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excellent book and I discovered 3 new authors that were really good. All four stories were just ok for me I really didn t feel like this was a beach type read There was a little bit about the beach and ocean but I wasn t impressed with any of these Sadly, I would pass on these. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚡ Beach Season Õ Golden Sand, Pounding Surf, A Sense Of Endless Possibility And Four Unforgettable Stories Of Love, Friendship, And Second Chances The Brass Ring By Lisa JacksonIt S A Beautiful June Day, Perfect For A Wedding Until Shawna Learns That Her Fianc , Parker, Has Been Involved In A Car Crash Though His Injuries Heal, His Memories Of Her Are Gone Yet Shawna Won T Stop Reaching To Reclaim The Love They Once Shared June S Lace By Cathy LambJune MacKenzie Is Done With Her High Pressure Legal Career, Her Difficult Soon To Be Ex, And The Stress Of City Living In Her Studio On The Oregon Coast, She Creates Beautiful Lace Wedding Dresses, With No Intention Of Ever Wearing One Again Herself Then Songwriter Reece Rents The House Next Door, And Sets Out To Change Her Mind Second Chance Sweethearts By Holly ChamberlinThea Foss Is Putting A Bad Marriage Behind Her In The Pretty Vacation Town Of Ogunquit, Maine What S Past Is PastUntil Her First Love Wanders Into The Local Diner, Reminding Thea Of The Person She Once Was, And The Life It S Not Too Late To Claim Carolina Summer By Rosalind NoonanJane Doyle Needs To Get Out Of New York The Farther The Better She S Headed Toward Florida, But Thanks To A Storm Along North Carolina S Outer Banks, She Finds Herself Stranded In A Beautiful, Remote Town That Soon Feels A Lot Like Home And Thanks To The Local Sheriff, She Finds Herself Staying Longer Than She Planned And Feeling Less Lost At Sea Than Ever So, I just got this book a couple days ago, and am still in the process of reading it This book is set as a 4 in 1 something that you don t see very often, unlike 2 in 1s, and that often annoys me rather than just doing separate books Anywho, these books are basically about summer, and how Every summer offers a new beginning , as the cover says Each book is about 100 pages long, give or take, so they are very quick to read I read the first book entitled June s Lace yesterday, and I shall start this review off with that book June s Lace I absolutely loved this book It was such a cute little love story about a girl getting over her divorce while trying not to fall in love with the gorgeous chariot driver Reece after he saves her from nearly drowning in the ocean They end up living next door to each other, and eventually, June changes her mind about men and falls in love I loved how the plot started so quickly Reece is introduced pretty much straight away, and the plot just grows from there I hated Grayson soooo much, and was so glad when he made the right decision in the end I loved Reece He just sounded so incredibly gorgeous and sweet One problem I had with him though was that he sounded too much like a city boy, rather than a cowboy Other than that, I loved this book It didn t contain a dull moment, and just kept me laughing with June s craziness This book also contains one of my new favourite quotes ever, From the first day I met you until forever, I will love you 5 stars to this book Second Chance Sweethearts So, after three attempts at trying to read this book, I finally managed to get through it I think my difficulty in reading this book was that it was written in the third person For this reason, I felt slightly detached from the main character, Thea Thea, in a way, reminded me a lot of myself, in that we are both very shy and not incredibly social However, the idea of Thea just isolating herself from her life seemed a bit irrational to me As if she could just put her life on pause for as long as she wanted As for Hugh, I adored him Based on the description of him, you could tell that he was one of those perfect men He was so incredibly caring, and I loved that he really listened to Thea However, another flaw in Thea s character was that she had difficulty talking with Hugh about her relationship with Mark I don t understand why it was so difficult for Thea to be honest with Hugh He was, after all, her first love But the main flaw with this story was that there was hardly any background information given I felt like I had to assume and guess what had happened between Thea and Hugh when they were young I felt that hardly anything was explained about why they broke up in the first place Other than distance and interfering parents, I have no idea what really caused the breakup Then there was the stuff with Thea and Mark That was a bitdescriptive though still not really what I was hoping for The ending, I thought was pretty ridiculous Mark gets attacked by Henrietta the cat , and then he runs away and Thea never sees him again What a pussy I mean, for an abusive husband, I expected something a bitdramatic Like, maybe a fist fight between Mark and Hugh I think that the love making scene was done well, though I didn t really feel like Thea had fully committed to being with Hugh at that point All she said was, Okay It still didn t really sound like she was sure about what she wanted So, basically this was one of those stories where you just know that the girl and guy will end up together It was too obvious and the story seemed a bit cheesy to me I also felt that it was a bit too short, but overall, I enjoyed this book It was cute I ll give it 4 stars Carolina Summer This book was a very quick read I got through it in less than a day, which was actually a big relief It s not that this book was really bad I am just so sick of romance novels at the moment, which is strange because I normally only read romance novels But for some reason I am wanting to read