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Wow If I had a list for PILE OF CRAP books this one would be at the top This was my first Jude Deveraux book coincidentally it s also the first novel she published and it was so bad that I don t think I ll be giving her another chance So, the plot Due to her father s will, Morgan has to marry and move to the wild wild west for a year so she can receive her inheritance Enter Seth Colter big, gorgeous and with a ranch in New Mexico I don t remember Morgan, who so far seemed quite smart, decides to make him an offer a year of marriage in exchange for a large sum of money After that, they ll part ways amicably So far, so good, right Yeah, that s what I thought too However what follows is the most contrived plot in the history of soap operas evil ex lovers, overblown revenge, supposed death, kidnapping, misunderstandings It s so over the top that I don t even know what to say And of course, due to the misunderstandings Seth treats Morgan like crap But she still loves him anyway Why I have no idea But the worst, really worst part comes at the end when Seth decides that he has to take care of Morgan and by take care I mean lecturing her and making all decisions for her because she s weak and some women needed someone to control their life (((Download Book))) ↵ The Enchanted Land ⇠ For Beautiful Morgan Wakefield, That Land Lay West Of The Bluegrass Splendor Of Her Kentucky Homeand Within The Powerful Embrace Of Seth Colter The Handsome Rancher With Whom She Had Struck A Bargain That Would Change Her Life Beneath The Star Studded New Mexico Skies Colter Awakened In Morgan A Womans Passion, Stoking The Sensuous Fires Of A Bold Tempestuous Romance Though Fate Would Make Them Enemies, Theirs Was A Love That Would Endure, Never To Be Forsaken Super boring, super simple language, and super repetitive plot As soon as things get boring settle down, the chick gets kidnapped Everyone has to comment on how thin she is, how full her breasts are, how much better her hair looks when it s down, and how she cleans up nicely Everyone has to misunderstand everything anyone says, feel hurt by it, stew over it, and ruin everything for the duration of that mini plot And there was next to no romance in it It was a very frustrating book, not worth the effort of reading, almost, and kind of not worth the buck ninety nine I paid for it Eh. I can t get through it Absolutely nothing about either character s behavior makes any sense It s astoundingly awful. Ugh Not my cuppa tea. I picked this up from my e reader from my local library, wanting a fun, mindless read with a happy ending Instead, I got a hero that was jealous, selfish, and downright abusive in spots Halfway through the book, the heroine meets a genuinely nice man who loves her deeply, and he is written off into the sunset , which I thought was a real tragedy.The villain in the piece is stereotyped in a borderline racist way, and there is no satisfying denouement to the arc of the villain s story There were a lot of loose ends in this book, a lot of underutilized secondary characters, and a hero that was distinctly unlikable It is almost like the author had several good ideas for a story, but was under deadline so she just kind of mashed them together into a story I wanted to enjoy this story enough to keep reading it despite my doubts, but I just couldn t get on board, even though I did read it to the end dang complete ist me I gave it three stars because author Jude Deveraux knows how to describe my beloved New Mexico so beautifully, and because the heroine is well written But I can t recommend this book even a little It was a terrible disappointment.Return to Am I the Only One Dancing for reviews, and daily discussions on every topic under the sun. I picked this up because some numbskull on tumblr commented on the strong character of the female lead in this romance book that trumps classic romance book norms All lies Morgan is a grown ass woman but simplified and sexualized as a little girl I was excited at first by her declarations of independence, stating no man will ever take away what she wants out of life But as soon as she meets Seth, an older dude who acts like a 13 year old, she goes into a swoon because he s big and manly The characters are in love not even halfway in, and to spice it all up, she gets kidnapped and witnesses the rape of another woman WTF You can t just throw in rape for no reason as a plot device, ESPECIALLY if it later has no affect on the main heroine She LITERALLY goes about her business and life once the whole kidnapped thing is resolved As soon as Seth saves her, it s all good, and they have wild sex god knows where in an abandoned hut And that s where I gave up reading this silly book. Gee verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, plus rape, sex trafficking, and racism to boot who wouldn t want all that in a romance novel Plus this whole story is basically built on the notion that The woman needed someone to control her life GAH And apparently, men listen up now, how you do that is by staging a fake kidnapping of a woman who has already been kidnapped twice, gagging her, making her think she s going to be raped, and then stripping her naked so you can lecture her about what a mess she s made of her life and blame her for everything terrible that has happened between you Then cap it all off with some good old fashioned threats of marital rape, call her your slave, and then demand she cook you some food Follow that simple formula and any woman will fall straight into your bed Who knew Overall fickle, disgusting, and irritating Done Whew, that was a chore Note to self steer clear of the older romance novels That s about all I can say I didn t completely hate it I just didn t like it very much I didn t really care for the ending very much But I didn t give it just 1 star because parts of it were very interesting and had potential But things went downhill and just continued to go downhill I only finished because I had gotten so far into it and refused to let it defeat me It had potential, but just fell apart and never could right itself If anyone is tempted to read it, you d be better off just getting a summary of it and calling it a day. I was disappointed for the first time with Jude Deveraux this book had stupid mistakes by people who know better not her usual insight into characters.Setting plantations in south Kentucky including Trahern House ranches in New Mexico brothel in San Francisco mansion home in San Francisco Theme inner beauty vs outer beauty bargains made but without anticipating the consequences jealousy anger distrust loveCharacters Morgan born in New Mexico, but mother hated it, and took her to Trahern House, her family home in Kentucky when a year old they lived happily, isolated, a bit of man banging by mom she learned to cook from a