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~DOWNLOAD ♻ The Traitor Queen ☰ Discover The Magic Of Trudi Canavan With Her Brand New Novel In The Traitor Spy TrilogyEvents Are Building To A Climax In Sachaka As Lorkin Returns From His Exile With The Traitor Rebels The Traitor Queen Has Given Lorkin The Huge Task Of Brokering An Alliance Between His People And The Traitors Lorkin Has Also Had To Become A Feared Black Magician In Order To Harness The Power Of An Entirely New Kind Of Gemstone Magic This Knowledge Could Transform The Guild Of Magicians Or Make Lorkin An Outcast ForeverThe Traitor Spy Trilogy, Which Began With The Ambassador S Mission And The Rogue, Is The New Series Set In The World Of The International Bestselling Black Magician Trilogy I m really glad I persevered through to the end of this trilogy The first two books set up the world as it has been for centuries, which was a bit tedious because we d already had that history lesson in a much compelling way But finally in this book, things change I m not sure it needed a whole trilogy to tell this story, but I am satisfied with how it ended both plot wise and character wise The conflicts in Sachaka come to a head, and the Guild is forced to adapt beyond their narrow mindedness Finally Cool magic stuff and fighting actually happen, even though I do wish the action was immediate instead of mostly being observed from a distance The focus was on the emotional state of the observers than on what was actually happening, and although I found myself caught up in those emotions, I still wished to be down on the ground Most importantly, I like the future that is in store for most of the characters I feel like Sonea is in a good place she is finally able to move on from the pain of the past and to build a new life It s a life that I can accept, and that s about all I really needed out of this continuation of her story I ultimately still miss the brilliance of the original Black Magician Trilogy, but this gave me a measure of closure that I needed, and I actually ended up enjoying it enough that I m sad it s over again. Good read this one but it this book can not compare to the High Lord as an end book of a trilogy I almost feel a bit disappointed but that has to do with my maybe unrealistically high expectations It keeps the same level as the previous 2 books but it feels a bit flat like the other two The feeling of questing and Learning from the black magician trilogy never occurs We get to see gemstones in action but in my opinion it felt kinda boring We do not get to explore or learn about them really I did not find any plots that did not get addressed in some small manner but some of them felt really unfinished and this has made the entire book and even the trilogy feel like a middle book , some examples are small historical ah experiences by the characters that should lead forward or at least get to Dannyls attention but they just die down.This book and trilogy suffers in my point of view from trying to achieve a generation change within the story were neither the new generation or the old get to really play out in a satisfying way The main example for me is Sonea who in my opinion was not time to retire in the way she was done in this book I was looking forward for some action from her part in the conflict or even some great discovery s but I got nada, and no other character really steps up My personal opinion is that this trilogy had been better if the Skellin part had been left out entirely and that the story had focused only on Sachaka, the guilds involvement there with the different fractions and that there had been bringing home knowledge, Sonea, Lorkin and Dannyl would have been my main characters for this The lack of the Duna peoples in this book is feeling a bit odd and the reason given for them not beeing in the story feels not good enough I m starting to have a problem with the lack of intelligent people and mainly in the guild There is to much we cant trust anyone scenarios Over all the book and Trilogy is a good read and it gives some insight to the world that Trudi Have created Even tho the knowledge from Black Magician trilogy and Magicians Apprentice is mainly just managed with a few additions. Spoilers and opinions follow.Not good I can stomach an anti drug campaign in a book, but only if it isn t pointlessly thrown in like it is here The drug Roet had a distinct subplot, but it never amounted to anything or affected the main plot, I was expecting some kind of twist, or meaning Nor did the addition of Lilia, and her relationship to Anyi and Cery The whole book could have happened without them, and should have, considering they were completely undeveloped characters Even Cery, who I loved in the original books, had been watered down and the only enjoyable event was Cery s death, which was laughable and had absolutely no consequences, except Sonea feeling a bit sad The action was pathetic, as there wasn t much There was no sense of danger because our protagonists were on the conquering, winning side And the only time I could have felt something for Dannyl, when his lover died, was ruined by Dannyl launching into one of the many poorly placed internal monologues Why not SHOW me his anger, and his pain, by describing it I shouldn t have to be told that someone is feeling a certain way This is a recurring element in all of the characters, who unrealistically have full discussions with themselves at every moment, even when there is magic being flung at them, it also didn t help that everybody spoke in the same, emotionless way Sonea and Regin s love story felt forced, and went against everything that made the 2nd book in the original story my favorite Regin and Sonea s rivalry, as well as Dannyl and Tayend s mysterious, controversial in the world love story kept me up at night on college days, and ate away my time This book I severely contemplated throwing out the window at the half way point, just like the 2nd book in this new trilogy Honestly it was a waste of my time, and it sullied my good opinions of the original trilogy I m rarely frustrated enough to write a