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Warren Smith had been a New Ager who thought he knew Jesus Christ before becoming a Christian and leaving the New Age The New Age borrows heavily from Christian words but with whole different meanings and interpretations Now as a Christian, he brings that experience and sensitivity to demonstrate the un nerving similarities with the New Age, Robert Schuller and Rick Warren I was disturbed.I was aware of the influence of Peter Drucker and others on Rick Warren the canvassing of the neighborhoods, the marketing techniques, and watering down of the gospel in order to draw in members But until reading the book, I was not aware of the similarity of language and ideas of Rick Warren and the New Age The book points out that Rick Warren was a graduate of the Schuller Institute and that he also taught there, which was a shock as Robert Schuller has lots of un biblical, new age beliefs which have been well documented for many, many years On page 142 of the book, Schuller had recently boasted that Rick Warren had come to his Institute time after In a Christianity Today article that the book alluded to and I personally checked the reference, it says this, During his last year in seminary, he and Kay drove west to visit Robert Schuller s Institute for Church Growth We had a very stony ride out to the conference, She Kay Warren says, because such nontraditional ministry scared her to death Schuller, though, won them over He had a profound influence on Rick, Kay says We were captivated by his positive appeal to nonbelievers I never looked back Warren Smith details and exposes many of the contemporary New Agers and their ideas and plans for bringing global peace, and discusses Rick Warren s ideas and plans in bridging the gap and bringing peace to the world A noble cause, but is it at the cost of truth Is it softening people and un knowingly preparing them to receive a false Christ that arises to bring global peace Important things to consider, pray about, and search God s Word.No matter your opinion on what these similarities and ties mean and what you think of Rick Warren, if you hold the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, this book and the points it makes are worthy of your consideration and awareness. Clear exposition of the false teachings of the Purpose Driven movement Warren B Smith was immersed in New Age doctrine so has a strong foundation to compare them with Biblical truths He connects the dots from Robert Schuller to Rick Warren and Bruce Wilkinson and clarifies the signs indicating that they are teaching false doctrine He issues a strong warning to those who desire to follow the true Christ of the Bible to be discerning and aware that there will be false prophets. Well written, thought through, and honest The tone of the book was one of honest discovery on the part of the author Coming out of the New Age movement himself, he was thoroughly equipped to discern the subtleties of the deception in Rick Warren s and others teaching I appreciated the gentle tone he took in writing this There was no mistaking what his point was, but it was clear he did not write the book simply to bash Rick Warren I felt that Smith was honestly grieved at the deception of so many through the teachings of the Purpose Driven Life Though not everything taught through Rick Warren s church is bad, Smith makes the case that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump I agree that this is the method by which Satan is deceiving the church in modern times There is subtle error creeping into the church that we are not aware of because we do not have a strong biblical foundation and have been indoctrinated to accept any and all new bible translations as accurate truth This is dangerous ground for us and the church ought to wake up and see the possibilities of the coming deception, which is also already here.If you are not already wary of Rick Warren s teaching, his political and ecclesiastical positions, you should be after reading this book Thorough footnotes and a bibliography are provided should you desire to research the matter further. This book clearly details Rick Warren s connections to and history with new age spirituality and is packed full of warning to the true Believer in our Lord Jesus Christ We are warned in scripture about deception in the last days, and we are warned that not everyone who says lord didn t I do all these things in your name Know the living Lord Jesus of the Bible If you are at all concerned about the apostate church that Revelation warns about, you should read this book, and share it with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Have to be very aware of the wolves in sheeps clothing. Excellent, well researched, and documented information on Rick Warren and the Message Bible s new age leanings I ve never personally been a Rick Warren or Message Bible fan and have stayed away, but this information was extremely eye opening. |Download ♁ Deceived on Purpose ☬ Christian Author Warren Smith S Book Deceived On Purpose Warns About The Serious Implications Of Pastor Rick Warren S Book, The Purpose Driven Life Smith Takes The Reader Into The Inner Working Of Today S Evangelical World As He Explains The Questionable Interconnections Of Christian And New Age Leaders, And The Possibility Of Rick Warren S Peace Plan Merging With The New Age Peace Plan Smith Contends That New Age Sympathizer Robert Schuller Has Had A Great Influence On Rick Warren S Teachings And That Schuller S Influence Can Be Found In Rick Warren S Book, The Purpose Driven Life Smith Was A Former New Age Follower And He Draws From His Knowledge Of The New Age Subculture That Is Being Subtly Weaved Into The Christian Culture