something intellectual right now So I hope to get through the last book The Brass Ring very soon so I can move onto something a bitintellectual Now onto the review this book reminded me far too much of Second Chance Sweethearts The plot was just too familiar You have a very emotional and vulnerable female character who is on the run from someone who is trying to kill her Once in isolation she meets or re meets a man and they fall in love I actually liked Second Chance Sweethearts better than Carolina Summer My first problem was that this book was far too descriptive with the scenery, etc Normally lots of details is good, but it just seemed so false in this book as if the author just tried to make herself look intelligent by using lots of details Cooper was an all right hero, but I didn t really like the relationship between him and Jane It didn t have much depth Jane spent the whole summer with Cooper, yet it seemed like we hardly got to see them actually together as a couple Weeks would pass by before the next scene was explained I just felt like I never really got to see them as a couple The other thing that bothered me was the fact that Jane and Cooper were so ready to jump into bed together I know that they had gotten to know each other quite well, but it just seemed too soon Though maybe that s because the story was too quick and it seemed like I didn t get to see them together as much as I should ve The whole thing with the killer was quite over the top Thea s story in Second Chance Sweethearts was at leastrealistic This story just went too far Another problem was that Jane just seemed too vulnerable and emotional to me I understand that she had been through a lot, but I felt that she depended too much on Cooper for protection It didn t seem like she was being independent at all any, which made her seem like a very weak character One thing I did really like about this book was that it was told both from Jane and Cooper s points of view, so I had a better understanding of both characters This book also hadbackground information than Second Chance Sweethearts Overall though, I preferred Second Chance Sweethearts It wasrealistic and I liked the characters better I ll give this one 2.5 stars The Brass Ring The last installment in this 4 in 1 novel I was quite disappointed with this novel I think it had real potential to be a good story Shawna s fianc Parker is involved in a car accident the night before their wedding and, as a result, suffers from amnesia He doesn t remember her and this causes tension between them I found Shawna way too pushy with Parker She pushed him so hard to remember her and to love her , that she never stopped to think that Parker just needed some time and space to figure out what was going on with his life I understand that she was upset, but pushing Parker so much to the point that she moves into his house without consulting him, and eventually even kidnaps him was completely unacceptable She also seemed quite emotional understandable , but she just kept going on about how much she loved Parker and how deep down he loved her too, and that she just needed to make him see that I despised her for the fact that she kept acting like his wife Parker wasn t yet ready for a wife he didn t remember her He needed time to sort through everything Parker however, was no angel either I hated the way that he was always being so affectionate with Shawna by kissing her and eventually even sleeping with her, and then he acts like it was a mistake and just tosses her aside as though she means nothing to him He was quite a selfish character, in my opinion, and he didn t really think about how Shawna really loved him Though Shawna was selfish in her own way that she didn t stop to think that Parker needed time before he could love her Either way, they were both annoying characters Then you have the whole issue with Melinda s unborn baby That was just ridiculous Melinda was a selfish and immature character I don t really understand why the baby situation was included in the story It was just too loaded and I think it took too much attention away from the real issue Parker s relationship with Shawna and his amnesia The ending to this story really annoyed me It was one of those endings where they are just too cheesy and romantic that you just want to be sick You know that the characters will end up together and that they ll live happily ever after , and you just don t even want to finish the story That s exactly what happened to me It almost felt like a chore to finish this novel I also felt that it was incredibly mean that Parker threw the brass ring away That ring should ve meant a great deal to him, and I thought that it was a pretty rude gesture The lovemaking scenes were also quite annoying, and the only character that I actually liked was Jake Overall, this book could ve been good, but the terrible characters and overdramatized plot were a big problem for me 2 stars for this one.So, that is the end of my Beach Season review My favourite book was definitely June s Lace I think it was the most realistic and had the most likeable characters Second Chance Sweethearts was also very good Carolina Summer and The Brass Ring were not as interesting, in my opinion This book was a good summer read, but I think that a 4 in 1 is a bit extreme 2 in 1s are a lot easier to handle Next I plan on reading something a bitintellectual , and then, once I m in the mood for another romance, I ll re read June s Lace Fantastic story overall D Beach Season by Lisa Jackson and 3 othersJune s Lace by Cathy LambJune is going through a divorce but he wants half of her new wedding dress business She is so distraught she heads down to the beach and she turns her back on a wave It s raining and she falls under and an arm stretches to reach her Reece is only renting a house for 8 weeks and he sees to