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Janie s husband broadens their sexual pleasure and intensifies their deep emotional bond by adding another man to the mix Who would have thought to come up with a threesome like this None other than Voirey Linger It is titillating and tantalizing, frivolous and fun and oh so sexy The best part, for me at least because I am a romantic at heart, is the love relationship between the married couple Adding a sexy Australian to their romp intensifies everything, heightening the sexual tension and leaving everyone gratified and sated.And She Liked It is beautifully written The apprehension in Janie is palpable and her husband s permission to explore gives her a freedom she isn t really sure she wants to indulge in Will it change the way she feels about her husband When she finally gives in to her desires, both she and her husband are satisfied beyond measure.You have to give this a quick read and decide for yourself. A hot little gem And She Liked It by Voirey Linger I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review When Janie and Edward were married he agreed to her terms, an open marriage She has never wanted to take advantage of that option but now Edward is giving her the opportunity to indulge in her fantasies with his business partner Paul Janie loves her husband but she is afraid that their relationship will change if she gives in to Paul She never expected her encounter with another man to spice up her and Edward s love life so much.Janie was surprised that Edward agreed to her request for an open marriage She loves him but was afraid that things would get stale and she would get bored Since their marriage she has never wanted to stray, Edward has always taken care of her Their relationship has become comfortable, missing that spark Janie is attracted to Paul but doesn t want to be She is conflicted about her feelings and is surprised that Edward is willing to let her be with another man, while he watches The whole encounter in Edward s study is designed for Janie s pleasure, it s also about self discovery Janie finds that she is extremely turned on by the idea of her husband watching.The encounter between Paul and Janie is very sexy I like the fact that Edward kept everything contained to his office and didn t let Paul invade their personal space It made the after affects between Edward and Janie even hotter when Paul left them I loved his parting quip, it leaves the option open for him or someone else to join them again.Overall I enjoyed this Quickie and give And She Liked It 3 Flaming Hearts. Je m attendais mieux, plus excitant surtout, mais a restait sympa, et les choses sont bien amen es. Janie and Edward have an open marriage but, until now, Janie has never wanted to take advantage of it Janie loves her husband but she is afraid that their relationship will change if she allows her lust for his business partner, Paul, turn into something than a fantasy.Voirey Linger manages, as usual, to pack a lot of depth into her characters and a lot of emotion in what is essentially a short story about sex Personally I now have Voirey as an auto buy author as she has a way of dragging me into the story no matter how short. So, So A very quick, very hot read Janie s husband wants to inject some heat into their marriage so he asks another man to seduce his wife while he watches.Voirey Linger writes some scorching sex scenes and this was great She handled it with sensitivity and totally caught me up in Janie s emotions everything you want in a short story 5 out of 5 ^FREE ☟ And She Liked It ⇺ A Six Foot Plus Mountain Of Sexiness Is Trying To Seduce Janie And Doing A Damn Good Job Of It Just One Problem Her Husband Is Watching The Whole ThingTo Her Surprise, Edward Has No Problem With His Wife Being Seduced In Fact, He S Encouraging It They Share A Deep Love, But The Mindless Lust That Drove Them As A New Couple Has Been Missing For A While And Paul Is Just The Man To Bring Heat Back Into Their Marriage Edward Knows If Janie Is Brave Enough To Allow Paul To Join Them, She Just Might Like It