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this book was like a deep breath a great story of moving past the past and embracing life very descriptive and the mystery kept me up until 3am. This was a very interesting story of intrigue with a deeper underlying message I enjoyed reading it, but I wish it went a little farther A couple of my questions went unanswered The book did cause me to think about what true devotion to God looks like, and also the importance of prayer. @DOWNLOAD PDF ⚠ The Book Of Hours ⚤ Castle Priory Is A Crumbling Oxfordshire Mansion, One Brian Blackstone S Wife Considered A Place Of Extraordinary Enchantment But For Brian There Is No Enchantment, Only The Burden Of Trying To Honor Sarah S Dying Wish That He Hold Onto The PropertyWith The Local Doctor, Cecilia Keeble, Brian Begins To Explore The Mysteries Of The Old Estate In The Process He Discovers A Medieval Secret Which Offers A Key To Renew His Spirit And Heal His Broken Heart The Power Of Prayer Reaches Through The Centuries In A Surprising And Mysterious Way I love a good mystery Not gory, unthinkable yuckiness But a good mystery with suspense that works the mind Davis Bunn is a favorite author of mine and I ve read quite a few of his books but, by far, Book of Hours, is one of my most favorite reads A mysterious letter is sent to widower and he goes in search of secrets on an ancient estate The estate aptly named Castle Keep is in need of someone to save it from destruction Brian in his search teams up with the local doctor, Cecilia Lyons Brian unearths secrets in the crumbling mansion and finds his own life in jeopardy But it s his own journey that proves to be the most difficult as he discovers secrets and treasure I also loved finding out about The Book of Hours This is a great read and as always can be found at for a reasonable price This may become one of your favorite books to keep Love this oldies but goodies About the Author This book was an amazingly compiled piece following the adventures of a certain Brian Blackwell as he returns to his inheritance of a relative s home and discovers mysteries hidden for hundreds of years in an attempt to rescue the home before it can be auctioned off to cover his back taxes After losing his wife two years prior and traveling the world in the time since, Brian finds it difficult to fall back into a normal routine and build relationships with those he meets Guided by letters from his wife s aunt, his relationship with God flourishes and he finds within himself the capacity to love again.The Book of Hours is filled with dramatic twists, characters with whom the reader can fall in love, and a plot line that remains unrivaled by any other Christian adventure novel I have read While some aspects of the conclusion were rather predictable, there were others that were utterly shocking, and the path that led Brian there was filled with entertaining discoveries and suspenseful encounters I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good mysterious adventure This wonderfully crafted work of art lacks nothing it contains adventure, mystery, history, romance, faith, and any number of other components that make it the best book I ve read in a long time. A very satisfactory read Good plot, good characters A bit of faith and redemption and mystery Enough depth in the plot to keep you turning pages to see what happens next I am currently reading another by this author and will read for sure. Impressive Mr Bunn created a mystery, healed several souls and revealed quite eloquently the power of prayer My only criticism is the need for depth in the characters The villains were caricatures and the vicar, whom I really liked, needed fleshing out I know that the castle needed depth because it is actually a character in the book, but the people needed the author s time as well Why the title is The Book of Hours is both historically and religiously intriguing That alone is worth the read In fact, I will read this one again. This is one of the best books I ve read in months Beautifully written, I fell in love with the characters and Castle Keep Though it had its flaws in too convenient plotting, they were easily overlooked as you kept reading to find the end of the mystery Surprisingly, the frequent Christian undertones didn t bother me at all Very well done and one that will stay with me for a long time to come. A Quickie ReviewA quick, decent read nothing. I absolutely loved this book It was a gift from the mother of one of my Sunday School kids I teach She told me that if I liked The Shack then I would certainly like this one Interestingly, these two books are very different The biggest difference is that I didn t cry when I read The Book of Hours This book was very funny while still being inspirational and powerful It makes you question your way of life, what you re actually willing to do in your Christian walk, which I believe any decent Christian fiction should do It s entertaining and has made a strong impact and I will definitely be recommeding it to others.