review, because I m sure everything I ve just said has been written here before But the needlessness of this book has motivated me to fuel my irritation into words Lovely, lovely words. Yes, it s true, it doesn t live up to the Black Magician trilogy or The Age of Five, and, let s be honest, the big, Akkarin shaped hole was never going to be filled, but there s no point going on about it one just has to take this trilogy for what it is.It did feel a bit unplanned far too many ideas started or hinted at, but then not explored , a bit unstructured and a bit directionless The duller characters, like Lorkin and Lilia, hogged most of the attention, while to me intriguing characters, like Achati, Kallen, Lorandra, Skellin and Regin were briefly sketched and remained underwritten enigmas The big villain at the end frustratingly came from nowhere And there were too many inconsistencies and Mary Sueish implausibility e.g Lilia coming up with an idea so simple a five year old could have thought of it, but the Guild are stunned into reverence by the alleged innovativeness of it.But I was still hooked for me, the big hooks, as with her other work, are the detail Canavan puts into her world I almost feel like I really live there and the nuance with which she creates conflicting civilisations there are never any simplistic good guys or bad guys and both of those were still here in bucketloads The plotting, the action, the prose style, even the characterisation have never been her strongest points, even in the BMT, so I wasn t particularly disappointed that they were a bit lacking here. So here we are After years of patience the Traitor Spy trilogy has come to a close Was it everything that I hoped it would be Well, mostly Like other books in the series, the strong dialogue and character development continues, as does a reduction in the level of action scenes that one would normally expect from a fantasy novel In other words, it is a trademark Trudi Canavan novel, and one that I did enjoy There is one problem, though, and it is a problem that I suspect has resulted in the average rating for this book on Goodreads being below 4 at the time of writing Whilst we are all used to Trudi Canavan s novels being light on the action side of things, with the Traitor Queen I felt like this happened to such a degree that the final third of the book lacked the sort of tension and drama that one would expect from the end of a trilogy You see, when you look back at the other series that Trudi Canavan has written, they do all end strongly and with some sort of epic confrontation The Ichani Invasion in the Magician s Guild trilogy was superbly tense and well written, and whilst not as dramatic the ending of the Age of Five trilogy did manage a significant sense of scale Whilst we do have a somewhat inevitable encounter at the end of the Traitor Queen, I just couldn t help but feel that it was very vanilla and lacked tension and drama It s a shame, because the rest of the book is classic Trudi Canavan and very enjoyable, but even hardened fans will struggle to claim that this book ended well, and sadly it does undermine the whole trilogy to a degree.As a result the Traitor Spy trilogy is certainly the weakest of the three trilogies, which is a shame, but there we go Fortunately it won t stop me or I suspect anyone else from looking forward to what Trudi Canavan produces next. I loved the Black Magician Trilogy but as much as I try to, I can t bring myself to like Traitor Spy I can t emphasise how annoyed I was with Lorkin He seems very much like a male version of Bella who falls for a girl at first sight and all of a sudden, it s I will do anything for her Okay, that s a little over exaggerating because Lorkin is slightly sensible but I was seriously annoyed with how stupid he was.Also, I don t get how we were supposed to root for the Traitors and hate the Sachakans despite knowing full well that the Traitors aren t perfect and the Sachakans aren t all bad I only lasted until this last book because I held hopes that Canavan would pull off some mind blowing ending like in the Age of Five Nothing like that happened Instead, we get the dull good guys win bad guys lose ending.The rants can go on I still love TBM, but Traitor Spy is seriously not my cup of tea Nothing worked, be it the plot, the character building or the romance. This review was originally published on Blogs of a Bookaholic.FEELS SO MANY FEELS AHHHHHHH Finished this at 2am last night and couldn t stop smiling.As with all of Canavan s novels, her writing really impressed me It is so detailed and specific that it feels as if Kyralia could be a real place, that it may exist just over the next horizon I love her word choices and sentence structures although some may call her style a little meandering, to which I would agree She s not a fast paced writer but she is thorough and thoughtful without going over the top I never feel like she is pushing too hard to be insightful or dramatic, her style feels very natural and that is one of the many things I love about it I especially like the way Canavan crafts romances between characters which was particularly apparent in this book.The plot of The Traitor Queen was so much better than the previous books, mostly because STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENED My biggest complaint about this series so far has been its slow pacing Both The Ambassador s Mission and The Rogue spent far too much time switching back and forth between characters story lines with not a whole lot happening While I still enjoyed the stories enough I did get frustrated Thank goodness, I didn t have this problem with The Traitor Queen, I m not sure my poor Trudi Canavan loving heart could have taken it This book hits the ground running with a brilliant first chapter that thrusts you straight into the middle of the action I still found the point of view changes a bit frustrating at times but in this book it was for a good reason I would get so invested in the story line I was reading but then Canavan would make me switch to another one Then just as I was immersed in that she would switch