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I loved the sequel to this story, The King s Concubine, so when I heard there was a short story about Edward and Philippa I just had to read it, but I have to say I was very disappointed The scene was set perfectly and the writing was good, but it was just too short No sooner had you got into it and it was over Also, despite the whispers of an uprising, we never see any action because it s all told from Philippa s point of view and she s heavily pregnant at the time and is, therefore, hidden away Also, I didn t feel that it gave you that much of an insight into the King and Queens relationship, sure it was nice to see, but so brief I found it a bit of a pointless read Defiantly go ahead and read The King s Concubine, but I d probably say skip this one there is no vital information in it that will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the sequel For reviews, or to check out my favourite quotes from this book, check out my blog at This short story prequel to the soon to be published The King s Concubine, sets the scene for the early years of the reign of Edward III, and his marriage to Philippa of Hainault.There s also some useful background information to the feud between Edward and his mother s lover, Lord Mortimer.This is a period of medieval history I know very little about, so it was very useful to have a bit of background information, in readiness for The King s Concubine. DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♶ The Uncrowned Queen ♿ Short Story Prequel To The King S Concubine Philippa Of Hainault May Be Married To King Edward III But She Is Kept Penniless And Powerless England Grimaces In The Clutches Of The Dowager Queen Isabella And Her Ruthlessly Ambitious Lover Lord Mortimer, While Edward S Father Rots In Illegal Confinement, A Prisoner At Mortimer S HandIt Will Take A Courageous Young Man To Emerge From The Shadows And Rise Up Against This Formidable Pair But Now Edward Is Grown To Maturity And Philippa, His New Wife, Is Determined To See Justice Done It Is Her Advice, Whispered Into The Young King Edward S Ear, That Will See The Battle For England S Throne CommenceTreason Is Rife, With All To Lose But A Crown In Than Name To Gain The Victor S Prize Is England Failure Is Death This prequel to the King s Concubine sets the scene perfectly I loved the way this young queen albeit heavily pregnant is trapped in so much intrigue and plotting thanks to the king s mother and her Lover.Again, Anne captures the era spot on and as a short story, it was definately to the point, keeping me captivated page after page As a historical buff, I love these books, and in print would make a very welcome addition to my shelf.An excellent introduction to King Edward and Queen Phillippa I was a little underwhelmed by the ending. Free kindle 6 29 Only got 3 1 2 here because it was so short would of love to have read their story in full as I enjoyed the writing Finally a story of PhillipaPhillipa, wife of Edward III, has been on the periphery of other people s stories Once again, Anne O Brien has taken a character from the periphery and made her shine. The Uncrowned Queen is a short story written by Anne O Brien It covers a period early in the reign of Edward III he is a teenage King, his father has been overthrown by Roger Mortimer, and both he and his Queen Philippa of Hainault are living under his and the Dowager Queen Isabella s rule.The story is told from Philippa s point of view We open at her coronation ceremony, as she is heavily pregnant with her first child Edward gathers his friends as plots against Mortimer are being made his uncle the Earl of Kent has one, Edward himself has another Will Edward be able to take control of his kingdom back from Mortimer The story is exciting, emotional and well told The historical detail is excellent modern research into the 14th century has been taken into account, which was great to read The language and dialogue is easy to follow and the story flows perfectly I read it in an hour An excellent prequel to the forthcoming King s Concubine I am really looking forward to reading about Anne s Edward, Philippa and the infamous Alice Perrers in May. I study Philippa of Hainault and Isabella of France and I can t help but be disappointed that she follows the classic sterotypes of these women when historical evidence does little to prove them Probably too close to the subject to enjoy