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This was an interesting read that takes a different path for the urban fantasy heroine Kitty is not the usual kickbutt heroine who can handle whatever life throws at her She s a regular girl, who happens to be a werewolf I found that intensely refreshing.Kitty is the wolf of lowest status in her pack and complete submissive when the story starts She has to come into her own and into the realization that she can make it on her own, and that she doesn t need the pack so much that she can deny her sense of self The description of werewolf pack dynamics kept my attention I didn t care much for the way the pack controlled Kitty s life I tend to be a loner because I don t like doing things because they are expected of me by others, and not because I want to That s why I could really identify with Kitty s situation.Kitty is still trying to deal with her dual selves, as a werewolf, and as a human She became a werewolf under some pretty awful circumstances, and has lingering trauma over that When the book starts, her parents don t even know she s a werewolf She avoids going to family get togethers because of fear that the wolf would emerge The one thing is hers and makes sense is her radio dj gig that becomes a show about preternatural creatures, and as it grows, helps Kitty to find her sense of self and meaning in life.This story has plenty of action, but it is also a story about a woman coming into herself and dealing with her identity That is one of the reasons I really like this story, because of the introspective aspects teamed with a good, action oriented urban fantasy tale Cormac is a hunter of vamps and weres who his hired to kill Kitty, but is convinced to call off the contract at the last minute by Kitty herself Cormac certainly caught my interest, and I d like to see of him.When this story ends, very few of the external conflicts are wrapped up You know that Kitty has troubles ahead to face But you know that she can handle it, because she is a wolf in control of her own destiny. Kitty Norville pleasantly surprised me with it s unique radio talk show segments and intriguing heroine Unlike most other heroines in PNR UF series, Kitty is at the bottom of her pack and she s the meek one who needs the protection of others Her radio talk show about supernatural beings suddenly takes off, and intrinsically she finds herself wanting to break out on her own and lead the pack.The whole pack mentality was interesting in this one Even as humans, the Alpha can do whatever he wants with the rest of his pack members, provided they have his protection Kitty s gotten by so far by acting submissive and needing to be looked after, but slowly, she starts to break free of that It s an interesting journey to follow, especially because she s not the typical kick ass heroine and she starts out from the bottom.The radio segments were fantastic Callers talk to Kitty about their supernatural questions, and it attracts the attention of the police, government departments, and her own boss I m still not sure how the existence of werewolves, vampires and other beings are handled in Kitty s world Typically, it would be risky to expose these beings, so why is she so open about it It will be interesting to see how the rest of the series unfolds, this wasn t mindblowing in any sense but intriguing Check out Happy Indulgence for reviews Thoughts from before I finished the book Only 3 chapters in and I am slightly disgusted All the reviews here talk about this story being a coming to story for Kitty, a woman traumatized and learning to stand on her own again Seriously though the way she is treated within the pack is just as emotional and mentally abusive as the half ripping her to shreds to make her a were in the first place In the name of protection she cannot even go out by herself, has to fork over half of her money to keep her job, and isn t taught to hunt or protect herself so that the alpha can keep her as a cub within the pack Not to mention that the alpha Carl basically treats Kitty like a whore He has his way with her and she allows it all for some minuscule scrapes of so called affection Even if I hadn t read a ton of other were books that strictly adhere to the mating for life idea I would still find this demeaning and sad And Kitty doesn t seem to have been this submissive and undemanding before she was turned into a werewolf Also, whenever Kitty shifts into her werewolf form Vaughn switches into this weird 3rd person POV She treats the wolfs as completely separate entities from the characters when in their forms as if that makes it ok that Kitty is now prostituting herself for a pat on the head The plot though involves assisins, fake faith healers pedeling a supernatural cure, dissapering vampires, and the revelation that were s and vamp s exist to an unknowing world In other words, the plot seems awesome It is just the pack ideals and dynamic that I find disgusting, demeaning, and as another reviewer put it rape y Finally, I detest the woman s voice who is reading this book on the audiobook She makes Kitty sound like she is running a 900 number with her deep, breathy take on the character I m hoping that this was the reason I didn t enjoy the book as much I am going to read the second book myself, and am hoping this will have me enjoy it Thoughts from after I finished the bookThe plot is what saved this book If there hadn t been some great plot points I would not have survived throught the 4th chapter Truely the beginning of this book just disgusted me with the characters thoughts and ideals I especially enjoyed the involvement of the faith healer Elija Smith The ending though totally annoyed me plot wise I couldn t believe that it ended the way it did Totally pissed me off It must be for a reason that is further developed in the next book, but for now I m sad and annoyed Thankfully though Kitty grew up as a person and realized some key things not only about herself, but about her pack, her WORTHLESS alpha, her true friends, basically everyone and everything in her life I must say in the end I am proud of her Who knows, maybe I have just been spoiled by how wonderful the werewolfs are in Patricia Briggs s novels This new take on their society an alpha who can take what he wants without mercy, love for the pack, or compassion for its members, etc is just horrible and I really disliked it.At this point the next book in the series is going onto my TBR pile, but I doubt I will be getting to it anytime soon I did redeem itself slightly in the end but now as much as I had hoped There are something like 8 books in the series though so it MUST get better. 