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I absolutely loved this book as a child, and think it is a great one for children interested in science. This book tells how rainbows are made in a fun and exciting way. Who would of thought that sun and water could produce such beautiful colors, and what is even more interesting is that the colors are always in the same order. This is what you see when a rainbow appears; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo blue, and violet. This book is part of a series called A Just Ask Book, which has many more adventures with Christopher the Mouse.

Learning Experience:
I did this experiment in Practicum, and it is making your own rainbow. What you need is a sunny day, a glass of water 3/4 full, and a white sheet of paper. First, take the glass of water and the paper to a well sunlit part of the room, by a window is best. Hold the glass of water above the paper and watch as sunlight passes through the glass of water, refracts(bends) and forms a rainbow of colors on the paper. To extend this experiment hold the glass at different heights and angles to see the different effects. This is a fun way for children to actually visualize how rainbows are made and to see the order of the colors. I enjoyed this one! Especially the illustrations. It was very colorful and would be pleasing to young children. I also enjoyed how the writer broke down into simple terms how a rainbow can be created. He explained the creation of a rainbow through a prism, waterfall, and rain drops. He explained that when sunlight passes through these things, the light is bent and forms the colors of the spectrum. I LOVED this book as a child! I had the whole series. (Sadly, they were lost in a basement flood.) Great books for kids to learn science! [ Download Ebook ] ♃ What Is A Rainbow? (A Just Ask Book) ☧ Traduction What Is It Franais Dictionnaire Anglaistraduction What Is It Dans Le Dictionnaire Anglais Francais De Reverso, Voir Aussi So What ,what S Her Name ,what S His Name ,what S Its Name , Conjugaison, Expressions Idiomatiques WhatsApp WhatsApp Messenger More Thanbillion People In Overcountries Use WhatsApp To Stay In Touch With Friends And Family, Anytime And Anywhere WhatsApp Is Free And Offers Simple, Secure, Reliable Messaging And Calling, Available On Phones All Over The World What Is A Pandemic CNN What Is A Pandemic The Deadly Outbreak Of A Novel Coronavirus Has Turned A Spotlight On That Question And The Science Of Pandemics A Pandemic Occurs What Is A Database Oracle Database A Database Is An Organized Collection Of Structured Information, Or Data, Typically Stored Electronically In A Computer System A Database Is Usually Controlled By A Database Management System DBMSTogether, The Data And The DBMS, Along With The Applications That Are Associated With Them, Are Referred To As A Database System, Often Shortened To Just Database What Is A Webinar Lifewire A Webinar Is A Live, Web Based Video Conference That Uses The Internet To Connect The Individual Or Multiple Individuals Hosting The Webinar To An Audience Of Viewers And Listeners From All Over The World Hosts Can Show Themselves Speaking, Switch To Their Computer Screens For Slideshows Or Demonstrations, And Even Invite Guests From Other Locations To Co Host The Webinar With Them What Is A Proxy Server And How Does It Work The Actual Nuts And Bolts Of How The Internet Works Is Not Something A People Often Stop To Consider The Problem With That Is The Inherent Danger Of Data Security Breaches And Identity Theft That Come Along With The Cute Dog Pictures,hour News Updates, And Great Deals Online What Is A Tenant Microsoft Power BI Blog I Ve Received A Lot Of Questions Regarding Confusion About What A Tenant Is This Has Been In The Context Of Power BI Specifically With The New Public Preview And How A Tenant Plays Into That So, I Wanted To Get Something Out There To Try And Explain Podcast Wikipedia A Podcast Is An Episodic Series Of Spoken Word Digital Audio Files That A User Can Download To A Personal Device For Easy Listening Streaming Applications And Podcasting Services Provide A Convenient, Integrated Way To Manage A Personal Consumption Queue What Is My IP Address See Your Public Address Find Out What Your Public IPv And IPv Address Is Revealing About You My IP Address Information Shows Your Location City, Region, Country, ISP And Location On A Map Many Proxy Servers, VPNs, And Tor Exit Nodes Give Themselves Away Google Search The World S Information, Including Webpages, Images, Videos AndGoogle Has Many Special Features To Help You Find Exactly What You Re Looking For I'm not totally sure I had this as a childI feel like I had a book about prisms, and I know I had another of these. But judging it as an adult...

It's really repetitive. And it kinda just gives the basic factsa rainbow is from light bending and raindrops bend lightover and over again without any deeper explanation. Maybe anything deeper would be confusing. But the reputation was kinda annoying. This was my favourite book as a child. Now as a preservice teacher, I would like to add this book and perhaps the whole series to my future classroom. If anyone knows of a website I can view this book or buy these books, please let me know. This story teaches about rainbows. When I finished the story, I realized this doesn't only give us facts about rainbows but its also like a fictional storybook. This tells me that this is a teensy weensy little bit like The Magic School Bus. A Just Ask Book. Great series of non fiction books for children who want to understand their world. This one deals with rainbows. JENFArv