made Blood Storm so excellent I m absolutely dying for the third book I started craving it the nanosecond I read the very last word of this novel There are things I must know, theories I must have confirmed or denied, and it s going to be a very, very long year until I can receive that resolution.Overall With gorgeously lyrical prose, a wonderfully dry sense of humor, a rich and alluring landscape, refreshing originality, and an achingly beautiful romance, Blood Storm reminded me of just why I fell in love with Zeraphina Rodden s story in the first place and then made me fall all over again. Yay Adventure in the world and exploration of the characters psyches, my favourite combination I found myself totally absorbed into the story and enjoyed it even than the first book Thank you Rhiannon Hart. Wow This is one of those book that I finish.and then sob because I have to wait now until the third book comes out It has been a few hours now since I have finished it and I so I have calmed down and can talk about it This book was fantastic, everything that I wanted and Zeraphina is still amazing and in this book book 2 she seemed slightly vulnerable yet still being so brave and courageous Rodden was still Rodden swoon and I was glad to find out about him and his past I enjoyed reading the interaction between Zeraphina and Rodden throughout their journey and at times I was almost holding my breath, c mon..just kiss They both work so well together that when they were apart, I felt as though I was missing someone myself.And then that ending, I really do think I held my breath for the last 10 pages and well all I can say is , that ending just made me want book three so much A great read Last year, I fell in love with Rhiannon Hart s debut, Blood Song Guys, she was only warming up Rhiannon Hart completely bypasses the dreaded curse of the second book in a series to deliver a completely addictive, twisty, dangerous and than satisfying sequel Where Blood Song introduced us to the world of Lharmell, Zeraphina and Rodden, Blood Storm takes us way deeper into their world A list of so many things I loved about Blood Storm That it is easy to read I struggle with high fantasy, yet the world of Lharmell is so seductively easy to curl up into The landscape of Blood Storm is huge from small haunted towns, to cities, to danger on the high seas and nomads in the desert It s the ultimate road trip Hart is some kind of genius at creating questions in the reader, leaving me hanging out just the right tantalising amount, and then delivering revelations that had me 1 reeling, 2 aching, and 3 addicted to her characters and world I loved that my heart was ripped out than once I love a good ache y read and this one got me 100% Rodden My gosh I am still reeling from it Talk about haunting That, while the first half was clipping along at a steady, comfortable pace, the second half grabbed me and would not let me go Reading past midnight because a book has captured me is the absolute best feeling I love that Hart is unafraid to take the story to some dark seriously dark places, yet lightens the mood with such a likeable narrator Zeraphina is gutsy and bold but vulnerable in all the right places I love how she comes into her own More certain of who she is even as she is discovering about herself and her powers Speaking of main characters Rodden is intriguingly unreadable and seemingly unsympathetic at times, which makes his moments of unexpected sweetness even swoon worthy He is the perfect brooding, tortured soul and his chemistry with Zeraphina dances a fine line quietly understated and then moments of perfect zing LOVE I did not expect to feel so drawn to him as I did, especially as some of his secrets are made known.Hart lushly draws the reader into her world without drowning us in description thank you A few carefully coined phrases had me feeling like I was travelling right alongside our hero and heroine sights, sounds, smells and a great sense of history oozing from the pages.Likewise, the action scenes are riveting, they played out in my head seamlessly I found Blood Storm to be unpredictable always a good good thing Things are not always as they seem Hart took me on a wild journey yet kept me grounded the whole way There s an absolute killer cliffhanger, yet for some reason, I was not frustrated I was so reeling and exhilarated form the climax that I was ready to forgive Hart anything I have no doubt she will deliver above and beyond in the third and final book in the trilogy Easy reading is damn hard writing Nathaniel Hawthorn A storm is approaching and Zeraphina and Rodden know why The death of the Lharmellin leader caused a disturbance in Lharmell, sparking an uproar that could not be ignored After a string of murders are made known to them, our duo set out to discover what the Lharmellins are up to and who leads them in their quest to infiltrate and take over Amentia While on this journey, Zeraphina and Rodden cross the lands, the deserts, and seas in search for components of a weapon that are lethal to the Lharmellins but there is much to this adventure With further revelations of one another and the powers they have, can Zeraphina and Rodden calm the storm before all is too late for the Kingdom of Pergamia But what of themselves Rhiannon Hart has written a tempest of a sequel More of this fantasy world is unleashed upon us whether it s sailing on a ship with a group of piratey sailory men, travelling in the desert accompanied by Jarbins, or flying on brants giant birds , the plot keeps on rolling as incidents occur to prod Zeraphina and Rodden ever closer ever slowly towards their destination and ultimate goal Seeing of the world was a highlight of the book we encounter different cultures and groups of people And even learn snippets phrases of the Jarbin language through Zeraphina Rhiannon has provided depth to this world however shallow some thought of Blood Song.Princess Zeraphina HAH Forget that title Zeraphina is Zeraphina and no title or mother or blood is going to weigh her down, plan out her life, and make choices for her Phina really comes into her own in Blood Storm She accepts that she s half Lharmellin and harnesses the abilities she has to do good unto the world There s no denying that she is as vulnerable and as real as the rest of us She clashes with her mother Renata much in this book this time there are realistic reasons making Phina a bit wild and rebellious One Renata paints Rodden as a monster, which we learn is not true at all Two she s determined to marry Zeraphina off to a Prince, whom is a f ing ass I wanted to grab him by the collar and give him a good ol beating myself, but lucky I didn t have to because he got much worse Three she doesn t accept her past wrongs and suppresses the truth, and this suppression brings about reasons one and two The banter between this mother and daughter was ever so entertaining and I hope there is of this in book three, Blood Queen The rebellious teen and her authoritarian mother whom fails at being authoritative.I ve come to accept endings like this as I am quite used to them, so when such things happen I drop the book and applaud to no end I did this with another book I recently read as they were similar with how the characters ended in the book but not the plot And that is all I will say LIPS ARE ZIPPED AND LOCKED Zeraphina has the keys Fight her for them You might get your Rodden too tick Times are wasting tick tick Blood Storm was a surprisingly brilliant lead up to the yet to come end of Zeraphina and Rodden s journey When finished you will automatically reach for pitchforks and torches, not because you might be upset about how it ends, but because the final book must hold everything and give us an ending that will have us submitting our wrists to Phina s mouth with intent of feeding her our blood Rhiannon pressure much snicker Blood Storm is a sequel which will have you screaming LHARMELLINS for.