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Obviously this story is a bit problematic considering the whole slave master relationship However, I let go of that as the story went on This story is extremely drawn out Once once plot line ends another pops up and the story continues It gets a bit ridiculous So it s not terrible, but it s not a great love story either. I enjoyed this book I love this author , the things that happened in this book were tragic and full of love I always have a hard time when I read a book about slavery but I really like the fact that this book is about love Hannah and John were in love even when they are not supposed to be and that love endured in this book I wish to readabout John s sister s and brother onebook please Tiana Laveen. This story was heartfelt from the start Hannah and John knew they belonged together since they were kids but their love was absolutely forbidden I was surprised how John immediately fought for Hannah even though she was a slave He even refused to let anyone bad mouth her and he never downplayed his feelings for her at any time Their secret moments were so sweet and their struggle was so heartwarming There were a lot of gut wrenching moments that made me love this story so much This is a book I could re read and the subject matter is something that I will definitely readof Awesome book. Wow This woman knows how to weave a tale My word.the beautiful way a childhood friendship unseemly at that time developed into a love that defied their times.Hannah, strong yet so innocent.she had a fierce sense of a person s true character but she let you believe otherwise I feel John, although white and free, was sheltered by his father that he was somewhatinnocent that Hannah.I loved John s quiet strength though the way he corrected that shady doctor was poetic but Hannah she went full on mama bear against Gayle Loved it so much.that was a powerful scene Thanks for the recommendation, Lair I am rating this book on the good side of 3 stars technically its a 3.5 This is one of Tiana s earlier works I remember seeing this book a few years ago and she spoke about her research on writing the book.Honestly, I am not sure how to really feel about this book For many slaves, slavery was very harsh but then I learned that some slave owners had made sure that their slaves were clothed and fed and treated them with the some dignity After all, these humans had to work hard for them and they couldn t just die It was expensive Every white person in this book, seem to have some sort of decent treatment towards black people I guess every slave romance novel is filled with the horrors of the past but this book was an interesting tale to say the least John and Hannah grow up as best friend oblivious to their stations in a life The relationship turnsserious as the two get older, igniting a love affair that was forbidden.Honestly, the story got better once John and Hannah moved By the time this happened, the book was halfway over I think I would have liked the majority of this book to be about John, Hannah, and the family while living in New York So you know I was upset the way the book ended Since the story was published a while back, I guess I can get rid of the hope that the family s story has continued This is why I gave it only 3.5 stars.Of course I will continue to read Tiana s work. Whoa..I ve greatly misjudged this book I went and did the most rookie mistake by judging the book by its cover Can ya blame me Look at the cover..bloody hot nowink winkI honestly thought this book was all about Hot and Bothered couple of a forbidden love and would t really have any solid plot line Oh boy, how wrong I was Shifting through my old thumbdrive I found a ebook copy of this book, Not sure when I ve had downloaded it but it was there, waiting to be read and proven wrong LOL Ok enough with babbling.On with the review Ugh, Can I just say, I was kinda hoping the story will start with how John Jr and Hannah first met and how or what was going on in their head when they laid their eyes on each other I always adore reading that kind of scene , because in real life I often wonder how or what people thought or felt when they met me for the first time Unfortunately, we don t get to see that in this book, because John and Hannah has already established a very close friendship at the beginning of this book Although I must admit, I wasn t expecting them to be swimming naked as in swimming naked with best friends I think this is already crossing the friend zone border, especially for John At the beginning, the story was progressing very rapidly I wasn t sure why though, because in my initial perception of this book was suppose to be hot and bothered kind of romance book The brisk progression of the story was really positive and had me wondering just what else is going to happen John going to war and Hannah finding the letters and whatnot, I felt like their story was almost over when John came back and Hannah managed to clarify the real unfortunate situation to him in the dark room But boy, this book had a lotstory to tella lotstory By then I was already intrigued I was a lil bit worried that overly nice John was pulling a wool over Hannah s eyes I was concerned she was gonna get tricked into having sex with him and ended up having unwanted and unloved kid I was still skeptical about John s intention after he married Hannah on the night of his wedding night with another I was really hoping he won t trick Hannah into believing she is his real wife while trying to have a real and legal white family else where Thank god, John was a genuine guy I cannot believe that Master Stewart would resort to selling off Hannah to another slave owner and force her to breed with another slave I cannot believe back then, slaves were treated like animals It s such a cruel thing to do to a person let alone an entire race I was so sad for Hannah when she was force to have sex with Henry, although Henry is a very decent and nice guy, it still does not soften the betrayal and hurt John fights for his love and his believes and I truly admire him for that He fought for his wife and his baby You have to admit, John was an intelligent person, he made sure Hannah is able to read and write fluently I think that was very wise, in case their love does not