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I think the teasing tone was one of my favorite aspects of this story The whole Fleury Flower taunt just made me crack a smile each and every time and the edging scenes were wonderfully wicked I was also very impressed with Drew s character He was one helluva great friend the kind that anyone would call themselves lucky to have I laughed at the witty dialogue and innuendos those that were spoken as well as those that were in thought only A wonderful story and I really enjoyed it 4 stars This m m short story was muy caliente, and I loved the banter between the main characters and the internal thoughts of the first person narrator The edging scene was hot, but I could have used a little tenderness from Heath Overall, a really fun and enjoyable romp.Note This is a freebie short story from the Goodreads M M Romance Group s event Love is Always Write The story can be found here on the group s discussion board A Competitive Edge by Adara O Hare. [Read] ♶ A Competitive Edge ♫ Official Blurb Fleury Has Just Returned From Studying Abroad For A Semester, Which Means Campus Housing Is Full And Leaves Him Stuck Rooming In The Track Team House With His Least Favorite Teammate And Rival, Heath When He Arrives At The House To Move Back In, The Room Is A Mess And Heath Is Acting Very Strange He S Apologetic And Bashful Instead Of The Antagonistic Jerk He Usually Is Heath S Personality Switch Catches Fleury Off Guard In Ways He Doesn T Want To Examine It S Also Too Good To Be True Heath Reverts To His Old Ways Once The Other Team Members Arrive Back At The House After That, Heath Runs Hot And Cold Throughout The Semester, Swinging Between Flirty And FrustratingThen, At The First Track Meet Of The Outdoor Season, Fleury Makes A Huge, Stupid Error That Ends Up In A Twisted Ankle And Heath Taking His Place As The Anchor Leg Of The A Relay It Doesn T Help Matters That Heath Is The Only One Who Saw Exactly What Caused Fleury S AccidentFleury Can T Help But Wonder Which Heath Will Greet Him When They Return From The Track Meet Will It Be The Rival Gloating About His Stupidity Or Will Heath Surprise Him With Kindness If He Wants Than A Cold Shoulder, Fleury Will Have To Take Matters Into His Own HandsOriginal Prompt Dear AuthorI M Running Warm Up Laps Around The Track When The Shot Put Throwers Start Their Practice Throws Ogling Them Distracts Me Enough That I Veer Off Course Into The Hurdles The End Result Is Embarrassment, A Sprained Ankle, And Losing My Chance To Participate In Today S Meet Against Our Biggest Rival As A Senior, I Don T Want To Give Up My Spot, But I Especially Don T Want To Give It Up To HimSince The Start, We Ve Been Rivals On The Track We Run The Same Distances And Are Competing With Each Other For Spots At The Starting Block But While I M Sure What Relationship We Have On The Field, I M Less Sure What We Have Off Of It Being Forced To Share A Bedroom In A House With Our Other Teammates Doesn T Help Any One Day He S Flaying Me With Sarcasm And The Next He S Gazing Soulfully At Me From Across The Room When He Thinks I Can T See What S His Problem I Can T Figure Him Out And What Will Happen Tonight Will He Gloat About Taking My Spot, Or Surprise Me By Offering Comfort Just When I Need It Most Photo Description Two Photos, Each Of A Young Man One Is Tall, Skinny, And Pale Skinned With Straight, Platinum Blonde, Straw Like Hair He Wears Black Skinny Jeans And A Tight Black Shirt With A V Neck And The Sleeves Pushed Up To His Elbows The Other Guy Is A Few Inches Shorter, Slightly Muscular And Tanned, With Wavy, Brown Hair He Wears Black Jeans And An Open Black Leather Vest, Showing Off His BodyThis Story Was Written As A Part Of The M M Romance Group S Love Is Always Write Event Group Members Were Asked To Write A Story Prompt Inspired By A Photo Of Their Choice Authors Of The Group Selected A Photo And Prompt That Spoke To Them And Wrote A Short StoryDownload The Story, Read It At The Author S Website Or Here Or Find It In Love Is Always Write Volume Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group.OK in the interest of honestly, I read the second half of this first I kinda just wanted to skip to the good stuff, and it was definitely good But I was interested in the characters and how they got there so I went back and read the beginning I did enjoy it, the only thing is they could have made Heath a little less of a dick I know he was going through stuff, but besides those nice three days before the semester started, what motivation was there for Fleur to feel the way he did I dunno, although their little convo at the end did