it again It was like a clever form of literary torture, dragging the tension out for as long as possible until the reader is ready to burst with the desperation of wanting to see how it all ends I did feel that some of the story lines were rounded off better than others, for instance the culmination of hunt for the rogue magician Skellin was a little anti climactic for me, but in contrast the storyline with the Traitors had me glued to the pages with an intense stare As for the last couple of chapters, I would have yelled at anyone who dared to interrupt me The end of this novel turned me into an emotional mess, it had me grinning uncontrollably, giggling and I NEVER giggle and also brought a tear to my eye As for the characters, I warmed to Lorkin even in this novel I wasn t that bothered by him when he was first introduced and he has been a bit of a slow burner for me While I still feel he is less rounded than many of the other characters which is a little worrying considering I would say he is the main character in this series he gained some personality in The Traitor Queen. He is forced to mature and make a lot of difficult decisions which made me respect and admire him as a character He is certainly not the overconfident naive man he used to be and I have enjoyed following his epic adventure from start to finish Lila also surprised me in this book, I found her frustrating in The Rogue but she seemed to gain common sense in this novel I loved her sense of loyalty and the way she embraced her new role within the Guild with a level of pride Anyi has fast become a favourite of mine, I love her spunk she doesn t let others intimidate her and she has an ability to project confidence even in the most awkward situations As always, I was happy to be reunited with many of the original characters from The Black Magician Trilogy who feel like old friends to me now I will forever love Lord Rothen with his fatherly wisdom, Cery the slum thief whose morals somehow stay intact, Regin, Sonea s childhood bully who I remarkably ended up liking as a character a lot and of course, Dannyl, the lovable scholar who gets along with everyone Special mention has to go out to Sonea, who will probably always be Canavan s best character I love her strength, her wit and how cool she is in tough situations She s just so damn awesome I have followed her journey for six books now and it has been fascinating to see her grow and change.While The Traitor Spy Trilogy is not as strong and takes a while to gain momentum it is a still a must for any fan of The Black Magician Trilogy who will love being reunited with some of their favourite characters and will enjoy the further resolve to their stories Laughter was had, tears were shed and I was reunited with so many of my old, wonderful friends Hopefully this will not be the last I see of them The author has expressed an interest in returning to this world again some day in the future if the whim takes her, and I m sure all her fans including me will be eagerly anticipating that day You can check out my full, unabridged review and others like it Blogs of a Bookaholic. SpoilersI wasn t impressed with this It was slow paced, the majority of the characters were bland and I wasn t interested in the central plot The conflict war between Sachaka and the Traitors made for tedious reading Sonea, Cery, Anyi, Tayend and Regin were the only decent characters The others were all boring, especially Lorkin, Tyvara, Dannyl and Lillia The arc I most enjoyed was Sonea s, probably because she was the only character I really cared about Her interactions with Regin were interesting to read about I never would have expected them to have a romance, since 20 years earlier in the Black Magician trilogy, Regin bullied Sonea Usually I would hate for a heroine to end up with a bully but their relationship actually worked, since 1 Regin was a teenager when he bullied Sonea 2 Sonea never let Regin get away with his treatment of her 3 Regin showed significant character growth 4 Regin made up for his behaviour and was genuinely remorseful and 5 For 20 years Regin showed nothing but respect and admiration towards Sonea I loved Sonea and Akkarin s romance in the first trilogy and even though Regin is no Akkarin, he was still a good love interest and the romance he shared with Sonea was very sweet Unfortunately, Sonea and Regin s relationship was the only endearing and engrossing aspect of the book What let the book down the most was the positively boring main POV character, Lorkin After three books, Lorkin still hadn t developed a personality I thought he would gain some depth and complexity after he was imprisoned and tortured but sadly, it didn t add anything to his plank like personality Cery was a likeable character but he wasn t given the opportunity to shine, all he did was moan about how old he was and hide from Skellin Also, after three books of build up between Skellin and him, Cery didn t even get a dramatic confrontation and showdown with him and instead died of a heart attack It was disappointing Dannyl was just as boring as he was in the previous book, he did nothing apart from hem and haw about his love life, moan about his book and generally be useless It s just sad that he went from one of my most favourite characters to one of my most hated.Lillia was tolerable this time around, she wasn t quite as stupid Her loyalty to Cery and Anyi was the best thing about her, I also liked how she dealt with her bullying After Regin and Sonea s arc, the bullying story line was probably the most interesting but that was most likely down to the fact that it reminded me of young Sonea and when she was bullied I still thought Lillia was dull but there were parts of her arc that were somewhat engaging All in all, I wasn t pleased with this but I did enjoy reading about Sonea and her life after Akkarin. me falt el final , me debes TRUDI el romance Regin y Sonea me ha encantado mucho mas que su amor AKKARIN no me ha parecido forzado para nada aunque aun esty resentida porque le hacia bullying hace 20 a os bueno 20 a os y varias guerras puede hacer a la gente cambiar.