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There are many delicious moments throughout the book the singer who croons the lyrics to La Vie en Rose, the intricate sentence structures that Tina Hook forms with ease Momma may have drawn my lines but Daddy colored me in, both of us dark haired and pale , and the knowledge these women possessed that they are all perfectly imperfect and uniquely flawed One of my favorite examples of this is when Grace muses on her own misgivings There was also that stupid and fleeting impulse to emotionally attach myself to every man who rumpled my bed, which I managed to squash fairly quickly, especially since most men were not burdened to reciprocate Each chapter is told by a different character s point of view, and I think what draws me to Grace the most is her raw honesty and ability to recognize mistakes she s made in the past and how this affects her other relationships.For a complete review of this book, check out my blog Grace, Skylar, and Alina were three ordinary women until comets crossed their paths, and they all came into a magical power Grace can make men fall in love with her, Skylar has gained success and popularity, and Alina, bitter and constantly seeking revenge, has the power to unravel lives Their lives intersect on their journeys of love, heartbreak, success and failures, sometimes in the worst of ways The women encounter deception, betrayal, envy and pain, often at the hands of one another.I hate when I have to do this, but this book just didn t work for me Lots and lots of props to the author for being imaginative and writing a creative story, though I always want to recognize the hard work and heart that authors pour into their books, and I give Tina Hook a lot of credit Now, to why this book didn t work for me while the story was original, I felt as though it jumped around a lot The three characters narrated alternately, which I usually like, but to me, the story jumped around a lot within the sections with no indication that it was going to jump elsewhere in the story In addition, I didn t feel like their voices were distinct and different enough from one another to differentiate between their personalities and stories You knew who was narrating because the name was at the beginning of the section, but other than that, I had a hard time distinguishing between them I was also confused a lot and had to flip back quite often to try and figure out what had happened previously Lastly, their magic abilities weren t explained clearly enough for me They just had powers but I wasn t entirely sure how they worked I really think this storyline is creative and unique with a lot of potential, but it just didn t click well with me It might work for you though, so don t necessarily discount it based on my thoughts alone Note I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. @Free Ebook ⚠ Enchanted by Starlight Ý Be Careful What You Wish For Grace, Skylar And Alina Are Connected By Destiny When An Enchanted Comet Crosses The Night Sky As Their Most Secret Ambitions Ignite, Their Ordinary Lives Take A Magical Detour Down A Powerful But Dangerous PathGrace, Emerging From Her Dejected Childhood, Develops The Power To Make Men Fall In Love With Her Skylar Leaves Her Impoverished Past Behind And Pursues The Social Status She Has Always Longed For Without Dreams Of Her Own, Alina Covets The Power To Unravel Other Lives And Seeks Revenge As They Crash Into And Slip Away From Each Other In A Cycle Of Envy, Deception And Love Lost, These Three Women Are Forced To Look Deeper Into Their Own Hearts For The True Meaning Of Enchantment 3.5 starsI really liked the concept of this book Three women who s lifes cross each other on different occasions all got a power they had chosen The story starts the day before Graces wedding, its written in the POV of all three main characters and takes us back to where it all began for each of them to the big event It is about the powers they chose and what they used them for and where i brought them So we follow the lifes of Alina, Grace and Skylar from their late teens to their early 30s.While the concept was great, I feel that it feel short on a few things in the execution There were times when the story was very jumpy and i had to go back and read some paragraph over several times because i sort of got lost There were also several faults that should be corrected in the editing, like getting the wrong names and spelling faults This being an ARC i hope the editors will do a good job before the book get published though.While the female MC s are quite well written, I found all the male MC s rather one dimensional and sketchy I know it might be that Hook did it porously since they all are described from the females POV, but I honestly doubt it I found myself wondering what happened to some of them actually, and felt at the end that I still had lots of unanswered questions Alina was my least favorite character, because her POV did at times confuse me Even the last POV left me unclear and with questions It has nothing to do with the fact that she was the villain in the book, that I think she could have been dimensional, and better explained like I didn t understand if she was delusional or if some of the thing she said or saw were actually real Grace s POV had me right from the beginning, I felt most sympathetic towards her and I think she is actually written best She felt the most like a real character Her choices throughout out the books were the most heartwarming Her wish at the end was wonderful and heartwrenching, and the sad thing was that I think she lost hope in all of this.Skylar was the most interesting character in the entire book She seemed the most superficial in the beginning and her character was revealed bit by bit Her last choices and the way she handled her power in the