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One of the very first English romance I ve read way back on my high school days, and the effect of it still resonates these days after so many years I ve re read this last night and still enjoyed the angst of the story I don t care what other reviews said because for me this is one of the great classic I ve read Janet Dailey sure knows how to twist hearts into knots and make us cling to every page of her story Love it before, and definitely LOVE it today and forever. Made me cry but just like the other Silhouette, Harlequin and MB books, it ended abruptly I didn t get a chance to enjoy Tamara and Bick s reunion Still a great story though. The cover of my copy is different, but the publication info was the same.The I think about this book, the I don t like it Bick was such a rude bastard, that I couldn t like him even after he became the love interest He was so mean and distrusting I don t see how Tamara could fall for him like she did Just because he was good looking, she was swooning for him He treated her terribly And then the whole loan embezzlement thing was just ridiculous I realize it was a plot device to get them together, but even with suspension of disbelief, it doesn t work for me If you read romance novels for the sex scenes, pass this one by What tiny bit there was wasn t sexy or fulfilling for the characters or the reader So much for a trashy romance, this one is just trash I m glad to be done with it This does not inspire me to read anything else by the author, and she is supposed to be one of the best women authors in American at the time If this is representative of her work, I don t see how that claim can be true. This is one of my all time favorites from the Romance Genre It must be the tension, hate , Alpha Male and angst Love it I for one am not ashamed of reading and enjoying this type of story. A dated Mills Boon book from 1981.Heroine s mother is dying, Tamara, our heroine needs 20,000 for medical bills and borrows it from the company she works for, intending to pay it back from an insurance policy when the mother dies Unbeknowst to her the mother has cashed in the policy.Our hero takes over the company and is besotted with Tamara, then finds out about the money He forces her to marry him but is still distrustful The mother dies, Tamara is pregnant and still Bick, our hero, distrusts her She can t take it any and flees, he spends 4 months looking for her and finds her 2 pages from the end of the book.This book is very old fashioned, our hero doesn t want her to work after marriage but doesn t give her any money The housekeeper hates her and she has no friends or relatives But at every turn we are told how beautiful she is This was a by the numbers where is my cheque please romance Do yourself a favour and don t bother. Going into Romance novels I KNOW not to expect to much, but this was just ridiculous Usually you can find something to guiltily love in this style of writing, however, I just love the fact I finished reading it Can t exactly dub it fluff when I didn t enjoy it Just passing some time and upping my book count for the year. *Free Kindle ☚ The Hostage Bride ↟ Beneath Tamara S Cool Beauty Lay A Dangerous Secret She Had Borrowed Company Funds For A Desperate Family Crisis But Before She Could Return The Money, Ruthless Entrepreneur Bickford Rutledge Took Over The Firm Bick Was A Handsome, Hard Driving Man Who Always Got What He Wanted And He Wanted Tamara When He Discovered The Truth, He Offered Her A Choice She Could Escape The Law S Revenge If She Surrendered To The Smoldering Passion Of The One Man Who Ruled Her Destiny A Man Who Would Own Her, Body And Soul One of the first few romances I ever readI remember it fondly than I liked the book, I think