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The Taj Conspiracy is a mystery thriller, set in India, written by an Indian author The story begins with the protagonist, Mehrunisa, a researcher on the Taj, its architecture and history, stumbling upon the body of the Taj supervisor and a set of clues at the site of the murder The story goes on to describe how the mystery is solved and a religious conspiracy is averted In the process the author takes the reader through some of the history of the Taj, its structure, myths surrounding its origins and other little known facts and anecdotes about it and its builder The elements of the story are similar to a Dan Brown mystery with a murder, a set of clues like a treasure hunt, a mystery villain, a conspiracy and a merging of religion, contemporary politics and history Despite the common elements the narration and writing style make it original The characters are believable, if a little stereotyped A detailed review will appear on Plus Minus n More. The Taj Conspiracy introduces us to Mehrunisa Khosa, a budding Mughal scholar who is embroiled in the murder of Arun Toor, the caretaker of the Taj Mahal Starting from page 1, the plot takes us down the path that Mehr takes along with SSP Raghav of the Agra police and RP Singh from the CBI during the investigation of this crime Although Mehr starts off as a suspect in the eyes of the authorities, her valuable insights into the various clues left behind by the killer, her friendship with the victim and importantly her vast knowledge of the Taj Mahal, its history and the various urban legends surrounding the monument prove invaluable to the investigating authorities The trio end up realising that there is to the murder than a simple motive and it holds the potential of disturbing the very foundations on which the monument is built upon quite literally, and I will stop at that to avoid spoilers Do Mehr, RP Singh and Raghav manage to avert a disaster of monumental proportions pun intended or do the antagonists have their day in the sun makes up the rest of the story.Well etched out characters, credible back stories for each of them, nice, taut editing ensuring a decent pace of proceedings make The Taj Conspiracy a good read. @PDF õ The Taj Conspiracy (Mehrunisa Trilogy, #1) Õ Mughal Scholar Mehrunisa Khosa Stumbles On A Conspiracy To Destroy The Taj Mahal When She Discovers The Murder Of The Taj Supervisor, And The Quranic Calligraphy On The Tomb Of Queen Mumtaz Altered To Suggest A Hindu Origin Of The Taj Mahal That Urban Legend Had Always Existed Now, Though, Someone Was Conspiring To Make It Come True In The Case Of The Famed Marble Monument, All Was Not On The Surface A Vast Labyrinth Ran Underneath Closed To Visitors Where Mehrunisa Was Trapped Once In A Series Of Suspenseful Twists And Turns, The Action Traverses From The Serene Splendour Of Taj Mahal To The Virulent Warrens Of Taj Ganj, From Intrigue Laden Corridors Of Delhi To Snowy Himalayan Hideouts As A Right Wing Hindu Party Ratchets Up Its Communal Agenda And Islamic Militants Plot A Terror Attack, In The Dark Corners Of His Devious Mind A Behrupiya, A Shapeshifter, Is Conniving To Divide The Nation In Two To Save The Taj Mahal, Mehrunisa Must Overcome A Prejudiced Police And Battle Her Inner Demons As She Sifts The Multiple Strands That Lead To The Conspirator Picks up a very feasible and revisionist plot and the treatment is mostly adequate but somehow the sum of all the parts some of them very good doesn t make for a very satisfactorily convincing whole The characters sometimes don t display a sense of urgency and their thought processes are sometimes too elevated, their movements are a little too contrived and sometimes inexplicable, some plotlines slip through the cracks, like the jihadis and the swami, and some become quite obvious to the readers But an engaging heroine and some supporting cast members lay out hope Lets see how the others turn out Finally we have a good contemporary Indian thriller The plot elements are similar to that of Dan Brown s The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons The character sketch was a bit edgy at parts though, and in some parts the flow of the plot became a bit clumsy But, it is one heck of a thriller Unlike the disappointing Shiva trilogy immortals of meluha and secret of the nagas , this book is very well researched Love the way how the story moves ahead with the help of tales from the hindu mythology A well crafted pot boiler, and Manreet S Someshwar is one gifted novelist Do not miss this one Manreet Sodhi Someshwar deserves every single one of the stars and I would give her if I could It was a roller coaster ride which I didn t want to get off First of all, the author has created a strong female character who need no man Finally a character who is not too weak as to need a man to save her when she gets in trouble Mehrunisa Khosa, as beautiful as she is strong, as unique as her varied heritage Secondly, I am so glad to finally say that I have found an Indian author who does not shy away from confounding her readers with words they do not know Ohh, I loved that part of reading that book PThirdly, I just plain loved the book It was well written and I see the Taj Mahal with shining eyes because of this book which has made me comprehend the enormity of its heritage and I