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4 This is a must read for any scientist who wonder about the nature of research activity Although it is theoretical book hardly no data , it makes the case that science is anything but a neutral activity in pursue of truths Social and material conditions of existence should also be a part of the hermeneutics of science, since no scientists ever lived in a vacuum Similarly, analysis of ideologies and utopias help to orient our efforts to understand where does a scientific theory comes from and where it leads This pre Kuhn Kuhnian perspective, however, does not end up in a helpless relativism as necessary outcome Mannheim believes that there is something as a cognoscible truth , but science is not the eye from nowhere that will reveal it as is In fact, scientific activity carries the ideologico utopical signals of the social groups that generated and promoted it, but a frank dialogue in spaces that incorporate all types of social groups might help scientists themselves to understand their own biases and blindspots.I m not familiar with any other author that discussed this issues so early in the century But, truth be told, those issues are still troubling scientists and all people who wants to know what is truth. Reading this book was the equivalent of being in an abusive relationship Mannheim s writing style is unnecessarily complicated which manifests itself in the form of slightly incomprehensible sentences followed by completely incomprehensible sentences That being said, his ideas are quite loveable No matter how many times you throw the book away you will keep coming back to it Make no mistake reading this book will kill part of your soul before reaching the end It s fairly exhausting.Concerning the book s content, I restrain from critique Mannheim proposes a set of ideas in which our concept of individual knowledge is questioned Our whole comprehension of the world is influenced by ideologies that shape the way we view and think about things He makes a distinction between particular and total ideologies The first interfere with our thoughts on a psychological level These are certain individual idiosyncrasies like lying to further our personal interests etc.Total ideologies are the ones that present a real threat, according to Mannheim These are thorough and shape our whole world perspective Here we can include things like religion and political views What is so problematic with them is that when looking through the lens of their perspective we are automatically unable to understand another perspective When these ideologies are in play you always have two confronted sides that are unable to communicate because of completely conflicting world views.Another problem with ideologies is the concept of false consciousness where certain factual evidence is systematically masked or presented in a different way that is compatible with the world view of a total ideology A good example of this is the way Hitler demonized The Jews in order to achieve his political goals.In order to solve the problem of ideologies, Mannheim proposes a relationist view of the world This requires of us a historical analysis of the current world views of each era and understanding the way in which our knowledge is always limited by the historical and social context that we live in Ideas don t just free float out of nowhere to the heads of remarkable individuals For instance, Newton was so successful because he was born in exactly the right time This enabled him to accumulate the exact amount of knowledge possible at the time for him to discover gravity.Mannheim s ideas, although older, still present a challenging and interesting read These kinds of books can have a positive aspect in lessening the reductionist worldviews that have become common today. . . While this book was hailed as ground breaking in the sociology of knowledge, I found it very general in its ideas and mostly as applied to academic knowledge The concepts of ideology as socially formed thought systems that support particular social structures and utopia as a conception of an alternative social structure I do find useful. 1 2 3 4 5 1 the anabaptists 2 3 4 Brilliant While Mannheim s concepts themselves are interesting, I feel like the whole book walks in little loops you have to cycle back over previously mentioned ideas in order to move ahead just a millimeter It was a little exhausting. `FREE EBOOK ☠ Ideologie und Utopie ↼ Ideology And Utopiaargues That Ideologies Are Mental Fictions Whose Function Is To Veil The True Nature Of A Given Society They Originate Unconsciously In The Minds Of Those Who Seek To Stabilise A Social Order Utopias Are Wish Dreams That Inspire The Collective Action Of Opposition Groups Which Aim At The Entire Transformation Of Society Mannheim Shows These Two Opposing Elements To Dominate Not Only Our Social Thought But Even Unexpectedly To Penetrate Into The Most Scientific Theories In Philosophy, History And The Social Sciences This New Edition Contains A New Preface By Bryan S Turner Which Describes Mannheim S Work And Critically Assesses Its Relevance To Modern Sociology The Book Is Published With A Comprehensive Bibliography Of Mannheim S Major Works