it that she goes to get checked out at the hospital.They have a survivors lunch for a few dates and she finds out he is staying right next door to her house She has to sell that and give half to Grayson or he wants 1 2 of the business.June concentrates on her sisters August and September, they each keep a journal of things to worry about and compare them with each other.Love reading about her design work and the process she uses She is taken aback of what Reece does for a living and he s very sensitive when she tells him about her life, marriage and now the divorce and he feels like she s been let down for too long.He just uses simple things to get to her flowers, french toast on the deck one night for dinner, finding her the perfect unbroken butterfly shell.Love also that this is located in Oregon as we have visited there a few times on our trek out west, so beautiful.Such devotion to family, traditions and legends and what they symbolize..Second Chance Sweethearts by Holly ChamberlinThea Foss, divorced has left and traveled to a resort town near Wells, Maine, rents an apartment for several months and loses herself in the town activities.As a waitress to keep busy she s run into her old college boyfriend, Hugh Landry and they share several meals together and have other dates and just remember their whole lives together.She talks to her landlady Alice when she shows up with fresh baked goodies.After their long talks they figure out why they had split up before who had caused it and each is forgiving and they fell they still have enough time in their lives to try it again.What s to say the people who split them up before just won t do it again but something else stands in their way.Love the locale of the lighthouses, blueberry picking, beaches, just walking around parks.Carolina Summer by Rosamind NoonanJane Doyle has left the city on her way south to visit with her brother in FL She s made it past Virginia and he s talked her into heading to the outer banks in NC where he has a friend that runs the hotel.She s within an hour there and the rain downpour starts and she gets rear ended The local sheriff is able to talk her out of the jeep that she s rented She finds out her brother, TJ, his friend has relocated to Myrtle Beach.The doctor and others talk her into staying at the local motel for the night, she walks around a bit and in the morning will say goodbye to them all on her way further south.Problem is somebody is looking for her and has contacted her brother so she has to go into hiding She rents a place and the sheriff is her landlord and she s happy that she will have protection so close by.She opens up to Cooper and he tells her of his past.Love this book because of the location, never been and have always wanted to after reading Nights in Rodanthe.New thing for me is the windsurfing lessons..The Brass Ring by Lisa JacksonParker Harrison is about to be married to the girl of his dreams Night before they are at a carnival and he gets the brass ring while on the ride, also a fortune teller states that Shawna will lose him.The day of the wedding and it s just about time when her brother, Jake comes in stating there had been an accident the night before Parker had left to drive Brad home Parker was the tennis coach for Brad.Shawna McGuire has everything planned Not only medical problems but other people.Love this story for the location of Portland, Oregon. Sand, Surf But Most Importantly Love If you re planning to relax on the sands of some faraway destination or just enjoying the view from your backyard hammock, be sure to tote this volume with you You will savor the works of four talented authors In June s Lace , Cathy Lamb introduces us to former attorney talented beyond belief wedding dress designer June MacKenzie, who, after continually battling with her slime ball of a husband Grayson for a divorce, swears she will never get involved with any male again that is, until a blond haired, hunky giant of a songwriter named Reece rescues her from drowning while she was hunting for a perfect butterfly shell He seems kind and understanding, but June has her doubts about him..as well as herself Meanwhile, her talented staff Estelle and Leoni and Leoni s star gazing astronaut to be Daughter Morgan, encourage her to follow her heart But will Grayson ever give up and agree to the divorce Or will she lose everything, including the creative, loving woman she is You ll love the interaction with her Brother March, and Sisters August and September and their Hippie Parents Within the pages of Holly Chamberlin s Second Chance Sweethearts , you ll meet Thea Foss, who, against the advice of her therapist, escapes her familiar surroundings, not to mention her abusive former Husband Mark Marais, and takes up residence in the quaint vacation town of Ogunquit, Maine Thea rents from the extremely intuitive but lonely, Alice Moore and secures a job as a waitress in Maggie s Diner Despite ever present fears, her life begins to take some semblance of order that is, until the Love of her Life from years past Hugh Landry, arrives on the scene Will he remember all that they once shared so long ago Will he be disappointed by the woman she has become Or she with him Ms Chamberlin pulls you to the forefront of Thea s fears and insecurities of which we may all be able to identify With Carolina Summer , Rosalind Noonan transports you to the Outer Banks of North Carolina We accompany Real Estate Agent, Jane Doyle, as she hurriedly leaves Manhattan with a plan to stay with her Brother T.J in Florida With her thoughts distracted while trying to drive in a torrential downpour, Jane is involved in a collision near the town of Avon Thoroughly shaken but unhurt, she instinctively thinks the worst that someone has tried to kill her Confronted by handsome but wary, Sheriff Cooper Locklear and assisted to safety