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~Read Pdf ♙ The Incense Game (Sano Ichiro #16) ♒ Winner Of RT Magazine S Reviewers Choice Award For Best Historical MysteryIn The Wake Of A Terrifying Earthquake, Sano Ichiro Races To Solve A Crime That Could Bring Down The Shogun S RegimeWhen A Massive Earthquake Devastates Japan In , Even The Shogun S Carefully Regulated Court Is Left Teetering On The Brink Of Chaos This Is No Time For A Murder Investigation Except When A Nobleman S Daughters Are Found Dead From Incense Poisoning And Their Father Threatens To Topple The Regime Unless Sano Ichiro Tracks Down The KillerAs Sano And His Wife Strive To Solve The Case In A World That Is Crumbling Around Them, Laura Joh Rowland Author Of One Of The Five Best Historical Mystery Novels The Wall Street Journal Brings Us Her Most Powerful And Evocative Thriller Set In Feudal Japan Yet, The Incense Game Another brilliant historical mystery by Laura Joh Rowland, this newest installment in the Sano Ichiro series is set against the backdrop of the devastating 1703 Edo region earthquake This has been one of my favourite series for a long time, and this book was IMO one of its best And of course I m very glad to see Yanagisawa back in business after the events of the last book noone does scheming and intriguing quite as delightfully as him Can t wait to see what the next book will have in store At sixteen books into this series, Rowland still manages to write an intriguing mystery and set it amidst the historical backdrop of the devastating 1703 earthquake As always, it s a quick, light read with plenty of political machinations and personal perils that keep the pages turning.HOWEVER My continuing irritation with the series is once again Hirata and the increasingly ridiculous mystical, magical martial arts It adds so very little to the series and detracts too much from the meticulously constructed reality she s created Worse yet, his subplot in this installment seems like such a perfunctory afterthought that you could edit him out entirely and really only have to alter one scene It s an annoyance that makes my eyes roll and keeps me from rating it higher Again, I ask why Rowland has taken such care to craft an immersive, realistic, and believable world in detail, plot, motives, and explanation, only to muck it up with supernatural and fantastical elements that belong in an entirely different novel Kill off the character and or end the subplot, please It drags down an otherwise enjoyable mystery. I m going to keep this short What the hell has Rowland done She s taken an interesting series of detective stories set in Seventeenth Eighteenth Century Japan, with all its political machinations and feudal undertones and ruined it She has introduced an element of FANTASY Super hero ninja type samurai, evil spirits Excuse me I know that the Chinese Asian culture fantasises about their ability to tap into some sort of self discipline which enables them to become amazing super warriors but we also know that this IS a fantasy, that it belies the truth and has no place in historical fiction.Beneath this rubbish was a very interesting story Yes, it continues to have that slightly whining tone as Sano has to kowtow to the whims of the Shogun and get involved in the power game that seems to have permeated Japanese society at the time, but the basic storyline is interesting and, at times gripping, but I feel that this new element Rowland has introduced may well see our relationship come to an end Did not finish Got halfway through and I still didn t care about the characters or the politics Perhaps if I d read the previous books in the series, I might have cared But the characters seemed wooden, and the author kept making the amateur blunder of telling me what the characters were thinking and doing, instead of showing me I expected better from an author with such a successful series I was massively disappointed in this book, as I have been to Japan and generally love books set there But this was just a slog Not even wanting to know who done it could keep me reading. One of the best in the series Very complex All the characters played significant parts and there were very few loose ends The mystic thread of the story fit nicely The return of Yanagisawa had a great twist Hard to do a story set in the devastation of a major earthquake, but Rowland did very nicely The part children played in this one was subtle, but very interesting The relationships of the children to their parents and to the world around them in their various positions was fascinating Sano comes through this one superbly As he observes, the positive results from the various chances and disasters he recounts is remarkable and born out in this book Well worth the read, and well worth a re read,or two. 3.5 stars would have been a good option.I think it is very impressive how the writer made her story so believable You can just imagining it all happening.I also liked Reiko s charater To my knowledge she was very realistically portrayed Her character is that of the not so stereotypical wife, but it wasn t over done She still only went where a lady would go and left bigger things to her husband A good character overall.But yet the story didn t grab me It didn t blow me away and even though the book wasn t very thick, it felt like a very long book Everyone had a secret agenda and trying to give all those agenda s some attention in the story made it a bit long Another adventure in the career of Sano Ichiro as he attempts to solve a difficult case of murder in the context of an earthquake that has destroyed the city of Edo and the surrounding area Again Sano and his family are in danger as the political climate around the Shogun becomes volatile in the context of the natural disasters Yanagisawa, Sano s enemy, makes a dramatic return to the political battlefield after mourning the death of his son and the book ends with the murders solved but the political battle still to be fought. Beginners beware, this is not the place to start this excellent series you ll spend too much time wondering who is who, and not enough marveling at Rowland s ability to spin a murder mystery in the middle of a tale about recovery from terrible disasters The story opens with the murder itself, which takes place just prior to the earthquake of 1703, also vividly described Rowland deftly juxtaposes the small tragedy against the backdrop of the larger one, as people scramble to recover from the disaster that s leveled much of the city I think one of the strongest testaments to her storytelling power is that even sixteen volumes in, I still remember and care about each of the characters I think she only needed a sentence to remind me of who they were and the problems they re facing I often wish these books had a larger fandom and or could be made into a compelling mini series there is so much rich plot and character development in them that they would catch on like wildfire What an excellent read, and with a plausible but completely surprising twist about three quarters of the way through. I ve been off of the Rowland bandwagon of novels for several months mostly because I could not find the books I needed to read in the sequence at the library My remedy to the problem was to change the library I visited and Voila I found books This novel has the same major characters and villains with a few added into the mix Although Sano san is high ranking, he cannot get away from his investigation responsibilities A couple of interesting twists at the end.