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There really isn t much to say about this one really it s just a few pages showing how Arcada became the slave of Terenth I plan to read the next book which is actually a novel and is their story. Not a bad start into this new storyline I was intrigued, so I bought the follow up book to this sort prequel. (DOWNLOAD PDF) õ Interplanetary Slave Õ In The Planetary Star System Ecryon, Sexual Enslavement Of Women Is A Way Of Life Terenth, Heir To The Ecryon Realm, Attends An Auction With His Childhood Friend, Jaxx, To Acquire His Very First Slave Without His Father S Help Terenth S Ownership Of His Chosen Slave, Arcada, Will Ultimately Prove Rewarding And Challenging To Them BothThis Is A ShortWord Introduction Of How Terenth And Arcada First Met And The Circumstances Of The Very Beginning Of Her Ownership Their Story Continues Twelve Years Later In INTERPLANETARY SLAVE Arcada Of Ecryon That Full Length Novel Explores What Occurs When Terenth Becomes Angry With Arcada And Sends Her To Earth To Face Unknown Dangers That Novel Contains Explicit Sexual Passages And Adult Content, Unlike This Introduction