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3.5 StarsI really, really want to know if he was a virgin celibate during those years apart, after he MARKS her as mate It kept nagging my mind, because he was 14 at the time, and knew she was his mate, without a doubt, so either he lost his virginity before that, but already having the feeling she was his mate Or even worse and lost it after MARKING her as his Because if he was a virgin, I think he would have mentioned it, like he hinted at being celibate For me she had a huge excuse for not being, since she doesn t even remember and was pushed away and rejected by him multiple times growing up, but Jason I WANT TO KNOW DamnI did like the author s writing style, and if not for that nagging thought doubt, I would have rated it higher I fell in love with R.E Butler s writing after reading A Curve of Claw and a Flash of Fang This was a fun read about a young wolf that marked his mate at a very young age So young in fact that his father forbid him or any of the wolves in their pack from telling her what the marks meant Well 14 years later, everyone in the pack has remained tight lipped and Cadence is confused as to why no wolf will touch her or even ask her out on a date The wolf of her dreams, sexy alpha Jason, abruptly stopped being her best friend at age eleven and has been a jerk to her every since Cadence is now home from college and looking for a wolf to settle down with So when Chris, next inline alpha for another pack, asks her out and starts courting her, she accepts Nothing spells angst like a partially mated male wolf having to compete to win the affections of his mate Though this was a great story, I am not a big fan of angst, especially when said angst could be overcome by one simple conversation I also got tired of alpha Jason thinking about causing violence ie punching a wall, or growling at his competition, but never doing it He had such a tight leash on his wolf that he never displayed any of the traits that make weres shifters so awesome There was a scene where Chris touched his woman very suggestively while on stage, in public Hell, that action alone was worth a fight, or a growl, or even a verbal assault I tend to like my alphas to be a little raw and animalistic.The first part of the story dragged a bit until all of the angst was resolved and then the story morphed into my kinda book An erotic paranormal love story with tons of action fighting, kidnapping, and violence Jason even became the possessive alpha male that every female longs to read about This was a wonderful story and I truly liked all of the characters I was hoping to see Callie and Michael find love together because they were my absolute favorite supporting cast, but that doesn t appear to happen in the upcoming books This book was a solid 3.5 star and would have rated higher minus the angst. I was very excited to read this book, I have a fascination with wolves and shifters so it seemed like this would be the book for me I liked the characters, Candace had had it rough for a long time and I loved her determination to just get on with it She was feisty and I cannot resist a feisty female Jason, I liked as well If we didn t have his point of view, then you would just think he was a jerk, but we do, so I could feel sorry for him and his impossible situation The tension between this couple was awesome and I was hanging on for every meeting and confrontation with them I will also add that when this couple got down to the business, the sex was steamy and satisfying, just what you would expect from a paranormal romance.The problem with this book, for me, was that even after everything was wrapped up and the problems solved, the couple reunited and the bad guy eliminated this book kept going I thought that maybe we were going to get another issue pop up, but it just sort of waffled on until the end To me there was an extra 30% of this book that we just did not need.I hate saying things like that because obviously the writer has their reasons but from that point on in the book, my interest waned.That is the reason for my 3 star rating It would have been a lot higher if not for that.I will still try and read books in this series, because I believe it has promise and first books are always the hardest, because of all the world building and getting the feel for everything etc Still, it was a solid paranormal romance, 3 stars. The first 50% bugged me with the triangle vibe Then I liked Jason so I kept reading T love shifter books but one part went past my comfort zone I did like the writing and it flowed well I just liked this one..didn t love it.I need to add the the majority of the safe readers like reading the heroine with other men so they had this marked as safe.There are some of us who don t want to read our heroines or heroes with other people This is not a safe book The heroine kisses another man several times , dances with him till she us turned on She did do these things due to thinking that the hero didn t want her but to me..it still made me nauseated to read it and so this book really isn t safe at all It wasn t cheating..but it even felt like cheating to her The hero part is safe so those readers who like the women who do those things but not the men will be happy I felt like I wanted her to be stronger. ( Free Pdf ) ☦ Jason & Cadence (The Wolf's Mate, #1) ♩ For Years, Alpha Wolf Jason Has Watched His Partially Marked Mate Cadence Live Her Life Without Him Circumstances Force His Hand And He Must Find A Way To Get Her To Uncover Her Buried Memories Of Their Past Before Someone Else Steps Up To Take Her From Him For As Long As She Can Remember, Hybrid Wolf Cadence Has Loved Jason With Every Fiber Of Her Being,but He S Consistently Shoved Her Away Until The Love That S There Is Bound Tightly In Anger And Shame No One Can Take His Place In Her Heart, But That Doesn T Mean That There Aren T Wolves Willing To Try Will Cadence Be Able To Get Through Jason S Icy Demeanor To The Heart Of The Boy She S Always Loved Can Jason Undo The Past So They Will Have A Future Together This Book Contains Red Hot Werewolf Loving, Plenty Of Neck Biting, And Misuse Of A Kitchen Counter The Wolf S Mate Is A Book For Mature Audiences Only And Contains Sexually Explicit ContentApproximate Word Count , 3.5 stars It was really good at first and sorta fizzled at the end It was a sweet read and very sexy at times It definitely filled my were craving.I might read the next book but its not on my priority list. IndieA nice unusual story line saves this book from a lower rating Mind you, it s a pleasant, if bland, reading, but I m shocked to say it should have been a novella or a novelette PAt 60% you get your HEA, then you get the aftermath of it reactions, playing house, wedding planning, marital bliss, etc My interest dropped rapidly You usually want when you had a stunning story couple and you can t stop wanting Well, this isn t such a story, so I wasn t at all thrilled of getting At 0.99 you might want to read it and spend some time relaxing. long, but w an abrupt ending 3 3.5 starsThis was a good story Jason and Cadence were engaging characters and their story did keep me interested in finding out what happened next Cadence is a wolf