help. I haven t had the chance to read in a while so this cute story did the trick Hehe, loved the Harry Potter references I ve been having better luck with reading shorts as of late and this did not disappoint.I really enjoyed it and I would love to see a continuation or maybe a novella for Flower CJ LOL I didn t like the Mcs pov It seemed dry and it rambled I never connected with him or saw the connection between the two Mcs Also not a harry potter fan so didn t understand all that but seemed like a cheap trick to try and use something already popular to male people like your book Guess it has the opposite effect on someone that doesn t like it Even not seeing their connection I didn t like how he slept with the pizza boy, or was in the process of it when Heath walked in Then the next day thinking how much he wants Heath and has to masturbate all the time thinking about it Where did that come from I sure didn t see it You didn t seem to care the day before I have an extremely hard time thinking he takes this running thing seriously when during a meet and his race he is so distracted been a slut and watching other guys he falls and hurts himself Sorry that just doesn t seem like he s committed to the competition or team at all And then since he s hurt he tries to put pressure on Heath saying he needs to step it up and cover for him Seriously what a douche Omg a really long fantasy sex masturbation scene Hate these so pointless and way to rip me out of the story I m already not that into On a side note it d be nice to know about Heath he is pretty much a stranger Does he go clubbing a lot Isn t that expensive for a poor boy He won t even eat out he s so poor but goes clubbing The way he thinks about guys is like he only wants Heath because he is there Like any guy will do but since heath shares a room might as well go for heath He has a boner and drew walks in and he s like too bad drew wont help with it Yeah I don t like the mc he is boring and is still just rambling the same thoughts over and over again Why does he want Heath now All he started noticing was that he is hot and has a nice smile But it s not like Heath is nice to him since he is such a slut After the reader has no idea who Heath is or Anything about him or where he goes what he does when he dresses up and leaves all day Then randomly he wakes mc up by handcuffing him to bed to have the longest most drawn out sex scene ever Like really And such a long scene, I don t like long sex scenes Especially when I don t feel any connection between the characters and the scene seems so random and out of character Though we don t really know Heath so maybe this is in character for him It s nice that he has no concern for the Mcs sprained ankle though That s really sweet I don t get why heaths middle name being William is significant I m not sure why this was third person since we never got heaths pov And then wow sex kind of sex anyway one time and all of the sudden everything flowery and fine between them Yeah okay There was nothing in this for me to believe they belong together or will even stay together At least it s free. A quick freebie from the M M Romance group s 2012 Love is Always Write series Heath and Fleury are roommates at college and rivals on the track team Fleury a sweet boy with French connections and lots of self confidence fleur flower in French is popular and proudly out and has a special interest in the moody and secretive Heath, a wolf in sheep s clothing if there ever was one The Harry Potter references are entertaining and the ending is erotically charged I would love to see a drawn out sequel with these two. Heath and Fluery are college roommates who live in the track house as they are both members of the track team Fluery is openly gay and Heath is rud to be bi.So, one night Heath makes his move on Fleury, handcuffing him to his bed and instructing him not to say any other word other than a whimper So it s a kinky sex scene with toys and no talking allowed and dirty talk Then the story ends shortly there after There is not too much to the story other than lust, masterbation and this kinky sex scene.So it s a smutty story about two track runners Not a whole lot of depth and a HFN. 4.5 starsLiked this one very very much, it kept me on the edge of my seat Interesting characters they were both cool in their own way , sports theme, rivals with quite a bit of pretty funny banter going on, a bit of serious stuff thrown in, some wondering about motives and some really really hawt sex And kinda cute in the end I liked the first person writing style a lot, too Complimented the story and narrator s character very well.