with Quickstop Market caf owners Leah and Rusty Mallory, she regains her composure, only to find out her SUV is in need of repair and she must find lodging A series of coincidences keep Jane and Cooper meeting and getting better acquainted But he must not find out the real reason for her hasty Southern trip When a frightening phone call persuades Jane to discontinue her travel plans, she fears for her safety that of her Brother s and works her way into a position as a rental cleaning person for a R.E Agent, keeping a low profile What or who is she running from Will Coop open up about Leah Will Jane find sanctuary in Avon I know I d like to read aboutadventures in N.C Perhaps you have already read Lisa Jackson s classic tale The Brass Ring , but if you haven t, you re in for a treat Dr Shawna McGuire and former tennis great Parker Harrison, after a whirlwind courtship, are to be married Prior to the rehearsal dinner party, the two lovebirds relax as they take in the local Fair from Yesteryear complete with a carousel where Parker grabs the brass ring They come upon a fortune teller s tent and Shawna has her palm read She is told she will lose the love of her life Shaken but not deterred, they revel in their love and enjoy the evening s celebration Some, as in Parker s prot g Brad Lomax, overindulge and Parker offers to drive him home in the fierce storm raging outside the cozy gathering The party breaks up and everyone prepares for the morning s wedding When Parker doesn t arrive at the appointed time, his Bride imagines he has changed his mind until authorities arrive with the news that there has been a horrific accident and Parker has been transported to Mercy Hospital Shawna races to his side, hoping she s not too late, only to discover he does not remember her or their love Could the fortune teller have been right Will she lose her beloved Parker and also a piece of herself And what about the young, dark haired stranger named Melinda James Where or how does she fit into their lives Or does she You will enjoy this collection and be wanting , so make room on your shelf for this one Nancy Narma This is four books in one, so rating this as a whole is going to be VERY difficult.June s Lace by Cathy LambThis book was a very great read I really liked how the main character went from the rat race to owning and running her own business and freeing herself from under the Man s thumb inways than one Second Chance Sweethearts by Holly ChamberlinThis book reminds me of Eddie Money s song, I Want to Go Back This had a light and fluffy feel to it with a delightful ending.Carolina Summer by Rosalind Noonan I got this book over a year ago It is a collection of short stories They are cute and sweet and have HEA s but it just didn t do it for me. I only read the Cathy Lamb story because I enjoy her work This was a fun story slightly over dramatic but enjoyable light read with a good message If you re looking the THE beach book of the season this is it The front cover of this book says, Every summer offers a new beginning Each story of this wonderful anthology offers just that, a new beginning Though this theme of new beginnings resonates through each story, each story is different from the others JUNE S LACE by Cathy Lamb introduces us to evenfun and quirky Cathy Characters I loved June, a wedding dress making phenom who vows to never wed again, from the first page and I loved Reece, a country music song writing cowboy, from the moment he fished June out of the water Not all things are smooth sailing with June and Reece June has issues and baggage Baggage in the form of a husband that not only should be an Ex but should have a big X stamped on him Is her baggage too much to let her find a happiness she thinks she no longer wants Through it all we get to have so much fun with the author s incredible sense of humor and her ability to bring her quirky characters to life Well done Ms Lamb.SECOND CHANCE SWEETHEARTS by Holly Chamberlin brings us the story of Thea and Hugh Thea is trying to leave behind her old life and find a new one Hugh, the last person in the world she thought she d see in the town where she decided to make a new start, just happened to be the one that got away so many years ago When Thea learns to trust and to open her heart again, she finds that she deserves a new start but she has so much anger towards so many in her life And Hugh, what a strong character in Hugh I love that the author kept this man strong and yet gave him his own struggles There is a particular scene in this book that caused me to actually roar with laughter I probably shouldn t have been laughing so hard but for all of you cat lovers out there you ll enjoy Henrietta the cat Mark my words on that one CAROLINA SUMMER by Rosalind Noonan finds Jane Doyle on the run Jane ends up in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and not by choice, she must stay there She meets Cooper, the Sheriff Jane needs Cooper whether she realizes it or not What s , Cooper needs Jane There is a quick attraction between the two of them and a quick attraction to the folks in this small town There are some very dangerous forces that send Jane on the run again from this town where she could be so happy and safe Will Coop bring her home And finally,THE BRASS RING by Lisa Jackson Ms Jackson you are on my literary radar What a roller coaster ride Shawna and Parker are in love and about to be married Sometimes things just don t work out the way they should Enter a car accident and accusations of infidelity and anyone less determined than Dr Shawna McGuire would have gotten off the ride and before it even started Parker, a renowned tennis coach, suffers so much loss will he lose Shawna forever too As much as I grew to love Shawna and Parker, I also grew to love Jake, Shawna s brother What a wonderful collection of characters