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Good read Heroine has taken a one room school job to get away from Seattle, where her fiance and friends dumped her when they found out that her mother was mentally ill and committed suicide There s a little motherless girl who has never spoken, ever, since her mother died shortly after her birth The little girl s daddy, a rancher, is the hero And that s basically the plot The hero and heroine are both keeping secrets so they go back and forth on liking each other, but they both want to help his daughter, but the heroine might not stay, but you get the idea It s a good read. Charming small town story Jenny Wyler moves to Saddlers Prairie to take the job as the teacher for its small one room school She s running from an ex fiance and friends who turned out not to be such good friends when they found out some truths about her past She doesn t intend to leave herself open to such pain in the future, so she vows to stay mum and leave her past in the past.Adam Dawson is the father of one of her new students, Abby He s got some secrets of his own, and both find themselves fighting a powerful attraction as they work to help Abby learn to find her voice.Ms Roth does a good job revealing Jenny and Adam s characters and the struggle each faces trying to stay true to themselves and their budding feelings The resolution at the end was a bit whirlwind for me though, and took away a bit from how satisfying the story was overall Still, an enjoyable read, and I m looking forward to revisiting Saddlers Prairie. RANCHER DADDY overall was a pretty nice book Although the romance lacked a little of that spark, it was clear from inside their heads that they had feelings from the start that felt real considering their painful pasts Jenny Wyler has learned her lesson about sharing her family s past when her fianc breaks up with her over her mother s schizophrenia With the story published and the town treating her differently and her dad s death still fresh, Jenny seeks a fresh start in Saddlers Prairie, taking the one room school teacher position She s not in town long before she meets Adam Dawson and his five year old daughter Abby A past with secrets of his own, Adam s doing to best for his daughter, who doesn t speak A mismatched marriage, Adam tried to save it by convincing his wife to have a baby Unfortunately that leads to her death from cancer days after Abby s birth Their attraction is instant, as is Jenny s attention to Abby and her determination to help the sweet little girl The butt heads over the extra help she gets Abby, but Adam can t help but soften when he sees how dedicated she is to his daughter Although feelings develop pretty quickly, neither is willing to take the chance They have a few looks, kisses, and some undisclosed make out nights until Adam calls it all off Trying to ignore their feelings doesn t work out very well And when Jenny ends up staying at the ranch, it s even harder to be around each other That is until he overhears her confess her feelings for him to her father s picture From there it s only left for them to bare their deepest darkest secrets and watch as true love prevails and neither one is going anywhere I really enjoyed Adam, Abby, Jenny and their past hurts I felt each reason was a valid one that enhanced the story. I loved this book The characters were realistic and the romance between Jenny and Adam was very sweet I was worried about how the muteness of Adam s daughter Abby was going to be treated but I was happily satisfied with its treatment I was glad that the subject wasn t a magical fix that happened to be convenient to the plot, instead Abby goes to a speech therapist and it takes time for her to even be able and confident enough to say one word So too did the romance take time While part of the romantic troubles stemmed from misunderstanding between the two, it was of the very natural does s he like me, like me or am I merely an annoyance to be put up with If there was anything within the story that felt off if would have to be the ending It wasn t bad, and thinking on it I can t really picture the characters doing any differently, but at the same time the conflict resolution seemed like instead of a bang it went out with a fizzle Again though, the positive note is that the ending is perhapsrealistic than if there had been some kind of huge eruption Besides, as said, it wasn t a bad ending all told and even if it were to have been, the epilogue leaves you with a silly grin on your face and all would be forgiven. [ Book ] ♖ Rancher Daddy ⚈ Leave The Past BehindThat S Life Lesson Number One For Jenny Wyler Which Is Why She S Sequestered In The Middle Of Rural Montana Teaching In A One Room Schoolhouse Saddlers Prairie Is Good And Far From The Ex Fianc Who Ran When He Discovered The Truth About Her Family And From Now On, Jenny Would Keep Silent About Her PastBut For Abby Dawson, A Kindergartner In Jenny S Class, Silence Isn T A Choice Not Only Shy, The Little Girl May Be Mute, And Her Father, Adam, Needs Jenny S Help Determined To Give The Child A Voice, The Pair Work Together While Denying Their Powerful Attraction Besides, What Could A Cattle Rancher And Big City Teacher Have In Common Anyway Besides Their Love Of A Five Year Old Girl And The Damaging Secrets They Are Both Hiding Secrets That Are Bound To Leak Out The story had a lot of potential but there were a couple of things that really annoyed me First of all, it skipped over the whole beginning of the couple s dating and went straight to the break up I would have liked to see how they started seeing each other but it glossed over that with just vague references to making out at her house This was really frustrating because as a reader you go through the whole initial relationship stages in order to see how they eventually get together and suddenly you are robbed of that satisfaction Second of all, Adam blew so hot cold that any normal female would have kicked him to the curb a long time ago Obviously they both had issues but sometimes it was just ridiculous how she kept overlooking his mood swings The saving grace was the adorable little girl. Good book Both Jenny and Adam had buried their pasts and refused to think or talk about them It took them a long time to realize that they couldn t move forward until they put the past to rest I did like how much Adam cared for Abby and wanted to help her He was frustrated because he didn t know how When Jenny came to town and had ideas to help, it was good, but Adam didn t want to have feelings for her Jenny also fought her feelings because she had been hurt in the past I loved the people of Saddler s Prairie and how much they cared for each other. Rancher Daddy by Ann Roth is a quick read, perfect for those with limited time for reading This is a complete book, not a cliffhanger. It was a cute story. Miniseries Saddlers PrairieCategory Heart Home