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Spoiler alert I loved this book Adored the descriptions and characters But not crazy about the ending , still a great read tho I was just expecting a different animal spirit loved it I enjoyed this one very much The story was wonderful and well written I can t wait to read the next instalment If you enjoy reading shapeshifter and menage then you will love this series. I love the primal sensuality I really felt the lust and intense love the two men felt for their woman Read it in an evening Couldn t read it fast enough Good read Will be reading the next book in the series. 3.5 Stars Originally posted at A Bookalicious Story 3.5 stars I thought that KEEPING KAITLYN was a very average Paranormal Erotica read with slight hints of Fantasy and BDSM It was a short novella that included your usual self sacrificial, super hot, super caring and romantic lycans, and gorgeous, thoughtful human heroine It s not bad, just not that original.Kaitlyn is a computer engineer drowning herself in her work in hopes that busying herself would allow her to forget her failed marriage She s coping just fine, but now, she s getting weird dreams of two very hot and sexy males and she thinks she s going crazy.One night while she was still hard at work, she decided she couldn t focus on her work any with those dreams bugging her than usual, she figured she should just go home or visit her sister who lived nearby She steps into the station and waits for her train when all of a sudden, she feels all woozy and blacks out for a few seconds, and wakes up in the arms of one of the men in her dreams Well, she didn t take self defense classes after her violent divorce for nuthin She takes out her pepper spray and fries his eyes Oooh, that s gotta hurt, especially when this is the first time Lucas ever heard of pepper sprays.Anyway, Lucas tells her that she s been pulled across the veil into an alternate reality where people could shapeshift, into wolves, bears and even birds, by the mating bond that ties her to him and Rafian, her other mate, who happens to be that other guy from her dreams, and that she couldn t return to the mortal realm until two weeks are up Lucas and Rafian do love her a lot, and are willing to do anything to convince her to stay and go through the mating ritual it s really just a wedding but saying vows that are infused with magick , but Kaitlyn can t bear the thought of losing her sisters and letting them think that her disappearance means that she s met with any tragic mishaps.But in that two short weeks that Kaitlyn was stuck in the house Lucas and Rafian built for her in the secluded woods covered with a fine layer of snow that seemed like a fairytale, Lucas and Rafian seduced her mind, body and soul, and made her believe that soul mates do exist So now that she s reached a deadlock, will the two lycaons seduction efforts be enough to make her choose to stay with them, or is her loyalty to her sister the omnipresent force It s always the heroine having to choose between love and something else, usually either destiny or for duty Which would almost always end up being tied with love Convenient, but that s how HEAs happily ever after works, right But that s where KEEPING KAITLYN is slightly different Kaitlyn did get a happy ending, but she didn t get to keep the other option She did have to pick an option in the end, but the other one got its own resolution too, so it was technically still a HEA It s just not the way I expected So there was a surprise element in here too Lol, and that s where the.5 of my rating came from I did like it, but didn t love it Lukewarm feelings doesn t really call for a long review, so I ll stop here.Just one little thing The light BDSM that the synopsis talked about was really light, but the only part of BDSM that Bast kept and used was the part that I thought was weird and disliked the most Lol, but well, readers may like it so KEEPING KAITLYN Short, sweet Paranormal Erotica with your usual touches of cliche But ultimately an enjoyable read.Saw a review on Sizzling Hot Book Reviews and was intrigued Wasn t disappointed. Who doesn t like to daydream to get an escape from reality I know I do and so does Kaitlyn Gannet But when her daydreams become real, Kaitlyn has to make the choice of the daydream or the real world After being transported through time and space to the two men of her daydreams, she gives in and releases her inner passions Soon the daydream world becomes all to real and Kaitlyn realizes that a choice has to be made.The fantasy of having 2 lovers who want to cater to your every need is win win situation Kaitlyn thought it would be difficult to give in to her desires with two strangers, but once she realizes just how much these men want to pleasure her, The 2 males characters in this story are complete opposites and I couldn t wait to read about them Lucas has dark hair, tattoos, and an attitude Total bad boy which I absolutely LOVE Rafian is blonde, has an easy going disposition, and gives Kaitlyn the space and time that she needs to adjust to the new place But don t let that easy going disposition fool you because Rafian loves it rough and likes to be in charge I loved that his character was a complete 180 to what I thought he would be and that we got to see another side of him His scenes with Kaitlyn were absolutely scorching and I loved that Anya Bast incorporated a little bondage into this storyline It wasn t overbearing and seemed to be a natural element to the storyline Lucas and Rafian genuinely cared for Kaitlyn due to the fact that she is their mate and could see how the choice to stay or return home could be difficult for her to make.I really enjoyed escaping into Kaitlyn s daydream The story was filled with many erotic moments as well as touching ones The story also has a Paranormal element to it because Lucas and Rafian are shifters and turn into wolves There are actually lots of other shifters in the storyline and it was interesting to read about all the different kinds Kaitlyn is one lucky lady to have not just 1 but 2 men that care about her so deeply I hope this story is the beginning of a new series by Anya Bast because I think a lot of lonely ladies could benefit with having their daydreams become a reality. (Download Ebook) ã Keeping Kaitlyn î First Book In The Mates Of The Lycaon SeriesKaitlyn Leads A Regular Life In A Normal Town, Until One Day The Force Of An Unknown Connection Pulls Her Into An Alternate Reality On The Flip Side Of The Veil Kaitlyn Finds Herself In The Hands Of Two Powerful Dire Wolf Shifters, Rafian And Lucas, Who Tell Her She Is Their MateLucas Has Lost Everything To The Magica Hunters Who Want The Lycaon Shifters Driven From Their World He Passionately Craves Kaitlyn And Must Employ Every Ounce Of His Formidable Control Once She S Near Enough To Touch Her Presence Soothes The Pain Of His PastRafian Has Experienced Loss Too, Though His Comes With A Dark Guilt That Haunts Him His Brand Of Loving Involves Rope And Handcuffs, Acts He Knows Kaitlyn May Not Be Ready For, But He Has Waited Years For Her And It S Difficult To Master His DesiresTogether, He And Lucas Tempt Kaitlyn S Body With Every Erotic Move They Have To Make, While They Stealthily Seduce Her Heart They Make Her See Them For Who They Truly Are Her Perfect Matches In Every WayLucas And Rafian Awaken Emotion And Passion In Kaitlyn That She S Never Known, But The Weight Pulling At Her From The Other Side Of The Veil Is Formidable Will She Be Able To Stay With The Men She Loves This Is A Never Before Published Erotic Romance Novella From New York Times Bestselling Author, Anya Bast This Story Is Highly Erotic And Is M F M, Meaning Two Men, One Woman All The Focus Is On Her Light BDSM 3.75 out of 5 A novella that embraced an alternate universe, existing right along side ours, and one into which a mating bond can reach and draw a mate toward the Lycan males who are destined to be hers if she will but decide to remain in their world By an author that has a fine reputation as a romance paranormal writer, this story is not long nor is it complicated, but it is emotional as Kaitlyn must face the necessity of deciding to remain with two wolf shifters who desire her for a mate or returning to the earth world where her two sisters her very best friends would be devastated at her disappearance Ms Bast has fashioned an ending that was surprisingly satisfying, and even though it came upon the reader somewhat quickly, that is indeed the nature of novellas and didn t seem forced or contrived It was a very enjoyable read and one that will provide some entertaining diversion in one s busy life.