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excellent book about the FEELINGS to deal with when you are diagnosed with breast cancer I first read this book as a teenager, when I borrowed it from my Mom, and it seemed almost militant at that time for a woman to actually write about her breast cancer Although no longer revolutionary, it was still a very good read..well written, totally honest, and engrossing. FREE DOWNLOAD ♃ First, You Cry ☪ NBC News Correspondent Betty Rollin, Glamorous, Successful, And Happily Married, Had It All And Then She Learned That She Had A Malignant Tumor In Her Breast Written With Wit, Warmth, And Soul Searching Honesty, First, You Cry Is The Inspiring, True Story About How One Woman Transformed The Most Terrifying Ordeal Of Her Life Into A New Beginning Now With A New Introduction And Epilogue, This Unique Memoir Serves As A Fascinating Retrospective Of The Twenty Five Years Since Rollin S First Mastectomy And, Given The Continuing Threat Of Breast Cancer, Tells A Story That Will Inform All Women As It Touches Them With Its Honesty And Even, Humor My mother had survived two mastectomies, fifteen years apart I wish this book had been around as I think it would have helped her with the emotions and fear that she went through The author s story about being diagnosed with breast cancer, going through surgery and treatment, is a poignant one. Really interesting look at how breast cancer was treated back in 1975 I remember the movie where Mary Tyler Moore played the role of Betty The search for a nipple was quite memorable. First You Cry is Betty Roland s inspiring account of her struggle with breast cancer Writing this memoir was a brave undertaking in 1976 when women had just begun to speak openly about this wide spread,life threatening disease. When I found out that I had breast cancer my bff had me read this book I m glad I read it BEFORE my true nightmare began, because it gave me information on what I might expect. Excellent book very honest and heartfelt. I found this book 38 years ago when I had my own physical trauma to deal with not Cancer but life changing At the time I couldn t find any other books about women or men who were dealing with such difficult, painful life changing health situations I was so grateful to read First You Cry I ve just re read it and I m glad that I did Although we had different health problems they are both life long problems and since I ve been dealing with mine for many years now, I got a different view and feeling about what Betty Rolin went through I could think about her health trauma and not just about mine Still a very good read a book that stands up through time. Very inspiring true story A helpful read for those of us who ve battled breast cancer.