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I believed I added this to my TBR because the hero is a big shot basketball player and I like sport romances I know I started reading it on my e reader because the cover confused me and I thought it was a sci fic type romance I m tempted not to rate this one because this was not my cup of tea There was a lot of angst and flawed characters Both the hero and heroine came off as majorly selfish I rather want Jane L of Dear Author to read this now, just to get her take on the last courtroom scene I just can t buy that it would actually happen in reality or that it would be a legitimate defense However, there were few typos and, for the most part, the writing was decent The heck with it, I m giving it three stars because I genuinely don t think I d be alone in finding the main couple difficult to like The hero makes you question at times if he even loves his daughter and the heroine uses men, although she never sets out to do so with bad intentions In addition, while there was interesting bits about how the press can impact public opinion in relation to sport figures other celebrities, there was a lot of talk about basketball, but not a lot of playing In conclusion, if you are looking for a angsty book that is light on the romance with real people, this is a book for you Otherwise, try Ellen Hartman s The Long Shot. Roxanne has a lot going on in her life Her husband has recently committed suicide, but her mother in law is determined to pin Roxanne for murder Roxanne has lost her job at the TV station Her other job, raising money for a research unit at a Boston hospital is threatened She meets a very sexy basketball star who is focused on basketball and a hot relationship with Roxanne Figure in a bunch twists and this story gets complicated.The book is well written and the story line is complex I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for mature audiences. Free Epub ☥ Playing the Game ♱ Playing The Game About Than A BallCan A Woman Bring Down A Legend By Distracting Him From His Game Since Her Disastrous Marriage Ended, Roxanne Monet Has Sworn Off Serious Relationships With Men She Has Important Things To Worry About, Like No Money, No Job And Accusations Of Murdering Her Wealthy Husband But When She Meets Superstar Barry Dennis And He Challenges Her To A Game Of Seduction, She Decides To Play Ball When The Game Turns Serious, She Unintentionally Exposes The Legend To Be A Flawed Man Barry Dennis Picked The Wrong Woman To Play Games With When He Decides To Flirt With The Enigmatic Roxanne Being The Best Takes All He Has He Can T Afford To Let Anything Or Anyone Interfere With His First And Only Priority Basketball But As The Attraction Between Them Heats Up, He Finds Himself Losing Sight Of His Life S Game Plan While The Sports World S Microscope Is Trained On Barry S Game And The Media Hounds Roxanne About Her Husband S Mysterious Death, The Stakes Are Ratcheted Up Even Higher When Barry S Young Daughter, Lindy Is Injured Roxanne Gives Lindy The Attention She Needs While Barry Struggles To Cope With The Demands Of His New Priorities Can Roxanne Rely On Barry To Do Than Play Ball She Takes The Risk And Gives Him The Last Thing She Owns Her Heart The Game is everything There are different games in life When you are too vulnerable, the game is everything Barry Dennis game is basketball and he is an icon for the fans Roxanne Monet s game is control so her heart is safe All she has left after the death of her husband, his vindictive mother trying to prove she murdered him, no money, no job, and no reputation is her mission to save the hospital research program for seriously burned children and her game.Neither Barry nor Roxanne wants a serious relationship but whenever they are together, it becomes a game of seduction Roxanne needs Barry s fame to raise funds for the hospital but he has no room for anything in his life besides his sports career, not even his daughter The storyline is deep and often dark the characters emotionally flawed yet searching for a different future There were times that the intrigue and drama were almost too much for me but that only shows the writing skill of the author. This book was sooo much than I thought it was going to be with very complex characters and a storyline that keeps you interested up until the very last page.Roxanne Monet is trying to redefine herself after the death of her husband Problem is, her mother in law is convinced she s a money grubbing, gold digging killer and has made it her personal mission to prove Roxanne killed her son While Roxanne deals with that, she also has to deal with the fact that she is broke, recently fired from her job and trying to make sure her volunteer work at the local hospital nets the money needed for the research department with breakthroughs in treating burn victims And let s not mention the men who Roxanne tries to be friends with but they want something so much from her.Enter Barry Dennis.Barry is the star of the Boston Celtics and lives for basketball Everything else in his life, including his daughter, comes a distant second When he meets Roxanne at a charity event he starts engaging her in a little game of seduction cat and mouse When they spend a weekend together, Barry discovers that when he s with Roxanne he tends to forget about everything except for her That is unacceptable in his book and he does this dance with Roxanne where he pulls her in and then pushes her away.Barry and Roxanne were characters that I found myself throughly frustrated with one minute and wanting to help through their issues the next The game they played with each other was a bit of a turn off, but had enough to it where you could see that they truly cared about each other even though they didn t want to go down that path Add into the mix Lindy, Barry s daughter, and you knew you wanted these two to fight for one another.I