3.5 starsKitty isn t the typical urban fantasy heroine when she starts out but I like she s not fake She s in an abusive pack relationship but doesn t realize it for awhile, and the way she was turned into a werewolf was abuse again She has no one other than her pack, who she seeks for comfort, until she finds her own with a paranormal themed late night radio show that takes off across the coast.The radio station stuff was actually riveting from funny callers, especially when they try to hook her up on dates, to having live attacks and suicides on the air, it s never a boring radio hour About half the book takes place on the radio Beyond this there is a mystery of pack politics and figuring out who put out a hit on her, and who s been killing humans around town which wolf is which wolf I should have guessed the villain in that, but I didn t figure it out until right before Kitty did The characters were well done, even the detective who was sympathetic and not the typical hard nosed detective who won t give fair chances The personal awakenings with the pack was fresh for this type of book because I hadn t seen abuse like this toward the main character in quite this way before The hitman becoming an ally was a weird twist that worked A few vamp politics are thrown in they don t take away from the story but add a little to the worldbuilding Serial killer on the loose was another thing bringing this above the rest of the pack for keeping the pace smooth It s a quick book that s hard to put down but I hated what happened to a character I liked at the end It soured it for me big time I also found the revelations of who she is on the radio very unrealistic, especially if the paranormal was basically a kept secret Humor helps, and Kitty is a likeable gal even if I wanted to shake her sometimes when she s not seeing things clearly enough fast enough, but it works for fans of furry fiction. What fun Kitty is a werewolf DJ who runs a late night radio program When she starts talking about the possibility that there are real vampires, weres, etc., out there, her program suddenly starts to gain listeners and attention, not all of it good Then, when she discloses that she is a werewolf, everything busts loose Her pack leader is unhappy, the head of the local vampire collective forbids her to continue, a hunter has a contract for her life, and someone out there is killing people like a werewolf, drawing bad attention from the law.One of the things I really liked about this book is that Kitty grows as a wolf in the book, from a cowering cub in the opening through the stages of maturation With this growing her view of her alphas also changes Also, Kitty is not a supergirl It s only in this book, the first of the series, that she decides to take martial arts as a human, and she isn t slam bang great at it from the start I like this woman a lot Maybe it s because I have a weakness for advice columns, but I freaking LOVED this Wait, no, it s because it was perfectly paced, had a fresh voice despite the fact it s a few years old now , and made me want to cry several times with the power of its characterization Yeah, that s probably it How did I miss this series for so many years ETA Well, Goodreads certainly disagrees with me I found this because various recommendation engines said I d like it, not because any review of it caught my eye I m thankful I found it that way because I so strongly disagree with so many of this book s haters If I had listened to them, I never would have picked up this fantastic book.Kitty is an intensely damaged individual at the beginning of this book She s a victim with a capital V As a result, many reviewers checked out at that point because she wasn t strong, independent, or decisive Butthat s where she starts the book, not where she ends it This is an origin story, and not all origins are pretty Don t read this book if you require your heroes or heroines to be perfect from the beginning Do read this book if you like urban fantasy for its ability to shine a light on the darker aspects of human nature. Good, quick, fun UF with an uncomfortable abusive element Didn t really wrap up all loose ends and the ending came and went in a blink but I really enjoyed it. This was a cool book idea, but the weak protagonist and horrible gender dynamics completely ruin it There are plenty of ways to write werewolves Why, why, why did this female author choose to write hers in a way that justifies the main character s repeated rape This is not okay. Seriously Take out the werewolf aspect of this book and you are left with a story about a woman being abused and repeatedly raped by a man who is treating other women the same way oh, and taking half of their earnings This is gross and wrong and why the f would a female writer choose to create her pack dynamic like this without soundly slapping the concept down There was no critique of rape culture to be found here, just a mewling, whimpering protagonist who kinda sorta actually likes being raped and it s kinda sorta actually okay because werewolf Well, I guess the moral of this story is that if a man has power over you it s okay and you really want it Slapping a paranormal facade over a real and common phenomenon that women experience at staggering rates all over the world does not make it any less a gross justification of that phenomenon.This kind of garbage is turning me off of the entire paranormal subgenre I almost see this book as I see Twilight as less a novel and a long winded cry for help Ms Vaughn, although I will not personally be contributing to your finances any further, I sincerely hope you can afford therapy now with your absurdly high book sales It s unfortunate that this book even exists.It s worse that it was written by a woman.And it s absolutely appalling that female readers are eating this rape apologia up along with other similarly themed books, so many of which are also written by women I m ashamed for my gender To my fellow women you deserve better. {FREE EPUB} º Kitty and the Midnight Hour ⚡ Kitty Norville Is A Midnight Shift DJ For A Denver Radio Station And A Werewolf In The Closet Her New Late Night Advice Show For The Supernaturally Disadvantaged Is A Raging Success, But It S Kitty Who Can Use Some Help With One Sexy Werewolf Hunter And A Few Homicidal Undead On Her Tail, Kitty May Have Bitten Off Than She Can Chew I listened to the narration of Kitty and the Midnight Hour I was expecting to not be impressed and walk away from this series believing it was just another take on an overdone theme After all, the series is about werewolves and vampires hasn t this theme been done before But I was pleasantly surprised with Kitty and I plan to continue on to the next book sometime But I won t be rushing to read it or listen to it Kitty is the main character and I liked her well enough Kitty is not like Mercy, Elena, or even Riley While she is a werewolf, she is not a tough ass kicking she wolf Instead, she is at the bottom of her pack, typically submissive and she takes self defense classes to work on her fighting skills The side characters of TJ, Carl and Cormac were interesting and rounded out Kitty s world somewhat There is a unique setup with a love interest that is not ideal, beauitful or romantic usually not a path taken in this genre I was able to put this book down or rather turn it off since I was listening to it The narration was decent and the storyline was okay But nothing about it compelled me to go on A negative for me with Kitty, which likely contributed to my lack of investment in the story, is that not enough time was spent developing Kitty s character There is barely anytime spent with Kitty alone she is always reacting or acting There is not enough of her outside of the action I would have preferred character development, hopefully the next books do this a little bit.