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@E-PUB ⛈ Quietly My Captain Waits ⚷ Quietly My Captain Waits Is A Thrilling Novel Of Two Lovers Whose Fates Are Sealed By The Fateful Clash Of Empire In Early Eighteenth Century AcadiaThis Historical Romance Is Based On The Real Life Love Of Two Bold Residents Of New France The Fiery Louise De Freneuse, Married And Widowed Twice, And Pierre De Bonaventure, Captain In The French Navy Their Doomed Relationship Helps Them Endure The Day To Day Struggles In The Besieged Frontier Settlement Of Port Royal Quietly My Captain Waits Sees Beyond The Cold Facts Of History Into The Hearts Of Acadian Settlers, Government Officials And Native AlliesA Formac Fiction Treasures Series Title I first read this book when I was a teenage girl I found it at the public library as I wandered through the shelves running my fingers along the spines looking at titles The book was green, the title stamped in gold foil The romantic sound of the words spoke to my heart I checked it out and was not disappointed The tale is based on factual accounts set in the early settlements of Acadia The story is of an affair of the heart between Madame de Frenuese and her captain Monsieur de Bonaventure The history is rich, the narrative descriptive and the story poignant I fell deeply in love as I read this book My heart was broken and I shed tears I ve never forgotten the story Many years later I returned to the Library hungry to read this story once again I was so disappointed to find that it had been discarded or sold during one of the yearly inventories This Christmas I had that yearning again to revisit the pages of this book In my search I discovered that Barnes and Noble had released a limited printing of this novel in paper back during 2007 I was about to order it when I noticed an independent dealer listed on .com had a collector s edition in good condition I ordered it and it arrived a few days before Christmas My daughter whisked the book off and hid it away until Christmas morning I opened a treasure that day The book is old 1940 The cover is greenish blue with the title stamped in gold foil The pages are yellow and brittle and smell a bit musty, you know that good smell books get when they rub shoulders with their fellows I spent some time just rubbing the cover, smelling the pages and thumbing the old paper just to listen to the way it rustled I was in literary heaven I spent the next few days curled up in a comfy chair reacquainting myself with an old friend I was not disappointed I fell deeply in love, my heart was broken and I shed tears I recommend this book if you can find it I m sorry, but I won t be sharing my copy. I have an old copy of this, published in 1939 I was interested since my family is descended from Thomas Hayot one of the first 11 founding families of the New France arriving in 1638 As the Ayotte s spread all over Canada, New Brunswick and Maine, I was interested in the story and reading about the forts and relations with the Indians I believe Thomas son Jean Hayot would have been living during the time of the story, which is based on actual people, however the author who did take much information from letters that they have from the two main characters, Pierre de Bonaventure and Louise de Freneuse, who did in reality carry on a love affair which put the settlement into quite the panty twist I m enjoying it so far, but am glad I researched the premise some on the internet to weed fiction from fact