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Pug Davis is a space adventurer and Earth defender who inexplicably has a dog head on a man s body He has a story, and his sidekick Blouse has known him and supported him and been rescued by him for some time before he finds out what that story is Pug Davis s reputation precedes him he s infamous, feared, and respected, and he does what he s gotta do whatever that is We follow Pug Davis and Blouse as they confront crafty enemies, deal with mechanical and physical setbacks, and get harassed by memory stealing brain aliens On the way, we learn about both their pasts, and watch them explore who they are to each other.Really incredible work here, if pretty goshdang weird I m a Steven Universe fan coming to Rebecca s indie comics after the fact, so obviously I am unable to avoid comparing, and I ve got to say it s wonderful to see how the soul of Rebecca s style is untarnished in this set of stories too I love that Blouse, the sidekick, is of a perspective character than Pug is, and that his homosexuality is sometimes wrapped up in something funny happening but it isn t a vehicle by which he becomes the joke The horrors of both of their pasts strengthen their bonds though Pug seems a little shirty about admitting it , and even though their adventures are weird and sort of directionless, there s a feeling of emotion and groundedness throughout all these wild happenings a feeling of recognition of the realness in people who couldn t exist, so far away, in a backwards reality I was captivated by these characters and this soulful way of balancing words with gestures, actions with ideas I m so glad I was able to find a copy of this treasure and enjoy this weird and wonderful story. Pug Davis is a graphic novel about a Buck Rogers like character, but with a face of a pug His sidekick, Blouse, and him live together in a small space ship This is a story about their tolerationship and eventual friendship that proceed through their adventure.I read this online and I head of it because Rebecca Sugar is one of my favorite artists It s very fast past, short and fun to read It only takes about an hour to read it through Overall, it s clean but there are some parts that become adult Anyone who likes to read American Comic books should look up Pug Davis. Kinda rough around the edges since it s an earlier work of hers, but it s weird and interesting and definitely worth a read if you re curious about what Rebecca Sugar did before Steven Universe This is an incredible book Rebecca Sugar s ability to build characters worth investing in is a big part why she gets away using a fairly stock sci fi setting The adventures Sugar writes for her two heroes are catalysts for layering their personalities over time, and although the book isn t quite long she is capable in planting those seeds in ways that pay off immediately.Sugar uses her experience in animation to draw the entire face as a living shape By doing so she is able to present subtle and obvious feelings at once, and it is an integral part in the way Sugar can build so much character in so little space.The best example for this would be her short online story Don t cry for me I m already dead Easier to find, but employs the same technique in an even shorter amount of space Pug Davis is in no way a large comic, and is definitely not a comic with overarching narrative Instead it took the approach of the self contained story, and focused the natural growing arc of vignettes on character rather than narrative With space there is a possibly this wouldn t have worked, but given what we have it does a fine job At the risk of suggesting this book as a template for technique I ll say instead that Pug Davis is a comic of passion There is a lot to absorb in the way of visualizing emotion and blending that with applicable contrasting dialogue But because it wasn t written with any underlying narrative or conflict Pug Davis can come across as disjointed and worth a skip However, its roots in animation can be seen as additions to the comic book medium and I believe this is a book worth reading. A fun space adventure by the creator of Steven Universe and former Adevnture Time writer artist I don t know why it s so hard to find, but it s worth a read if you can track it down I d love to see stories set in this universe someday. (FREE PDF) ¸ Pug Davis ⚤ Pug Davis Takes Place In A Sort Of Retro Future, A World Envisioned By Dreamers In The Eisenhower Era And Spurred On By The Developments Of The Kennedy Era The Hero Of The Comic Is The Titular Pug Davis A Defender Of Earth With An American Flag Emblazoned On His Chest A Bare Knuckles Brawler A Man Of Action With A Puppy For A Head He S Basically Buck Rogers If Buck Was A Surly Old Marine He Makes No Attempt To Hide That He S A Grizzled Sourpuss, Tossing About Politically Incorrect Epithets That He May Or May Not Mean Pug S Past Is A Mystery, And He Burdens A Hidden Pain That Becomes Apparent When You Look At Him Directly In Those Big Puppy Dog Eyes He S Also Got A Sort Of Jesse James Or Billy The Kid Reputation Killers Seem To Be Popping Out Of The Woodwork Just To See If They Can Take A Crack At The Infamous Pug Davis