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~FREE PDF ♟ Lullaby And Goodnight ♿ Determined To Go It Alone After Being Abandoned At The Altar By Her Fianc, A Pregnant Peyton Somerset Prepares For Single Motherhood, But Her Joy About The Prospects Of Having A Baby Turns To Terror When She Begins To Suspect That She Is Being Followed, That Someone Has Been Watching Her, And That Someone Has Been In Her Apartment Original I hate not finishing a book but I just couldn t make myself endure this one Way to much back forth.back forth, it wore me out. I was very disappointed in this book because chapter 1 lays everything out for you and you just plod along with the main character until everything is revealed No suspense, no mystery just kinda drag your feet This isa 2.5, but the writing style really annoyed me A lot of unnecessary foreshadowing and red herrings, and if you have characters speaking Spanish, at least have them use the correct gender Having said all that, it was decent Some of the characters were even interesting. This probably really gets 2.5 stars I kept hoping throughout the book that it would get less predictable, but that didn t happen I was able to discern the villain from the beginning and I feel that it wouldn t be a mystery for anyone. I don t like writing critical book reviews because I know how much time and effort went into creating the story, but I did not care for the writing style or plot development in Lullaby and Goodnight I chose this author because she was compared to Mary Higgins Clark, and I ve run out of new MHC books to read I agree that both authors write mysteries, but that is where the similarities end for me MHC writes with a grace and urgency that was missing from this book, which made it feel disjointed and confusing at times But my biggest complaint is that I felt duped After I read the ending, I went back and read the murderer s sections, trying to figure out if I had misinterpreted the character Instead of creating a suspenseful plot that culminated in a shocking ending, I felt that the author lied to me, writing things from the character s perspective that eliminated her as a suspect I understand the need to throw the reader off the murderer s scent, but I prefer an ending that wraps up all the loose ends rather than creating a slew of new ones On the bright side, it was nice to read a book with an all female lead cast, and their stories intertwined interestingly. I m a big fan of Wendy Corsi Staub and have read over a dozen of her books This one, Lullaby and Goodnight, was very suspenseful and hard to put down The characters were all well developed and I found I cared about many of them The book keeps you in suspense and guessing, even when I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was, but still enough twits to make me doubt my guess Highly recommended. A decentish suspense story with plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing, though well before the last few chapters you ll probably have worked out who the bad guy is It s entertaining enough but a fairly standard thriller of the sort that while enjoyable at the time is, after a couple weeks, less than memorable. I could not finish this book The cloying back and forth about the killer and Peyton just wore me out. I was at one time a fan.Too repetitive, jumping from character to character was often confusing Quick moving ending saved it from terrible Either her writing has changed or I have just outgrown her.