loved the storyline with Roxanne s ex husband and his family going after her It s amazing the lengths people will go to in order to preserve their memory of a loved one.An equally frustrating and entertaining story that will have you flipping pages wondering if you re going to be mad at what happens in the next paragraph or enjoying whatever mess Roxanne and Barry find themselves in next. This is a wonderful romance that fans of the genre will love Put this one at the top of your TBR list as it s not to be missed The author is one of my favorites and my go to author for a yummy romance. What I liked about this book The plot, it was really good A heroine who bends over backwards to make sure injured children not only get the care they need but to bring the smile and hope back into their lives Heroine is also fighting a charge of murdering her husband filed by her in laws who have a vengeance to see she pays for his death, no matter what Throw in a sick kid who has a rich and handsome daddy that needs her to bring them the healing that they all need to live happily ever after and sounds like a perfect recipe for a story And it almost worked.Unfortunately, this brings me to what I didn t like about this book I absolutely hated the two main characters I liked all of the background characters, but couldn t stand Roxanne or BarryBarry than Roxanne, but not by much Neither one are endearing, leaving me feeling apathetic to the plight of their HEA For example, why should I feel sympathetic to Roxy s money trouble when the narration constantly name drops the brand name EVERYTHING on her body constantly, or has her at an event casually dragging a fur coat in her hand on the ground behind her like no big deal, or riding around in a car that needs premium grade fuel and only gets about 13 MPG Why should I feel sympathetic to the biological father, who goes on TV and tells the entire world that a sport is important to him than his only child and shows it in his actions , vice the step father who raised her and shows every indication of being a real father to her time and again throughout the book But, this is one of the important plot points we are given here, so why is it dropped in the dust with no explanation as to why The count of men who were sick in love with Roxanne was too high for my taste.So all in all, I had to seriously fight my way through this book to finish it I didn t start enjoying the plot until way over halfway through reading it and every time I would start to enjoy it either Roxy or Barry would say or do something to distract me. This is a really good romance verging on chilit Queen obviously did research into the subjects she used in her story and I admire that in an author If their we re errors in the information they aren t any I think the average reader will notice Roxanne and Daniel were neither looking for a long term relationship so their romance starts as little than sex They both have plenty of baggage and things only get complicated as the story progresses There are moments when you have to wonder if these two will ever find their way to a HEA While I love that Queen did fantastic research I personally would like to have gotten a little in depth emotions between the two leads Daniel is a jerk and is pretty open about his opinions He obviously has redeeming qualities but he is hard to completely love through the majority of the book And Roxanne while likeable has some moments where you really want to slap some since into her In the end I think both characters are multi dimensional The only thing missing was the deeper connection between the two There was one thing I was really pleased with how Queen chose to deal with view spoiler how Daniel chose to distance himself from Roxanne to get custody of his daughter He is a dad and one of the only people that little girl had While a hard choice and left Roxanne nearly on her own with only distant support and money help from Daniel I think it was the right choice from a man who had been seriously selfish in the past hide spoiler Playing the Game, and the characters are great at playing it, September 21, 2013 By Jo Smith This review is from Playing the Game Kindle Edition Roxanne is beautiful, successful in her career, adored by most She had it all except a husband she passionately loved Oh, she had a husband she liked and was rich beyond dreams She didn t think she needed passion to make a good marriage since he was wildly in love with her But when she found she was wrong and filed for divorcee her life became a chaotic nightmare Suddenly her career, finances, and mother in law were causing horrific legal problems and she lost her job A strange man she met at one of the glamorous parties she managed threw her into the passion she always wanted, except he was a totally focus and dedicated highly sports personality who was raised to be the best in the world at his sport, basketball He had no interest in what she offered At a time when both face a life changing, horrible event they both must make a decision that will effect their future in all ways Queen has put her creativity to work and it is to our pleasure that the end product is so fantastic She has successfully wound all of life s emotions into a story you will find hard to put down or forget after you finish the book. I try to read an author I ve never read before at least a few times a month Stephanie Queen was my pick recently and I truly enjoyed her writing style, the characters, the plot and the romance I was fascinated by Roxanne She s flirty, passionate and materialistic in many ways, but there was so much to her Barry is a celebrity basketball player with no room for anything other than the game While the story could have been predictable it was instead compelling and fascinating The author threw in unique twists and turns to the plot and the characters, making it a fast paced, unique story that kept me glued to the pages.