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this book is about bernie and this girl jenifer ecch who likes bernie and want to go the dance with him This series is too cute. Love These Kind Of Books. ohh dating ROMANTIC and SILLY At 111 pages this was a quick read reread for me this afternoon The plot is just a really big scheme for Bernie to land a date, so he can go to the The All Nighter and sell his cheap sweatshirts and pocket flashlights Overall, Rotten School Party Pooper is a hilarious read with plenty of jokes to get young readers entertained. I thought it was nice but a bit short they could hve made the story a little longer But I loved it sooo much it s rly nice it talk about a boy who likes a girl that s called April may June so he wants to ask her to the dance but there this other girl who likes him and so then they start to hve conflicts Party poopers is a really good book,berny is a boy in this school he is always causing trouble D good {READ E-PUB} á Party Poopers (Rotten School, #9) » Bernie Bridges Has It All Figured Out April May June The Hottest Girl In The Fourth Grade Will Ask Him To The Annual Girl Invite Boy School Dance They Ll Dance The Night Away, And April May June Will Totally Fall For HimThere S Only One Problem Reality April May June Doesn T WANT To Go With Bernie She Wouldn T Go With Bernie Even If He Was The Last Guy On EarthThen Jennifer Ecch The Nightmare Girl Swoops In And Asks Bernie To The Dance Yuck How Can He Shake The Unshakable Ecch Bernie Has A Plan He Ll Convince Jennifer That He Is Lower Than Toe Fungus And Not Worthy Enough To Go To The Dance With Her But Love Is Blind Jennifer Loves Bernie No Matter WhatSo Bernie Has No Choice The Time Has Come To Hold A Long Distance Snot Blowing Contest Right In Front Of Jennifer That Should Be Gross Enough To Get Jennifer Out Of His Life Shouldn T It this is a very good book