end is in my opinion most amazing She definitely ended up being my favorite character, because as the story went on one discovered that she has in all of this still a great heart and that she was the most loyal of friends and she recognized what they all had been doing and decided to move on And I think she was the only one of the three of them who truly did.The story is built up slowly and its written with different layers Which I enjoyed At the beginning I wasn t sure what to think of it all Everything is happens slowly piece by piece and it was only about 75% into the book that I actually felt like I liked the concept Until basically right to the end I wasn t sure where the story was going, which I found really refreshing I really liked the end and to my surprise I did ponder on about the book and its implications afterwards Because while I was reading it, I was never quite sure what I to think about it Its a very subtly written book, and it sort of sneaks up on you, which is a wonderful surprise I was thinking about what I would choose as my wish And while doing that I thought about the wishes of Alina, Skylar and Grace essentially they all acted out of envie interestingly enough And I think all their choices came from what most girls think is most important for love Which is extremely interesting and I think Hook shows great insight into the secret wishes of young women I think that with time and honing of her skill Hook could be a great writter and this novel could be a really great book I am definitely looking forward to see what she will write next. 3.5 stars I struggled in the beginning the language was a little too flowery, the man the women were all fighting over seemed like a total loser so why all the angst , Grace, the narrator of the first chapter, seemed insipid and bland at first And the story jumped to being about her relationship with her childhood friend Lana confusing.But I m glad I stuck with it, because the language got stronger, and I got very interested in seeing what brought the women to that beach, watching the story unravel The comet s that granted one magical power to each person was an interesting idea that I d never seen The deeper I got into the book, it was much enchanting, though there were still places were it jumped around confusingly with flashbacks I was happy that none of the women were shrinking virgins might have been a little too much revenge sex and partner poaching going on Loved Skylar SHE really jumped off the page vividly I m not sure I ever got a clear picture of who Grace became, though I loved some of the action in the end, like giving the blanket up to the waves Alina seemed like a cold bitch, mostly, but she had her soft spots, too.I m glad I read this, and really liked the way the comet tied it together in the end. I received this book for free through GoodReads First Reads This book rotates through three main characters Grace, Skylar, and Alina The women lead very intertwined lives, spending time as friends one minute and enemies the next and not with both at the same time Their love lives are also intertwined as they all have affairs or relationships with the same men All three women also received cosmic power from comets one night This power manifests itself differently for each of them, but they all are able to use their power to influence people around them Especially the men around them.I found this book to be incredibly confusing Not only did the chapters jump around between the three xharacter s perspectives, but within each chapters the timeline of events was never clear There were flashbacks within flashbacks, and small moments in the present It was impossible to tell what events in one persons s life correlated with the events in the other women s lives.I found all three characters to be just awful They behaved shamefully, doing things just because they could, or just beause doing these things would hurt one of the other girls I found them shallow, selfish, and petty Not liking any of the women made it hard to get involved in the story because I was just so repulsed by them and their behavior,The men in the story were no better than the women They ranged from pathetic puppy dogs to incredibly macho controlling jerks Even the ones who seemed sweet, caring, and romantic ended up being cheaters.All in all, it was a disappointing and depressing read. From what I gathered from the synopsis I assumed the three girls, the book follows, would solely follow their lives in regards to each other and playfully using their powers for mostly fun than any type of gain Only this is so much than that Written in an interesting way, you as a reader, follow each character individually from the moment just before they each receive their powers and further into the future as they grow up and try to figure out what it is they really wanted in their life Each character is given a unique voice but as they slowly arrived at their destination you can start to see the growth from their internal dialogue Written as cut scenes and at various starting point, took a little getting used to but I though it was genius as you had to sort of stay alert and if you succeed you can begin to piece the puzzle together It reminded like a Destiny s Child music video of Emotion as each member dominated a portion of the screen but each with their very own story line and the merging in the end and little pieces from each of the characters lives crossover And keeps you guessing about each of the characters and who their with until the end of the chapter where the author wittingly reveals it to the reader. I received a copy of Enchanted by Starlight in exchange for an honest review Three women, Grace, Skylar, and Alina, get a magical detour in life when they are enchanted by a comet in the night sky Each woman receives a power, a special gift, which