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I can t wait to read the other five books I can t wait to read the other five books I choose a five star because the book was entertaining, kept a nice paces your heart felt all emotion you really have to read the book master G and Lilis love was build out war, but is so strong, it can not be broken Nattie you wrote a excellent book. Read E-pub ☱ A Captured Maiden ⚆ Her Family And Future Burned Down In The Flames Of A DragonLali Has Lost Everything Almost All The Family She D Ever Known Everything Was Lost, With The Good And The Bad, When Her Family S Homes Were Tossed Into The Middle Of The War Of Khys, And Burnt Down By The Warriors Known As Dragon Masters And Their Devastating Steeds And Now Master Gresham Tries To Offer Her A New Future A New Future Filled With Sex, Firm Discipline, And A Strange New World He Must Rebuild The Family He Has LostGresham Doesn T Quite Know What To Make Of The Sad Peasant Girl Who He D Found Among The Burning Remains Of Her Village She S Ever Naughty, Always Getting Into Things She Shouldn T Like His Past But Slowly He Allows Her Into His Heart But Can He Get Her To Love Him Despite What He Is And What He S Done Or Will Be Be Alone Forever Also In The Land Of Khys The Dragonmaster, The Street Urchin, The Peasant Farmer, The Lost Princess The Queen Land Of Khys Book Is Coming Soon Book Length Chapters , Words I ve read a lot of stories that I wouldn t pay for again How refreshing to find one that is a good story at an amazing value I realize this was posted here for promotional reasons and yeah, it worked because I am going to move on to Dragonmaster Land of Khys Book One as soon as I finish this review but so what A well written five chapter book for 99 cents, set in a unique and interesting world Highly recommend it This is a great start to a series that deals with dragons and their masters who not only know how to train dragons but their woman as well There are plenty of spankings and action in this story. I am a bit surprised by the high rating of this book Unfortunately I cannot understand the love nor the necessary of discipline in this story Possibly just my personal taste is not what this story offered. Lali is spending the day away from home and comes home to find total chaos Her whole life is burning away and now she is in the hands of Master Gresham She has trouble dealing with her grief and her feelings as she tries to adjust to this new world I like that it does appear as though she just accepts everything but has to grow into her acceptance and feelings It really feels that there is hope for Lali s future as the story draws to a close Fantasy is my normal first pick put I ll be reading of this series to she how it unfolds. This prequel gave me enough of a taste to want to read the rest of the series although as a whole I was disappointed with this book The whole read felt rushed to me There were some touching moments with the two main characters However, all of the interactions with the secondary characters were not fully developed and confusing Although I was disappointed in this book the rest of the series is amazing So please keep reading.