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fantastic book easy to follow and with great results from the delicious recipes. Brilliant tasty recipes Easy to follow directions and pictures #E-PUB ê How to Make Bread Ù Today, People Are Rediscovering The Joys Of Baking Their Own Bread, Not Only As A Cost Saving Measure, But With The Desire To Go Back To Basics And Enjoy Making Something RewardingEmmanuel Hadjiandreou Is Passionate About Bread And In This, His First Book, He Shows You How To Make It, Step By Step The Book Starts By Explaining The Key To Good Bread Why Flour, Yeast And Temperature Are Important, And Which Kitchen Equipment Makes Life Easier In Basic Breads, You Ll Learn How To Make A Basic White Loaf With Clear, Step By Step Photos With This Method, You Ll Have The Base For A Number Of Variations The Rest Of The Book Covers Wheat Or Gluten Free Breads, Sourdoughs, Flavoured Yeasted Breads, And Pastries And Morning Bakes In Than Easy To Follow Recipes It is a step by step baking guidebook which is perfect for beginners but the recipes have too much commercial yeast that will make your bread smells tastes yeasty, I like Emmanuel but I am disappointed with the results after following some recipes from the book. I just received this book yesterday and read through it all in one day The book is laid out well, with lots of photographed instructions There are many interesting and different bread recipes but the main reason I bought this particular bread book is because it seems to have the easiest and most strait forward method for making sourdough breads I will reserve stars until I see if the sourdough method actually works I ve been a professional baker for almost seven years, and this book amazed me This book has great recipes in it and is very easy to use and will produce fantastic breads Easy to use and all you need are a couple of bowls and a scale I mixed all mine by hand whereas he recommends a spoon If you ve always wanted to make bread but were intimidated by the process, get this book, it really couldn t be simpler unless you have someone else make it for you Only downside is that the recipes are in metric and cups spoons, so if you use pounds you ll need to convert, or use a digital scale that can switch. I received this book as a Christmas gift and read it through right away My goal for 2013 is to improve my baking skills specifically sourdoughs I think this will be a great guide The book contains great step by step instructions and pictures I m excited to get started And now I m off to make my mother I have a lot of bread books Yes, a LOT of breadbooks This one is clear, concise, not over explained to the point of seeming like a textbook The illustrations are stellar The raisin pecan bread is delicious Beautiful book but trying to get the hang of sourdough is quite a tough skill to learn The illustrations in this book are amazing They give detailed step by step visual instructions for people like me who need to see how it s done This is a good intermediate bread book that will have you baking an artisan quality loaf with the first recipe All of the yeast recipes call for fresh yeast That s kind of hard to come by in the US I used SAF instant yeast and was fine These loaves require a bit of babysitting for the first hour or so but then there is a nice long fermentation time so you don t have to stick around while the bred rises If you are a new bread baker and this is your first time you may want to start off with a simpler bread book like The Bread Bible by Beth Hensperger If you love bread this will make a wonderful addition to your bread book library