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As a coach, I loved the lessons taught about mental strength and humility of character Coaching is not only about skills, but also about the character of the athlete Lead by extraordinary example. This inspirational book is filled with numerous interesting stories has a foundation of faith. A very interesting take on sport, sports psychology and how to achieve peak performance in what we do Contains a good number of anecdotes to illustrate the principles. It is easy to dismiss many of the examples in Dr Thierfelder s excellent work What have these examples of professional and Olympic athletes to do with me, just an average working stiff, trying to keep his family fed, clothed, and sheltered The answer to that question comes in the book s very moving and inspiring ending Anyone can enjoy the play, focus, goal oriented, and teamwork environment that elite athletes experience almost daily during their careers in sports Focus Peak performance Working through pain not matter the cost We can all experience these in anything we do Read Dr Thiefelder s excellent work and find out what why, exactly, it s critical we should all strive for World Class Performance in Everyday Life. Wonderful book on faith, sports, and personal improvement Imagine The Power of Positive Thinking written by a sports psychologist from a Catholic perspective. (Ebook) î Less Than a Minute To Go à My Friend Bill Thierfelder, A Great Leader And Motivator, Puts The Words And Descriptions To What We Leaders Try To Do Every Day To Challenge Ourselves And Our Teams To Be At Our Best, All The Time Coach Mike Krzyzewski, From The Foreword Dr Bill Thierfelder Knows What It Takes To Win As A Student At The University Of Maryland He Dominated The High Jump, Winning Fame As An All American And Irish National Champion Later He Earned His Doctorate In Sports Psychology He Became A Private Coach And Mentor To The World S Top Athletesand Revealed To Them His Hard Won Secrets For Success In Less Than A Minute To Go The Secret To World Class Performance In Sport, Business And Everyday Life , Thierfelder, Now President Of Belmont Abbey College, Reveals The Secrets To Becoming A World Class Performer Preparing Your Mind To Win Making Peak Performance A Common Occurrence Playing With A Passion That Never Ends But Thierfelder Does Than Give Peak Performance Techniques In These Pages He Shows Why Sports Are Worthy Of Our Deep Attention And Effort, Whether As Athletes Or As Avid Spectators And Fans He Shows How Sports Can And Should Engage The Highest Parts Of Our Nature That, In Fact, Only When We Are So Engaged Can We Truly Excel And He Reveals How Sports Train And Prepare Us For Other Arenaswhere We All Are Players And Where Our Choices Have Significance Than Any World Series Or Super Bowl Join Dr Bill Thierfelder In An Exploration Of Sport And Of Life As You Have Never Considered Them Before Let This World Class Athlete, Mentor And Coach Teach You What He Has Taught So Many Others, From College Students To Superstars How To Give Your Very Best When The Clock Is Tickingeverything Is On The Lineand You Have Less Than A Minute To Go