hybrid, something that s never happened before Her mother was a shifter but her father was human Her mother died during childbirth and something about that infused Cadence with shifter like powers even though she was never able to change Cadence s father wasn t too happy about her wolf side and made Cadence miserable growing up.Jason is the Alpha of his pack and owner of the local garage Jason and Cadence were neighbors growing up and very good friends Jason knew early that Cadence was his mate and only wanted to be with her When Jason knew his first shift was coming and he d have to separate himself from her until he can control his wolf, Jason decided to mark Cadence Unfortunately in the middle of things, Jason s father sees it and stops Jason from explaining what it meant, instead using his Alpha power to make her think she got the hurts from falling in to a rose bush Since Cadence was so young only 10 yrs old , his suggestion made her forget the truth.Because of Jason s dad s interference, Cadence never found out what really happened He forbid anyone from talking to Cadence about it which basically screwed Jason over because until Cadence remembers that he marked her and realizes she s mated they can t become full mates He hasn t been able to move forward with trying to jog her memory because after he pushed her away rather harshly when they were kids, Cadence was hurt and felt abandoned and thinking Jason disliked her After that she took her anger and aggression out on Jason whenever they were near each other Cadence went away to college and when it was finally time for her to come back home, Jason knows it s time to get her to remember and then win her He has to do it quickly too because their town has 2 packs The Alpha of the other pack, Jake, promised to hold his people off Cadence for a month to give Jason a fair shot but after that she s fair game Unfortunately, Jake isn t a very good Alpha because his son, Chris who is supposed to be the next Alpha after Jake decides to make a play for Cadence and makes it practically impossible for Jason to get a chance with Cadence Jake pretty much seems to look the other way because it s his son that s ignoring his orders so Jason is kind of screwed since he can t just kill Chris no matter how much he wants to.Chris basically poaches Jason s territory by taking every single moment he can of Cadence s time and getting the females of his pack to be nice and friendly to her to try to draw her to their pack and away from Jason Chris starts being pretty underhanded in his attempts to keep Jason and Cadence apart When Jason manages to get Cadence to take a job at the garage managing the office, Christ tries to hire her away saying she s too good for that place The whole thing with Chris was kind of messed up, especially since Cadence knows that she could never be with Chris because she loved Jason If that s the case, why the heck did she keep going out with the slime bucket and letting his kiss her goodnight Jason is forced to see them dating and doesn t take things well On top of this, everyone looks to Cadence to fix this all and make the right choice but because of the Alpha s edict making sure no one let on to her what was going on, she didn t even know what she should be doing to make things right To be honest I thought they really kind of jerked her around in that way, both her and Jason Chris ends up proving just what a slime he is and things get tough but everyone comes through alright Jason and Cadence get together but they have to spend some time working through their lingering relationship difficulties but before too long Jason and Cadence are starting their HEA.This was an enjoyable story I liked Cadence and Jason overall but I had my frustrations with them both at times The story was good but there were a few points I didn t consider believable or realistic given the circumstances which is why it didn t get 4 stars I ll probably read the next book in the series sometime in the future D note I listened to the audio version of this book Overall, the narrator was good but I would have liked the narration better if it didn t see hurried sometimes It wasn t constant but at times the narration seemed a little too fast. My Rating GOOD The characteristics of a 3 star book include interesting characters, a decent storyline, and unique story elements there was something about the story that I didn t completely connect with the book is a solid read I would recommend it to a friend Book Description For 14 years, alpha wolf Jason has watched his partially marked mate Cadence live her life without him Circumstances force his hand and he must find a way to get her to uncover her buried memories of their past before someone else steps up to take her from him.For as long as she can remember, hybrid wolf Cadence has loved Jason with every fiber of her being,but he s consistently shoved her away until the love that s there is bound tightly in anger and shame No one can take his place in her heart, but that doesn t mean that there aren t wolves willing to try.Will Cadence be able to get through Jason s icy demeanor to the heart of the boy she s always loved Can Jason undo the past so they will have a future together Page Count 197 PagesMy Thoughts I enjoyed Jason Cadence Cadence had a external toughness that was unrivaled among the packs but her toughness was tempered by her protectiveness and underlying vulnerability Jason was all alpha all the time I liked his character after his motivations became clearer but I honestly didn t care for him too much at the start He was callous and downright mean to Cadence.The secondary characters added a genuine level of support to the story They were well thought out and interacted well with the primary characters I absolutely loathed Chris I didn t trust him from the very start of the story He was beyond crazy but definitely served his purpose in the story.There were a few elements that this story from being than three stars Both deal with the pacing of the story but in different ways The story seemed to drag along in several spots For instance, it took Cadence a really long time to figure out what was happening around her Everyone kept subtly hinting about her choices and options but she only got frustrated and irritated and never pushed to ask anyone what they were talking about She would bristlemake a snippy commentand then let the matter drop Her behavior just seemed a bit incongruous for someone wanting to know what was going on The conclusion to the story was also drawn out There were two earlier moments where the story could have been tied with a bow and nicely ended However, the author dragged the story along adding, what felt like, filler The story could have ended at about 75% after Cadence returned home from the rogues but the remaining 25% was just filler For example, why did Cadence suddenly grow a set of fangs It was just kind of thrown in with only a cursory explanation Also, when Jason heavily marked Cadence and his corresponding guilt over it This plot line felt unnecessary and it didn t significantly add anything to the story Although I had a few issues with the story, overall it was an enjoyable, light, and quick read.Reading Time 4 HoursVisit The BookChick Blog