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4.25 TERRIFYING StarsCrazy people don t know they re crazyThis book is the most disturbing novel I have read to date You will be shocked, repulsed, appalled and completely traumatized by each and every page On the other hand, it was a good book I really enjoyed the author s writing style and found that even though she had the whole shock and awe aspect down the story was still very well written and captivating Nicole was a stellar main characterDo you not want to be here Of course I don t want to be here I thought I made that perfectly clear from the first day If I wanted me to be here, I would ve come over, rang your doorbell and asked if I could stay You wouldn t have had to drag here with a gun to my ribsThis story had a fast pace that starts right off the bat with Nicole getting kidnapped in a mall parking lot by a CRAZY man, named Ron Ron starts off mildly scary and Nicole tries to use his obvious enjoyment in her company to her advantageMaybe his liking me would be my salvationAll was going okay, he was good looking, he could cook, he kept a clean home and he seemed amused by Nicole s wit The situation kicks up a notch when a screaming naked girl covered in blood and bruises appears from the basement Nicole sadly learns what happens in the basement and what Ron wants from this whole experienceThe worse my situation got, the better off I realized I d had it beforeRon s torture of his victims in his basement will completely nauseate readers rape, murder, dismemberment and necrophilia sex with dead bodies are just a few of his VILE actions Seriously, YOU ARE WARNED Thank you Brandi for holding my hand and taking my messages as I made my way through this story You completely ROCKThe tie that binds us Forever When the pee finally started coming, I wondered if all kidnappings went this wayDNF at 5%This book unnerved me I feel bad I really do, because this was one of the recco s that the ever so lovely honey psychopaths gave me, and she loved it to absolute bits I honestly wish I could have gone further than Chapter 5, but even after Chapter 1 I was on a constant bug eyed cringe faced look There were just so many wtf aspectsLet me explain myself The Main Character From the get go, Nicole was off for me The kidnap was pretty fast I mean first fucking page fast so I got to understand her outlook on things like a rapid fire She was calm as hell through her kidnapping and the lack of realism got to me pretty fastDamn me and my quest for discounted jeans The best thing that could happen to me now is he d rape me and throw me out of the car somewhere This bitch had a gun to her, was forced into a the passenger seat and made to go to the kidnappers house She did not cry She did not plead for mercy She did not question him as a victim She did not hesitate to comply There were a lot of things she did not do Nevertheless, Alex is an optimist so hey there lets look at the things she did do She spent a whole three paragraphs explaining how the toilet paper in her kidnappers house ended in a damn point She had the closest thing to a weapon in her hand, but put it down because he said so She made her kidnapper laugh by use of sarcasm She played gin rummy with her kidnapper after finding out he keeps a girl in the basement for pleasure The Premise Ok so this is what the one star is for The premise of this story is twisted No, I don t mean in a dark romance kind of way I mean the plot is actually breaking the fourth wall twisted If there was one thing that I would have continued reading for it would be the promise that the plot had held Unfortunately, I m a literal bitch. Nicole is a twenty eight year old homemaker, wife, and devoted mother to her young son She s abducted by Ron while running some errands and he introduces her to his twisted horror show of a lifestyle The vile acts she witnesses and is subjected to lead to a most interesting outcome This story was so odd The first half of this book felt like a parody that makes fun of all captor captive stories but this one added a dash of affection towards the male captor The intensity was also weakest for the first half and I think the reader was supposed to feel remorse for Nicole, but for the life of me, I felt detached from both Ron and Nicole It was difficult to take Nicole seriously at first She seemed mostly content to get her three square meals a day when she was feeling docile , a hot shower, access to her crossword puzzles, and felt fine enough to engage in some light conversation when she felt lonely For as much time as she spent rebuking Ron for all of his sickening actions, she also took the time to humanize him Nicole s thoughts Had he not been a psychopath, he would ve surely made some lucky gal a great husband If you left out the sadistic serial killer part of him, he was a great guy He was clean and orderly He was kind He catered to the woman he loved He was a great cook He had high hopes for his career He didn t plop down in front of the television for hours at a time He enjoyed playing games and great conversation His sexual stamina was impressive And he was a handsome man It s just that pesky habit of his where he raped, tortured, killed, and dismembered women that was a turn off.Hmmmmm Yeah. So I never connected with the main characters and the reader never got Ron s perspective, but Nicole s inner monologue was written matter of factly with a touch of this effortless humor on every page and I sort of liked that approach At the same time, that humor also worked against the story because it didn t feel like an intensely emotional read where I could sympathize with the narrator but like a shock the heck outta the reader only type of book Triggers Yes view spoiler Necrophilia, gory murder scenes, GRAPHIC violence towards a pregnant woman hide spoiler 5 I NEED MY MOMMY STARS This is how I feel right nowWhy do you ask.W E L LLLLLL I m not telling you Jack actually his name is Ron You my friend must find out for yourself Don t be mad, you ll thank me or curse me out later I can live with either MWAH A special THANKS to Kimberly Bettes for filling my every mind fuck desire Oh Dear Lord, I need