feeds off their secret ambitions Grace is able to make men fall in love with her, Skylar finally achieves peak social status, and Alina always gets her revenge But are their gifts used for good, or is the power too much to handle I was really interested in Enchanted by Starlight I am always up for a good magical twist, and I thought this one was unique and fun to read about The POV switches every few chapters between the three women, which I enjoyed Sometimes though I seemed to get a bit lost There is a lot going on a lot of women, a lot of men, a lot plot points and twists and sometimes I got confused and had to re read portions of what was going on Even with that being said, I still found the novel very intriguing and had difficulty putting it down This book was very descriptive but I got lost sometimes between different characters or different times in their lives I was reading it on my Kindle app on my Iphone so maybe it would be easier to spot these transitions if you were actually reading the book. Original review posted here cover of Enchanted by Starlight isn t fancy, but what lies inside is a spectacular reading experience I gravitate toward beautiful covers because they pique my interest and make me wonder what s hidden behind that fantastic artwork Not so here as Enchanted s cover leaves a bit to be desired Featuring a comet streaming across the sky, the simplistic design doesn t incite that delirious joy in readers who come across a book cover that promises exciting untold tales and stories to dream about.The opening is intriguing and inspires the reader to want to know about what is going on and what s to come The prose is beautiful sentences flow wonderfully into each paragraph and are well written The tale bounces from present to past, which may jar some readers but those who are expert readers like me won t find it too daunting I enjoyed the flashbacks so than the present day portions of the novel The glimpse into the past is engaging and I felt drawn to the plight of the three women as high school girls It must have something to do with my recent YA kick There is a central theme women needing love, power, and a man to make them feel complete, if not to simply feel something in general Enchanted shows how the use of a gift can either help or hurt Grace, Skylar, and Alina all abuse the mysterious power they ve been given and suffer for it in similar ways They end up alone, never having anyone stable in their lives for too long How can they ever know if someone loves them or simply likes them for the person they are on the inside Grace is a great character, and to me, the main protagonist Her voice doesn t seem forced and I feel as if I know her While her home life leaves much to be desired, unlike other girls in her predicament, she doesn t let it get her down Grace doesn t doubt herself she keeps the faith that she can accomplish her goals and do something with her life Her parents are poor excuses of failed dreams and goals They seem to take out their unhappiness on Grace when they see her studying or recognize she would rather spend time with her friend at her fabulous house instead of being at her own.Grace s world seems like it s been taken from the past The way she speaks and sees the world doesn t feel modernized at all It s an interesting approach to the novel and I wasn t sure how much I liked that detraction from the norm The lack of contractions jarred me from the story quite a few times The characters unusual way of speaking seems lilted with hesitant gaps of silence Even with those issues, not only does Grace s voice resonate the most, her inherited power thrilled me With her controlling the desire men have for her, she ll never know if their love is true I kept wondering how she could ever find happiness or whether she truly wanted to be happy She sometimes comes across as someone who doesn t want to have to fall in love naturally because she thinks it can t happen for her any other way Eventually Grace tries to live her life without the aid of magic She fights it at every turn and seems so strong at times She s braver than you realize when you see how hard it is for her to be normal.Then, there are the other girls I m not sure about the powers Skylar and Alina have I know they also affect people s emotions, but it s not always clear how Grace is the only one of the three who has an unambiguous use of her power Despite the lesser roles Skylar and Alina play in the novel, we get a sense of who they are, and how their secret gifts bring them together I actually like the drama served up in Enchanted It s complicated but delectably so Talk about star crossed lovers one person loves another person who loves yet another person, who is loved by someone else Confused Yup, that s the beauty of it.There was something missing, though the obvious What is the history of the comets and their magical effects It s mysterious, yes, but leaves the reader wanting I needed to know about how this came about I wanted to know about everyone who was affected spoiler it wasn t just the three girls The books blurb leads readers to believe that only the three women are graced with gifts, but that isn t so Talk about a heck of a twist I enjoyed reading the story but felt the ending leaves a bit to be desired Not because of the lack of a true Happily Ever After the women all ended up where they wanted to We don t get enough of their story All three women tell their stories via past and present anecdotes, showing their growth or lack thereof, depending on the character I would recommend Enchanted by Starlight to anyone who enjoys paranormal aspects in a romance novel, and a good story of love lost, won, and let go I can t wait to add this book to my library and read it again I was provided a copy of Enchanted by Starlight by NetGalley for an honest review.