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This is the first novel I read from author Christine Falkenland The novel is about a divorced woman in her 40 s, who learned that her ex husband married a younger, better looking and richer woman than she can ever dream while her life seems miserable, boring and going nowhere Thus, the woman becomes jealous and obessed with her ex husband new wife to the point of writing her letters The theme of a divorced woman jealous of her ex s new wife is a common subject that many people can relate to and both ways woman jealous of ex s new wife or husband jealous of ex s new husband The author wrote about this topic using the format of letters book published in 2011 and even if nowadays emails are often used than letters The writing style is poetic despite the nature of the themes Through these letters, readers can read the character s development of the narrator in details, can learn about the psychological impact of a bad marriage, a bad divorce and a future life still reliving the past to the point of insane obsession It s an exploit from the author s perspective to write 103 letters with the same topic Unfortunately, after reading so many letters, I got exhausted and bored reading the same topic, the same negative feelings because it becomes way too repetitive It was original in the beginning, but the effect goes down with the number of letters going up without any plot being built It would have been better for the novel and readers that between several letters, there were texts, descriptions and dialogues to create a break in the format to get the story moving instead of just floating around the same theme over and over again Furthur, the letters weren t dated at all such as Monday June 18th 2018 because if it were, readers would know the frequency and overall duration of these letters and undertand better the depth of the obsession The novel deals with a topic readers can easily connect to The format and writing style is creative in the beginning, but becomes too repetitive in the end Small changes in the format would have made the novel an even greater and easier book to read. Tung att l sa, sv r att betygs tta Recension p bloggen `Free Kindle ⇺ Sfinx ↝ Claire, Jag Vet Att Min Bitterhet Best R Av Frusen Sorg Och Slocknad Vrede Men Jag Ska Sm Lta Bitterhetens Is Jag Ska Komma Till Min R Tt Igen Stiga Fram Ur Skuggorna, Ja, Det Ska Jag Finkl Dd Innan Det M Rknar F R Dina Gon Ska Du F Rst Vem Jag R Hon, Den F Rsta Hustrun, Riktar Sig I Brev Till Claire, Kvinnan Hon Inte Kan Sl Ppa Taget Om, Kvinnan Som Nu R Gift Med Hennes Felix Han, Som Skulle Ha Varit Pappa Till Den Son Som Aldrig F Ddes, Han Som Kr Nkte Och F Rnedrade Och Inte L Mnade N Gon Pl Ga Opr VadClaire Och Felix Blir Den Himlakropp Som Allting Kretsar Kring, Deras V Lst Nd Och Lycka Claires Sk Nhet, Sonen Med De Bl Aste Gon Verskuggar Till Slut B De Det Egna Konstn Rskapet Och Vardagen Tillsammans Med Dottern Ma Och Blir Till En Stor Bitterhet Hon Iakttar Och Smyger, Tar Sig In I Familjens Sommarhus, Fl Ckar Och Smutsar Ner Hon Kommer N RaChristine Falkenland Har Skrivit En Skr Mmande Roman Om Avund I Dess Ondskefullaste Och L Gsta Form Suggestivt, Krypande Och P Ett Skimrande Exakt Spr K Utforskar Hon Det M Nskliga Psykets Solkigaste Vr R