French chef innocent at age 16 her mother died, and she moved in with her aunt and uncle at 18 her father died, and she found out that Trahern House had belonged to her father her grandfather did not trust his daughter to care for it , and her father s will left everything to her if she married and lived in New Mexico for one year by the time she was 25 or else all would revert to her uncle her uncle schemes a bit to keep her unmarried isolated, baggy ugly clothes, a trip planned to Europe but she meets Seth a ball just prior to when they would be leaving Seth Colter handsome, strong, independent, hot tempered he walked away from his parent s plantation to settle in New Mexico and carve his own way strongly connected to family 3 flighty, silly, fashion minded, romantic sister leading him to categorize women as those like his sisters and those that are liars and calculating to get a husband has women in Kentucky and New Mexico hoping to marry him meets Morgan at the ball, and accepts her business proposal Jake Paul Lupita his family at the New Mexico ranch all look after him and Morgan Lupita has healting talents, delivered many babies, eased many a fever Antonio Joaquin Santiago de Montoya y Garcia oily snakey ickk his ranch borders Morgan s he travels with Morgan and Seth he already dislikes Seth because Seth will bed his sister, but not consider marrying her and because Seth potentially could cut off his access to water from the river he does all he can to subtly cause trouble fawning over Morgan, getting caught in a kiss, etc Cat Man Boss Martin Cat Man and 2 hoodlums break into their wagon train, steal what little of value, and kidnap Morgan with the intention of gifting her and getting into the good graces of Boss Martin though Cat Man prevents her from being raped, he does humiliate her they stop at a homestead, partake of a meal, and then the men rape the wife there ewww Theron Shaw gay interior designer, heard of a woman Madame Natalie is selling that is beautiful and has his look, and goes to the auction though not highest bid, Natalie sells her to him, wanting what is best for Morgan he takes her on as his assistant, and she will work off the price he paid for her he houses her in luxury and become fast friends Gordon Matthews aka Sky Eyes the son of her father s ranching partner felt connected to Morgan since her birth, and the monthly updates her dad got on her he tracks her down when her son is 6 months old, and brings them her father s ranch as his partner he thinks he is in love with her, and is patiently waiting for her Summary Plantation to marriage of convenience 1 year in his home, divorce and 25,000 to fascination with one another with him pushing he knows what he wants and her developing maturity to learn what her body and feelings want to traveling west to getting closer, and moving apart to her kidnapping and learning of the harder side of life to his rescuing her and going back to kill her kidnappers to a week of indulgent sex, her learning to let go her inhibitions to married joy to return to his ranch to have a happy few weeks, to her going to town for clothes for 3 days separation to his being late for the ball and for others to plant seeds of doubt in Seth s mind to his racing away on his horse to her following with oily Joaquin only to be led to a cabin where her dress is torn and she is tied to the bed to being forced to write a letter saying she left with Joaquin thinking Joaquin would not kill Seth, and only buy his ranch to Joaquin delivering said letter and destroying the last of his faith in her stupid stupid man to his being left for dead to her refusing Joaquin to Joaquin selling her to a French sex slave trader and he and his sister going home to Spain to her believing Seth is dead to her being taken with 3 other women across to San Francisco to brothel to be sold to her being sold to a gay decorator looking for a lovely assistant to Seth managing to get himself to San Francisco and believing the worst of her to his going to her in her bed chamber using her like a whore in spite of her joy at seeing him and her professions of love to his rejection of her and hurtful words not allowing her to explain and his leaving her to her ending up pregnant and deciding to return to New Mexico to claim her inheritance and return to Trahern House to have her baby to his staying in San Francisco in a daze working gold mines to her ending at his ranch with his people to have her baby after a pregnancy where she ate and ate and got bigger and bigger to his having offers from women and figuring out he only wants her so he is going to get rich enough to buy her back going into real estate to her having a baby boy to her father s partner s son finding her and taking her to her father s ranch where she finds out about her father s high regard for her in spite of the distance and she is content to his running into one of the other women sold with her who tells him the whole story and how much she loved and worshiped the husband she thought was dead to his distress at how he let anger rule his judgment to his determination to find her, make it up to her, and make her love him again to his hiring on at her ranch though her partner and wanna be husband does not know who he is to his working his way back into her affection with patient, small forays to his wonder and love for his son to his son getting ill and Lupita curing him to his kidnapping his wife I m not sure why such dire measures were required to get her away from a healed son who liked milking her for her attention to a bath the first in weeks in a cold lake to making love and confessing love and offering of forgiveness and rediscovering forging a new path for themselves ahhhhMemorable scenes She is being held in Boss Martin s house, guarded by the 2 drunks, and Cat Man is out looking for Boss Martin Seth charms the local whore, finds out where she is, he sneaks in the back door, and takes her out without the guards suspecting a thing.A week out of time, in an abandoned Indian village near a river, surrounded by trees, isolated from all He initiates her in the ways of lovemaking she leaves her inhibitions they forge the bonds that tie them together in spite of all the rest.Morgan ate and ate while pregnant, getting so big, she waddled, and could not fit into the house through the smaller back door But as soon as she gave birth and her son took to eating on his own , she shed all of the excess weight Hmmm too good to be true in my world.Not knowing what to do with him when he returned, not acknowledging her as his wife and he brings her son to her as she sits near the pond with her picnic, sharing her son with him, and then his placing his head on her lap, and her not being able to resist touching him but the spell broken when she asked why, and rather than a confrontation, he left a peace to seek again though.