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DOWNLOAD ⚆ The Bear Flag: A Novel of California ♲ Widowed On The Arduous Trek West, Proud Cat Reilly Is Forced To Take Whatever Work She Can Find Amid The Gold Veined Hills Of Sutter S Fort Mixing Company With The Likes Of Lt John Charles Fremont And His Legendary Scout Kit Carson, She Discovers Passion With An Attractive Russian Nobleman Then As War Explodes Between The United States And Mexico, The Bear Flag Revolt Plunges Cat Into The Epic Battle For California S Independence book started out good after a little bit became BORINGabout war and Mexicans Spanish i tried to read all of it but couldn t I liked the history I felt it brought California history to life and was pretty balanced in portrayal of treatment of various groups The romance part wasn t my favoriteit seemed far fetched This was sloooow to start but picked up in the middle, and had a good pace to the end from there I enjoyed the history and the Californio sections Strangely, what made the biggest impression on me was the totally weird sex scene in the middle of the book Why on earth would Holland refer to a penis as an alien spike in a romantic scene Terrifying And then an 1844 Californian, who for the rest of the book speaks in a quainter way, says You have really pretty tits What Anyway, apart from having to take a break and laugh about those bizarre pages, I thought this was a decent read Next up Holland s Pacific Street