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|Download Ebook é Death of a Salesman Þ For A Salesman, There Is No Rock Bottom To Life He Don T Put A Bolt To A Nut, He Don T Tell You The Law Or Give You Medicine He S A Man Way Out There In The Blue, Riding On A Smile And A Shoeshine Willy Loman Has Been A Salesman ForYears At , He Is Cast Aside, His Usefulness Now Exhausted With No Future To Dream About He Must Face The Crushing Disappointments Of His Past He Takes One Final Brave Action, But Is He Heroic At Last , Or A Self Deluding Fool In this book, Arthur Miller s masterpiece, one finds the reason that Miller was blacklisted during the Red Scare His undisguised longing for a break from the class system and his disdain for the so called American Dream are nothing short of remarkable Within Willy Lowman resides the typical American Dream with no reality Overtaken by industrialism and materialism, this character represents the absolute failure of society s promise of economic prosperity His life ends in the most tragic and simplest of ways Sadly, the salesman who had worked his entire life just to be rewarded with the death of a salesman, surrounded by friends, the spectator comes to the realization that everything he has worked so hard to build has either fallen or is no longer useful Biff is representative of a man who can see that one cannot, generally will not, always get what they dream of He is the man who understands that this promise of the land of opportunity is misunderstood It is the land of opportunity opportunity for those who can afford it However, for those who are just trying to get buy, who do not have a fortune to thrive with these people are the ones who often work the hardest to come to the end of their life to find out that they will never be given the opportunity that they were promised.A classic American tragedy, I think that this is one of the most important commentaries on the economic slump that still exists in our current society. . 35 .. Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman is a 1949 play written by American playwright Arthur Miller It was the recipient of the 1949 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play 1976 1351 213 1355 1382 180 1386 9789643412471 1387 1389 1391 1392 20 . A Classic with a big C I can see why It s not a happy story A story about a troubled family About getting older and getting cast aside after years of hard work, never having quite made it About big expectations, never met Infidelity About the estranged relationship between father and son A father, what s he doing Panicking because he is loosing his job loosing his grip on things on his boys hallucinating even Present and past events or even imagined flow in and out of the story A tragedy unfolding Already I think I need to reread it to really grasp the whole story I was impressed Although this was not a pleasant read In the format of a play and of course many famous actors played their part in Death of a Salesman.Death of a Salesman was first presented in a London Theatre on 28 July 1949 Linda hearing Willy outside the bedroom, calls with some trepidation Willy Willy It s allright, I came back.Linda Why What happened Slight pause Did something happen Willy Willy No, nothing happened Linda You didn t smash the car, did you Willy with casual irritation I said nothing happened Didn t you hear me Linda Don t you feel well Willy I m tired to death The flute has faded away He sits on the bed beside her, a little numb I couldn t make it I just couldn t make it, Linda