survive or dies, Hannah can still look out for herself, education is weapon Hannah could used to save herself While I was glad they had plans to move north, I was also worried that Master Stewart and Gayle would somehow send a killer after them The story just keep going on, telling us all the ups and downs of their relationship When Hannah was arrested and their child was given away I was scared Hannah would do something drastic and get herself killed She nearly did though, but was intervened by the very last person I expected show any kind of kindness I was very skeptical about Master Stewart s intention I felt like there is a But hidden somewhere with his extended help I was shocked that he turned a new leaf, maybe John kicking his arse knocked some sense in him LOL Master Stewart is old style person, he knows he is capable of loving a slave person but his ego and traditional upbringing dictates his decisions Sure, he made all the wrong choices, he tried soften the blow by showing some kind of decency that hardly justify his wrong doings He has some conscious but he refuse to give in, because he caredabout his reputation He tried to do all the right things for Hannah and his son later in the book, maybe it was out of accumulated guilt over the years or maybe he saw a future of himself dying alone and it scared him to do something that pushed him out of his comfort zone When Hannah got sick, I really thought she was going to die for sure I think it s because I kind of skimmed over some reviews in GRs and I thought I saw someone wrote I didn t like the ending I didn t read that comment properly because I didn t want to read any spoilers by accident, so when Hannah got really sick, I thought that comment was referring to one of them dying or something When John was fulfilling, Master Stewart s final wishes I think that was another branch plot line that worked well with this story I was hoping we got to see John s half siblings while reading this book and I m glad we did towards the end Their reaction was very bona fide and beautifully written It made sense why they reacted the way the did The author also included the mixed reaction the siblings felt, especially Sarah about Hannah s life as well When you listen to their story, its depressing because they share half blood with their white father but they had experience life in worse state possible because of their mix heritage is seen as a shame Shunned and shipped off to fend for themselves at a very young age Even if they never turn out at the end, I never judge them, because honestly they don t own John Sr anything at all The couples went through a lot, I m not denying that, The struggle is there, they got separated, sold off forced marriages, lost their kid, desperately searching for their kid, lost job and etc But at times, I do feel like they gotten quite lucky sometimes I mean, besides getting strong rejections and hate from some supporting characters in this book, Hannah and John, never really gotten any outside problem with their relationship They were not ridiculed in public, didn t have people leaving hate messages in their doorstep nor did Hannah or John get barred from getting work and selling things because of their relationship Sure, its North but like John said, while people are neutral with blacks there, they might not be ok with nature of their relationship We never seen anyone actually attacking the couple or their kid Another thing like when Hannah travel alone from North to South and she didn t run into any immediate danger along the way I really liked reading this book, the story plot was branched out nicely with abundant of diverse characters and personality I like that the story just didn t end with John and Hannah starting a new life in NY The only thing that sometimes vexed me is the speechy dialogue that happened in between normal conversation Sometimes when a character, often times its John lol is in a situation he they tend to do the weird preaching speeching dialogue that sometimes tend to get overwhelming Surprisingly good It is a very unconventional love story that makes me think of Georgie s Beau another book like this that I like It presented factual parts of slavery like how black and white children were often raised and nursed together etc and put a unique slant on the rest of the secret free blacks and former slaves and white owners former owner relationships I enjoyed how both sides of slavery and this romance were written I do not want to give to much of the plot away but it started out a bit slow and jumbled but I am glad I stayed with it because it was quite a sweet romance. I really enjoyed this book Yes I have read many books about slavery, but this one captured my heart I admired John s character He was willing to lose everything for love Unlike his father, John didn t care about upholding an image I also liked the character of Hannah Even though, she was a slave she was feisty, talented, could read and write, and sing John Sr tried everything in his power to keep John Jr and Hannah apart even though he was in love with a slave him self Thank you Tiana for such a powerful story I Need A Sequel Interesting story, but I feel like there isto it I really need a sequel for closure I want to know if Mary, Jonah and Sarah were able to tell Master Stewart how they felt to be abandon Did Hannah and John jr havechildren There are so many questions I need answers to, but I still enjoyed the story immensely. `FREE E-PUB ⇳ The Slave Masters Son ⇺ The S For Black Americans Was A Time Of Forced Servitude, Anguish, Heartbreak, And Strength Of Faith John, A Wealthy Richmond, Virginia Slave Owner S Son, And Hannah, The Negro Daughter Of A Protective And Loving Mother, Grew Up As Playmates, Sharing Their Lives And Dreams Soon A Sweet And Tumultuous Love Affair Began That Grew So Strong John Would Risk Everything Before Relinquishing It With His Reputation In Jeopardy, Hannah In His Heart, And A Father And Country Firmly Against Him, John Must Overcome Innumerable Obstacles, Some Involving Incredible Violence And Cruelty Along The Way He Discovers Shocking Family Secrets, Buried For Years This Historic Romance Raises The Question Can The Love Between A Beautiful, Young Slave Woman And A Wealthy Confederate Slave Master S Son Endure The Prevailing Ideology Of Their Time