a stiff drink or two.fuck,,just give me the damn bottle s. Heldtells the story of Ron, a psychopath serial killer Ron is a writer, but not really a successful one He s determined to write a bestselling book, but he also needs some real life inspiration so he abducts our heroine, Nicole in a grocery store parking lot He takes her home He is really nice to her, he wants to feed her, to take care of her and to know about her life.At firstHe had a calm side, which allowed him to seem friendly and normal Then, he had a dark side, full of anger He was capable of anythingNicole is a wife and a mother In the moment she felt the barrel of Ron s gun, she knew her live will never be the same And she s damn right At first she doesn t know what to think about her abductor, but she s about to find out really, really soon who Ron is Ron is a sadistic motherfuc er He is a sick man He is so sick that at some point he s convince Nicole loves him.Nicole is a strong heroine She wants to be with her family again so she tries to remain calm and sane She tries to think faster than Ron, trying to guess his next move, but she can t forget Ron is a psycho I really enjoyed Nicole s sarcasm At times she actually made me smile a little Also Nicole and Ron s banter was pretty great I almost forgot I was reading a dark, disturbing read Almost..This book clearly is not for everyoneHeldwas one of the most disturbing books I ve read ever There s no doubt that is a dark read Also, I could label it as a horror This book was sick Really sick It was twisted, raw, terrifying and violent, but at the same time captivating I couldn t put it down There are many graphic scenes that repulsed me and left me with my mouth hanging open I couldn t believe what I was reading However, I couldn t put it down To say that I was shocked than half of the book will be an understatement.Even if the ending was little rushed, I enjoyed this book and I totally recommend it BR with Jennifer 3We got this Oh, how naive I was This book kicked my ass It s BRUTAL I think it s possibly the most twisted, violent, disturbing book I have ever read I don t even know what to say Held begins with a young wife and mother, Nicole being kidnapped leaving the mall Even if I could somehow manage to escape him at some point, everything was going to be different Assuming he didn t kill me first, life as I knew it was over and gone foreverFinding herself in the clutches of a psychopath, she struggles to survive And, Ronwell, this guy takes crazy to a whole other level shutters He has a calm side, which allowed him to seem friendly and normal Then, he had a dark side, full of anger He was capable of anything. How will the story end Will Nicole survive If he wanted to break me, he had his work cut out for him. This book is not an easy read Honestly It s sick, disgusting, horrifying, but it was well done Well written and gripping I could not put it down I did have to take lots of deep breaths and almost lost my lunch a few times, so it s a risky read I would recommend alcohol for this one One grip is the ending, it felt a little rushed But hopefully book 2 will answer some of the questions I have. 5 Heart Stopping Stars Damn.damn..as I keep blinking really really fast with my head tilted to the side.I wonder what the fuck did I just experience Wow..what a heart pounding, breath holding ride I have reads some really DARK books before, but this one takes the cake I had to keep taking breaks everytime that Ron would go down the basement because my psyche just couldn t take it any.HahaI think to myself that I must be really fucked up too if I can t wait to see what the author has in store for us next with Ron Plus, I wonder what a movie would be like and if they would have to rate it MA only with all the screwed up things he did Grab this book and gobble it up but please make sure that you aren t faint hearted and read a light hearted book first What should I say for this kind of reads That I enjoyed the book That I liked it lol..It feels wrong in so many ways, but this book was intriguing and extremely sick..and I really enjoyed it.If you love dark reads and don t mind about the lack of romance, go ahead and read it.This is one of the craziest books I ve ever read It was twisted, disgusting, insane Nicole is in the grocery store parking lot and she s heading to her car She believes that it s just a normal day, she went shopping and now she s going home to her husband and her one year old son Except it isn t When a man approaches her and points a gun to her back and force her to go with him, she knows darn well that things will never be the same.I don t feel like telling you about the plot, because I don t want to spoil it for you.If you have a soft stomach, don t read this book There will be far too many things that will disgust you This will give you a hint of how sick and repulsing things in this book are view spoiler In reality, I had learned many things down there I d learned that he was far dangerous than I d previously thought I d learned that a few whacks of an axe would completely dismember a body I also learned that when repeatedly shocked with an electric cattle prod, human flesh smells like burning bacon, I learned licking seeping rain water from a concrete wall chafed the tongue I learned that necrophilia existed, thought I d previously failed to believe anyone would ever stoop to such grotesque levels I d learned that Ron was a sick, twisted psychopath who flew from one extreme to another, and who enjoyed inflicting torture on other people He saw joy where others found pain hide spoiler {Free Pdf} ⚡ Held ⚪ Nicole Lee, A Young Wife And New Mother, Steps Out Of The Mall, Squinting Against The Glare Of The Midday Sun, Completely Unaware That Her Life Is About To Change ForeverIn A Matter Of Seconds, She Is Steeped In Fear As The World She Knows And The Life She Loves Fades AwayAs The Panic Sets In And The Terror Takes Hold, Nicole Tries To Keep Calm, Though She S Now In A Frantic Fight For Her Life Locked In A Deadly Battle Of Wits With A Psychopath, She Struggles To Keep Her Sanity As She S HeldA , Word Novel, With Over , Words Of Bonus ContentFor Mature Audiences Only