wish I could explore the rooms below the Taj Finally, it was refreshing to finally end my search for an Indian author who loves her characters with so much zeal that the readers fall in love with them too Can t wait to read the rest of this trilogy P.S Please bring back RP Singh P After a day long deliberation on whether I should write a review for this book or not I finally decided to put my thoughts on it Actually, I have been struggling with how should I rate this book I honestly did not like the book much due to multiple reasons Let s start one by one I felt there were a lot of stuff in one book and the writer failed to connect the dots between them I felt the writer failed to build up a lot of characters in the book Like, the episode that revolves around Pakistan Occupied Kashmir involvement of Pakistan militants OR how and why does Arun Toor, Pamposh, Jara, and Kriplani come together for a common cause Similarly, I felt, there are a lot of pit holes in the plot Like, it s difficult to digest that the entire Taj Security Team comprising of the UP police and CISF team stationed at Taj for a couple of weeks fail to search the underground channels at Taj Mahal And neither could Mehrunisa who is believed to know everything about Taj guide Singh Raghav about the secret chambers below Taj A lot of people have compared the writer to Dam Brown I don t know why and how they see a resemblance I would rate this book between 2.5 and 3. Full and detailed review Taj Conspiracy by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar is total paisa vasool Manreet s prose is remarkably evocative If this book were to be filmed, I would imagine the screenplay writer would have it quite easy The best thing about this desi thriller for me was the chance to be able to relate so perfectly with nuances and cultural connotations The narrative flows on seamlessly The descriptions of the Taj, in particular, are ample proof of Mehrunisa s, and the author s, fascination with the Taj The size of the chapters is a novelty Most of them take up no than two pages, and there are two chapters that are a single page each Manreet s ability to keep readers hanging on to multiple skeins of plots and sub plots without confusing them is to be commended Despite juggling together so many characters, she makes them appear real The stories within stories is another device that Manreet has used very skilfully. First things first, this book will remind you of all Dan Brown books The writing style, the characters, everything The protagonist here has a fear of basements like Mr Langdon has a fear of closed spaces, there is a scholar who accidentally gets involved, a cop who is hard in the beginning and then cools down There is a lot in this book that takes you back to the world of Dan Brown, the good things is that it makes the book worth reading, the bad thing it doesn t make it a good read BJP becomes BHP, A senior opposition leader drinking his own urine is inspired from a former Prime Minister, the ruling party is the savior of India We are made familiar with the Taj, but there are a lot of assumptions that take place, The pamphlet which has points from a banned book make for a pointless claim, the author in the end easily claims that the sealed rooms do not contain any significant objects of historical importance because she tilts the story in that manner The canvas was perfect, but somehow she doesn t play well with the facts Anyone who is familiar with the history, legend and stories that revolve around Taj Mahal will find this book far from good There are unnecessary chapter divisions in between, Dongri to Dubai had so many chapters, 500 days had so many chapters, but both books were precise, there was no beating around the bush The PoK character refrains from an attack as a Muslim organization claims the monument, seriously The book picked up a great topic, couldn t exploit it well The characters are not as well discussed and written as in the books of Dan Brown, nevertheless, this is a good book if compared with what young authors are writing these days My problem with the book, you cannot help but feel that the author is acting biased Still, Somewhere between 2 and 2.5 Having read other reviews on this site, and seen the comparisons with Dan Brown let me assure readers that this book is not a Da Vinci rip off It is a different story and a different genre I cant say without revealing the plot of the storyA man is found dead on the floor of the Sanctum of the Taj Mahal, with enough hints on the tomb as well as on the body to suggest a hindu origin of the famous monument The investigation into this murder and its remifications form the rest of the story as Mehrunissa, singlehandedly at first, tries to solve the murder of her friend and helper Why was the calligraphy on the monument altered Mehrunissa is the only one who knows about the alteration, being fluent in Persian Why did the body disappear With the police being uncooperative and unnnimaginative, the girl finds herself all alone, with only the professor to turn to for advice At this juncture enters JCP R P Singh a police officer with imagination, a high degree of intelligence and drive The investigation acquires pace from here onwards as the 2 join forces to unravel one of the most diabolical challenges to security that Agra and by extension India has ever faced