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I had never read about the French and Indian War, spotted A Few Acres of Snow at the book store and picked it up It s subtitle read The Saga of the French and Indian Wars but I did not notice that Wars was plural It was not just about The French and Indian War but all the French and Indian Wars, four of them, which occurred in the seventy years prior to the American Revolution Oddly, the book starts with Columbus wondering around Spain trying to find someone to finance his voyage of discovery It seemed to me to be a little far back to start his saga but since I have discovered that he has a series of sagas which cover the entire history of the United States and this being the first book in the series it was only natural to start with Columbus The fighting between the French, Indians and English was brutal during the 70 years of the French and Indian Wars with atrocities on both sides The Native Americans routinely tortured and ate their enemies while the French and English enlisted them to slaughter each other s settlers The book ends with the capture of Quebec by the English, a subject which I remember being taught in grade school history The author Robert Leckie is old school, a kind of classical writer who uses a style not common any Leckie takes a stand on whether a historical figure is good or evil and strings adjectives together in the way a symphony composer strings together notes of music In reading the book, I would constantly read a passage and reread it just for the sheer enjoyment I look forward to reading the next of Leckie s Sagas, the one on the Revolutionary War, to get his take on that. This was a very superficial book, in my opinion. Will not waste any of my time on this book after Part 1 40 pages I had to look back to confirm that the date it was written was actually 1999 because the attitudes and writing style would have been at home in 1899 After having read other Goodreads reviews and I do note the wide variation in ratings I m not expecting any improvement I ve never bailed on a book this quickly before I was hoping for a history this isn t that I didn t see any reference in other reviews to Leckie pontificating about the white man s burden but it would certainly have fit right in Too bad, because even in the early going I get the impression that he has a wealth of detail to offer and is ready to be critical of some popular myths But he is way too Kipling for me. Not a useful book It is disorganized, repetitive, and contradictory it includes frequent taunts of childish name calling and diatribes There are also errors in facts I am very hesitant to remember anything in this book other than the names and perhaps the number of the wars between England and France in America. Some regrettable sexism, but some great writing nonetheless Excellent book on the French in North America. What an awesome book, I really enjoyed it I recommend anyone who s a history buff like me to read it. First off I want to inform everyone that the author, Robert Leckie, is the same Robert Leckie who fought in WWII as a marine and is portrayed in the HBO series The Pacific The Bad lets get this out of the way Leckie jumps around an incredible amount He also reiterates events and conclusions he makes numerous times over in several places For someone who isnt familiar with the colonial conflicts the seemingly sudden and lengthy diversions into European history that seems barely relate able can be a turn off and create confusion For instance he spends not one but two chapters on the so called Glorious , or Bloodless Revolution that brought William of orange to the English throne Also, his blatant distaste for all things protestant and his almost militant Catholicism could be seen as a serious detraction for many readers although for this reader I followed his arguments and came to agree with many of his conclusions on matters of religion and colonial politics.The good Leckie gives an amazing breadth of info and helps the reader who heretofore has had merely a basic understanding of the colonial conflict in America a much better understanding of the European events and happenings that led ultimately to the French and Indian War His clear understanding of the differences between French and colonial English policies regarding the natives is refreshing in a politically correct age and his frank honesty in terms of native american customs is also a nice breath of fresh air there is no racist mentality simply a frank observation of the customs He provides excellent and interesting background to several well known characters of the era that many readers may not have encountered before the background, not the characters.Historian and recreational history lover alike need this book I guess one would classify this as popular history It truly is a saga part truth, part myth Very readable, but not nearly as scholarly a work as Fred Anderson s Crucible of War I have liked Mr Leckie s informal style since reading his memoir of the Pacific War, Helmet for my Pillow A Few Acres of Snow is well balanced, and the French come off surprisingly well, as they should It is good entertainment, but I would not use it as a reference for a scholarly paper It mixes the historical facts of the French and Indian Wars with the myths and a few historical inaccuracies Leckie s word pictures of historical figures like Frontenac, Washington, Montcalm, Wolfe, William Pitt, and Louis XIV, and his descriptions of wilderness warfare, are what make this book worth reading. `Free ☂ A Few Acres of Snow: The Saga of the French and Indian Wars ↬ With His Celebrated Sense Of Drama And Eye For Colorful Detail, Acclaimed Military Historian Robert Leckie Charts The Long, Savage Conflict Between England And France In Their Quest For Supremacy In Pre Revolutionary America Packed With Sharply Etched Profiles Of All The Major Players Including George Washington, Samuel De Champlain, William Pitt, Edward Braddock, Count Frontenac, James Wolfe, Thomas Gage, And The Nobly Vanquished Marquis De Montcalm This Panoramic History Chronicles The Four Great Colonial Wars The War Of The Grand Alliance King William S War , The War Of The Spanish Succession Queen Anne S War , The War Of The Austrian Succession King George S War , And The Decisive French And Indian War The Seven Years War Leckie Not Only Provides Perspective On Exactly How The New World Came To Be Such A Fiercely Contested Prize In Western Civilization, But Also Shows Us Exactly Why We Speak English Today Instead Of French And Reminds Us How Easily Things Might Have Gone The Other Way Leckie Is A Gifted Writer With The Ability To Explain Complicated Military Matters In Layperson S Terms, While Sustaining The Drama Involved In A Life And Death Struggle His Portraits Of The Key Players In That Struggle Are Seamlessly Interwoven With His Exciting Narrative Booklist As Always, Leckie Describes The Maneuvers, Battles, And Results In Telling Detail With A Cinematic Style, And His Portraits Are First Rate The Dallas Morning News Leckie S Accounts Of Battles, Important Individuals, And The Role Of Native Americans Bring To Life The Distant Drama Of The French And Indian Wars The Daily Reflector