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Really interesting and well researched Mr Marsh seems to know quite a bit about companies that have perfected serving niche industries or products and how to succeed using the ability to specialize rather than mass produce. I am reading this on a Kindle so all I know is I am somewhere towards the middle of chapter 4 I notice a lot of people have this listed as a to read I did to for several months Finally events have caused me to jump in and start leaving me in the, for me unusual situation of reading two books at once All I can say is I am so pleased I have started Peter Marsh s book It provides a fascinating and though provoking history of manufacturing, identifying what he considers to be the key drivers of advanced manufacturing and their lineage through history I still have a ways to go and see where all this ends up but to date Readable, credible and definitely in the page turner category I am conservatively giving it three stars for now we ll see where it all leads. A survey of current developments heralding the 5th stage of the Industrial Revolution Its effects will be most acute in manufacturing processes the importance of niche or sliver industries, growing customization personalization, importance of clusters of expertise, industry and the global rebalancing that this newest economic shift portends An interesting book that quickly gets dwarfed by its unwieldy scope as part history and trends of the Industrial Revolution to present mixed with explanation of current processes in a wide variety of industries. not owned by library We re still experiencing the impact of the scientific and computer revolutions, and it will take a while still before the impact of those unfold Manufacturing is moving to the emerging economies, while the developed economies hold the knowledge edge It s a strange means of globalization. The west is showing that it still has an important role to play in the world economy The book is most useful as a rejoinder to those who think that the west is past its prime in manufacturing. `Download Pdf ☠ The New Industrial Revolution ⇬ The Rapid Emergence Of China And India As Prime Locations For Low Cost Manufacturing Has Led Some Analysts To Conclude That Manufacturers In The Old Economies The US UK Germany, And Japan Are Being Edged Out Of A Profitable Future But If Countries That Historically Have Been At The Forefront Of Events In Manufacturing Can Adapt Adroitly, Opportunities Are By No Means Over, Says The Author Of This Timely Book Peter Marsh Explores Years In The History Of Manufacturing, Then Examines The Characteristics Of The Industrial Revolution That Is Taking Place Right NowThe Driving Forces That Influence What Types Of Goods Are Made And Who Makes Them Are Little Understood, Marsh Observes He Discusses The Key Changes In What Is Happening In Manufacturing Today, Including Advances In Technology, A Greater Focus On Tailor Made Goods Aimed At Specific Individuals And Industry Users, Participation Of Many Countries In World Manufacturing, And The Growing Importance Of Sustainable Forms Of Production With Broad Historical Sweep And Dozens Of Engaging Examples, Marsh Explains These Changes And Their Import Both For Consumers Making Purchase Choices And For Manufacturers Assessing How To Participate Successfully In The New Industrial Era