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Howard is having a little trouble listening at school As a result he finds that not listening can bring about lots of problems First, during story time Howard is jumping and bouncing and not sitting and listening His teacher yells at him She wants him to sit, be quiet and listen Howard ends up in the corner facing the wall all alone At lunch time Howard s friends try to warn him about a slippery banana peel, but he doesn t listen His food tray is up in the air and so is Howard On the playground Howard doesn t listen and he gets hit in the eye with a ball By the end of the day Howard is in the corner all alone, once again But that is a good thing Howard has a chance to think about his day Will Howard learn to listen You will have to read the story to see.Binkow has done an excellent job of showing kids what can happen if they choose not to listen Bad things can happen The back of the book has tips and lots of questions for parents and teachers to have a discussion with kids about how to listen Soft colorful pictures bring to life all of the troubles Howard gets himself into Kids will love reading the simple sentences and will have fun identifying with all of the A great book to use for teaching students how to listen This rabbit doesn t like to listen, this book follows the important lessons needed in order to learn how to properly listen This book will surely make both you and your students laugh FP HAR 1.46 Characteristics Voice, ideas FREE ☻ Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen ♷ Imagine How Much Easier Life Would Be If Children Listened Better Meet Howard B Wigglebottom, A Curious Rabbit Who Just Doesn T Listen This New Illustrated Book Has Been Created To Help Children, Ages , Improve Their Listening Skills And Pay Attention Educators, Parents, And Children Alike Will Laugh And Learn As Howard B Wigglebottom Learns To Listen We picked this book up because my 2 year old has been having a hard time listening to directions lately I know this is the beginning of the terrible twos My daughter was actually interested in this book It had a good message and pictures that kept the attention of my child We ll probably read this book a few times over the next year to remind her about the importance of listening. Great for lessons on what kids should and shouldn t do, especially in library. This helped my daughter so much She was having a challenging time listening at school, and this book really seemed to make an impression, as she is doing a lot better now I like that there are some helpful tips and questions in the back that you can discuss with your kid. Howard makes up his mind From that moment on, he will try very hard to be the best listener he can be Howard B Wigglebottom is always in trouble in school because he doesn t listen Throughout the story Howard is in his own world he does whatever he wants without heeding the warnings of others One day in timeout for not listening Howard is very sad, he realizes that he needs to listen So, he does He tries very hard to listen during the day and it pays off Howard even gets an award for his stellar listening Howard B Wigglebottom is so relatable to children in school He lives in each one of our children in the classroom I know he lives in mine Sometimes, it is so hard for smaller children to listen to directions, warnings, conversations you name it I think this book with its fun, watercolor illustrations and accessible language is the perfect text to help students see the importance in listening to others In the story, Howard not only finds himself in trouble with the teacher, but in situations that could have been avoided like flying around the classroom on the ceiling fan Even with this silly instance, I think children can make the connection between listening and safety, learning, fun, etc One of the best parts of this book is that there are rules to how to be a better listener at the end of the story There are also listening discussion questions for teachers to use with students This book is a perfect resource for teachers to use any time in the year to help students see the importance in listening It provides the teachers with tools to guide the conversation and even rules that can be posted in the room to help remind students of how to be good listeners This book could also be used to teach students to be reflective, how to be good citizens, among other things Another great thing about this book is that it also has a corresponding website to go along with it There are other books in the series and even songs to match Overall, I think this book is a great resource for teachers in the lower grades elementary to help with positive classroom management and creating a positive classroom culture of listeners My Review Last time I talked about Howard B Wigglebottom he was learning about Sportsmanship This time Howard is about to learn about Listening Howard is always in trouble at school because he doesn t listen even when told by his teacher during story time to stop bouncing around the room and sit down and be quiet But Howard doesn t listen And because he doesn t listen Howard was always in trouble He slipped because he didn t listen to his friends trying to warn him about the banana peel on the floor Instead of being still on the playground while playing baseball, Howard would hop around and didn t keep his eye on the ball.It all came to a head when in art class Howard didn t listen to the teacher about trying to keep the paint on the paper and not on the table So the teacher asks him to take a time out While he was doing time out Howard felt so sad, he did not like being alone and in trouble He made up his mind to be a good listener and received a 1 Listener star.This is a wonderful and engaging book for children to learn how to become a better listener The Today s Lesson at the end of the book teaches children to sit quietly, use both eyes and ears to help with listening, not to interrupt and wait their turn to talk and listening discussion questions Great illustration which helps tells the story.I highly recommend this book for every household with children and for classroom teaching.Disclaimer As per FTC guidelines, I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review I received no monetary compensation All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Howard B Wigglebottom Learns to Listen is a children s picture book to help young children learn to listen and follow directions This book goes through the day of a bunny Howard while he is in class and school and shows what happens when Howard is given a direction and does not follow it For an example when he doesn t listen to his team mates he is hit in the face with a baseball, or when he doesn t listen to his teacher he is sent to timeout and he does not like being in time out so he thinks about all the times he did not listen and decides to be a good listener from there on out When Howard starts listening the book then shows all the great things that happens when he actually does listen I gave this book a 4 out of 5 star rating This book is geared towards a younger audience and some of the illustrations to go along with the text I feel could be a little hard for children to understand that cause and effect concept of what Howard did and what it caused to happen next When I read this story to my children I had to read the text on the page and then further explain so that they could understand a little.5 6 2018 Summary Howard has lots of trouble listening When he doesn t listen, bad things keep happening to him He decides to try to change his ways one day, and is successful Howard turned his life around for the better and made an improvement in each area of his life Reflection This book was a great social story It is very kid friendly, and shows the troubles that come along with not listening I would definitely use this in my classroom to establish rules maybe the first few days of school.Implementation This could be used to teach cause and effect Because Howard didn t listenthis happened There are many examples in the book, so they should write down a handful of the causes and effects.