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for readers BRIEF SUMMARY Wayne Brown aka The Beast, always gets what he wants From the moment he saw Lily,he knew he wanted her and sets his plan into motion to blackmail her into marriage Wayne s choice for blackmail, paying of the family s debt Lily is very young and innocent She is always treated like an outcast within her own family, so when she is forced in to marriage she is appalled but yet finds herself attracted to Wayne.THOUGHTSI love a good blackmail story this concept never gets old for me and this story delivers with its twist in blackmail A way to describe this story would be a fusion of any blackmailed in to marriage story with a bit of a Cinderella concept, throw in spicy erotic scenes and the author, Sam Crescent, created a scrumptiously story.I personally found Wayne and Lily s story wonderful Wayne was a beast in the boardroom as well as negotiating, and Lily s situation wasn t any different, by any means necessary was his plan What gave the story that tingling sensation for me was Wayne s possessiveness and aggressive tactics, along with Lily s innocence With both having a rough childhood they were both very guarded Along with being blackmailed, Lily s attraction to Wayne was evident in her own awkward way Once their physical chemistry was taken to another level I thought it was explosive If you re a fan of the possessive guy and innocent girl scenario, then you will enjoy this story.I really enjoyed reading about Richard and Tony, Wayne s best friends I kept thinking to myself while reading the book I hope the author delivers on a story for both Tony and Richard While reading the epilogue, we got a taste of Richard and I can hardly wait.Storyline GOODIntimacy VERY SPICY VERY GOODEnjoyment GOODRomance Novel Junkies Oh god I laughed so hard while reading this This author should switch careers, now I am usually not this harsh towards authors, but oh God this person really really can t write I love Beauty and the Beast stories, but this was just idiotic I can t comment further on this bookexcept to say that because of this book my buddy and I invented another scale to grade books according to the pukometer 1 PM is puke inducing but not much5 PM every paragraph makes you pukethis book hit the magical 5 PMs Older man younger woman No cheating no om drama some pushing away by heroine ow drama heroines sister tried to seduce him than once, throwing herself at him and grabbing him inappropriately no epilogue there was a brief set up for the next story that hero had a hard on for his assistant and is making plans to meet up with his fuck buddy no thanks Book 3 and 4 are definitely a no go as well This book has 100 pages and 20 chapters That fact alone fails to capture the lack of attention span Within these 5 page chapters the attention span struggles against Sam Crescent s inability to maintain a unified thought and put it in writing, respecting 1st grade grammar It s horrid, the way she seems incapable of any form of coherence grammatical, syntactical, commonsensical they all safely escape her The style is awful, the characterization nonexistent, the knowledge of basic English and use of punctuation downright miserable I m so sorry I m sorry for all the people including myself and my reading buddy who put themselves through this book I m sorry that Sam Crescent even considered a career in writing And I am full of sympathy for all those people who think this book is worth the paper electricity used in its creation I know that de gustibus non disputandum est , but, fuck me, you have no taste if you enjoyed this piece of metaphorical crap. 4 1 2 stars Lily is misused and treated horribly by her family until Waynes the beast as they call him in the buisness world agrees to Help Lily s family s huge money problem if Lily agree s to marry him Felling like she has no other choice Lilly agrees and is immediatly married to Wayne Though Lilly can t figure out why Wayne would want her when he could have any woman including hie prettier sisiter Wayne knows exactly why he wants Lilly and knows that he will do anything to keep her and tie her to him in any and every way possible What can I say Wayne is aggressive, manipulative, and possessive and I loved every minute of reading this book The side characters were just as great, Sam does it again this is book 1 to the Unlikely Love trilogy. 2.5 starsI liked the story line and the characters, but the execution fell short As another reviewer mentioned, the sentence structure was a bit off I hate when I am pulled out of a story to try and rework a sentence in order to make it flow better. .Read Ebook ⚇ Blackmailed by the Beast (Unlikely Love, #1) ♵ Wayne Brown Is Ruthless When It Comes To Business, And With A Nickname Of The Beast , No One Dares To Challenge Him What He Wants He Gets Lily Jones Is Sweet Innocence And Despises Men Like Wayne But The Jones Family Is Desperate, And He Offers Them A Solution To Their Problems Only He Wants Something In ReturnLily She Either Marries Him Or Her Family Answers To The Debt Collectors With No Choice Left, She Agrees And Begins Life As His WifeThrough His Seduction And Touch, Lily S Body Betrays Her, And As Time Passes, So Does Her Heart But How Can She Fall In Love With A Man Who Blackmails To Get What He Wants Better than I was anticipating.Still pissed me off. for readers Reviewed by Davia for R.N.JBRIEF SUMMARYWayne Brown is nicknamed the beast in business and his personal life After seeing Lily at a ball he was immediately drawn to her Lily is treated like a servant by her family she grew up being verbally abused by them Wayne is disgusted by this and puts a plan in motion to blackmail her into marrying him so that he can take her away from this horrible house and family Lily is disgusted by this proposition but still wants to help her family who is broke As she ventures into her new life with Wayne she realizes she can love this manTHOUGHTSThis reminded me of a version of Cinderella and Lilly was whisked away by her prince charming I liked how Wayne was so patient with Lily she was so fragile because of the abuse she endured from her family Lily came to realize that she deserved to be loved and Wayne was nothing he appeared to be When she finds out the lengths he went to get her, she is forgiving of his lies Wayne also has scars from his past and learns to release some of those negative feelings I also loved the secondary characters of Wayne s buddies Richard and Tony The sex scenes were very spicy and full of raw emotion between the physical and emotional feelings they felt I really enjoyed this read and look forward to Richard s story.Length NovellaStoryline GOODEnjoyment GOODIntimacy Level VERY SPICYRomance Novel Junkies Let me first start out by giving kudos to whoever designed the cover The characters look exactly how the writer describes them For me, the first thing I look at when getting romance books is the cover And nothing is irritating than getting a cover that has characters that look nothing like the characters in the book BLACKMAILED BY THE BEAST has a beautiful work on the cover that led to an even sexy, fun and beautiful love story.I loved Lily Jones First of all because she comes to life over the pages as a real woman Full figured and full of spunk and passion but at the same time she remains sweet and innocent Even though she is young 21 , she has had a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders so she comes across as innocent but at the same time mature.Wayne Brown Let me just say I fell in love with him just like Lily did Strong, capable, hard headed, hot and oh yeahdid I mention sexy I loved his take charge attitude All alpha male yet at the same time you know he has some vulnerabilities just beneath the surface for the heroine to scratch and uncover.At first I worried when I saw there was forced seduction I wasn t sure if it could work But BOY, did it work I loved this book I will be looking for from Sam Crescent to be sure Thank you for such a well written, fun and sexy plot I enjoyed it immensely Five stars for a great beginning, middle and a rocking happy ending.Review can also be found and www.epicallyromanticbyebonydreams.blo