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This book is a real gem I am very happy that I found it in a list and read it on an impulse.It truly tick marks every characteristic of a novel worthy of five stars.A shame how beautifully authored diamonds like this have so less fans yet badlybadlywritten stories without a prose or even a decent storyline get millions of reads. 4 Stars When Laura s boss cancels their meeting for the fourth time, she sees red and once again she jumps right in without giving her head a chance to follow She s a talented advertising copy writer, whose ideas have been constantly put down and ignored by her supervisor Going over her supervisor s head to Alex is a risky move Alex is amazed at this dynamo in attack mode, and if she hadn t made one valid point that they were on the verge of losing a lucrative contract, he d have chucked her out of the firm So he gave her a task that would prove her worth but at the same time was near impossible to complete When the client shows up a day early for his presentation, Alex calls in Laura s supervisor for his pitch, only to have himself and the client, Sam, enraged as the only thing new in the campaign was the artwork As a last ditch effort, Alex calls on Laura, and her take charge energy soon has Sam eating out of her hand with her thoroughly fresh approach Alex has been ready to leave the firm and open up his own ad agency, and as his present position left no restrictions on him, he was free to take clients with him if he chose When he tells Sam that he s ready to make his move on his own, Sam says okay he s got his contract for one year but only if Laura runs the campaign And Laura says she ll only agree if she s a full and equal partner in the new firm Alex knows his next year is going to be a year of hell, not only with a battle of wits with Laura, but he s newly gained custody of his 6 year old son, who seems to be on a path of destruction Poor Alex has worries that run deep As a result of an abusive father, and witnessing his mother s murder at his father s hands, he s afraid of his own volatile emotions His attraction to Laura is unmistakable but her passion for life unnerves him and shakes his control It s obvious to Laura just how much Alex adores his son, and she sees longing in Alex s eyes forin his life She s not sure why he holds himself aloof Laura s a tall woman who bloomed late in her teens She doesn t know how gorgeous she really is, only remembers the hurt and rejection growing up When Alex rebuffs her advances, he opens up the wounds from her past This is Ms Freed s debut with Harlequin and I was enchanted from the first pages There are four points of view in this story Alex, Laura, Jason and Sam I thought this was a very effective way to createdepth to these pivotal characters Jason longing to be held and crying out for his father s attention Sam as a father figure for Alex to replace his own father s cruelty Through Sam, Alex gets a glimpse of what true love is Ms Freed brings us a heartfelt story of the effects of childhood abuse, and the many forms this abuse comes in The delightful banter between Laura and Alex makes a wonderful balance for this very emotional storyline I m very much looking forward to reading Laura s brother, Scott s story. I read this mostly because the cover was just so awesomely dated Helloooooooooo Naughty Nineties Rowr Luckily for me, it was actually a pretty good book.I don t feel like writing a full review, so a list it is.Liked Good, strong businesswoman heroine who isn t a man hater Hero s 6 year old son acts appropriately for his age and isn t trotted out just for wise quips and plot massaging Nicely written with a good use of showing rather than telling, the occasionally clever bit of imagery and sex scenes heavier on emotion and feeling than a description of mechanics Author s clearly well acquainted with both the marketing industry and Houston as both scenes are clearly set and well integrated with the plot Good, strong, even pace to the plot and character arcs She draws their conflicts out slowly without becoming laying it out too son and keeping them apart artifically or holding off too long on their secrets and leaving the reader disconnected.Could ve done without Were businessmen really this misogynist in 1995 Constant sexual comments, familiar touching and patronizing brush offs made me want to cut a bitch Jealousy isn t romantic Telling an important business contact to get bent for showing interest in the heroine is stupid and irrational, not sweet Heroine gets a makeover and the hero swoons harder barfI d recommend this one for people who like gender roles, alpha heroes and jealousy I found it well written and plotted, but these were not my kind of people. First off, many thanks to Danielle The Book Huntress Hill for being able to identify this book for me I had been looking for it on GoodReads for ages with no luck I read it like 10 years ago, and even though it was a favorite I could never remember the title just the plot I love this book for so many reasons Mainly though the characters, the family centric plot, and the Houston setting are what truly sell this book to me Laura is an amazing woman She s sassy, independent, impulsive, naive, insanely smart, creative Just a real woman I feel like so many woman I know, including myself, could really relate to her Alec has almost a Mr Darcy esche attitude with his constant need for control and tight lipped emotions His son Jason though and with his adorable personality, kind heart, and caring chivalry completely stole my heart though I wanted to comfort the kid while reading this book Also, even though this was a romance novel the plot was so muchthan that It all boiled down to family Laura and her loyalty to her struggling father and brother was heartwarming Alec with the horrifying memories of his father and his complete lack of understanding of his amazing son tugged at my heartstrings This book makes it a point to show the readers both sides of the tracks and how each can come to a happy ending Having the book set in my home town of Houston was actually pretty great to me The author, being from a suburb outside the city did an amazing job of getting all the details right It s so amazing to read a book that identifies a building at a certain intersection and realize I know exactly what building the author is referring too Or recognize the name of the neighborhoods that the characters live in How much easier can the author make it for readers to relate to the story when it is set in their own back yard All in all I am so glad I found this book again, and will definitely make sure to keep a hold of my copy this time This is a very old Harlequin romance that I ve read several times over the years It is a very funny and heartwarming story centering around advertising, second chances, and family There were some pop culture references in it, but it didn t have a dated feel at all The characters were easy to connect to and invest in, and the plot was stimulating and engaging without all the sex that seems to pervaderecently written romances Now, that s not to say that there wasn t lust and sex in this one, but the book wasn t saturated with it All things considered, this was a pleasant way to spend a wintry evening According to Alec McDonald, Laura Hayes is impertinent, impulsive, insubordinate and totally lacking in self discipline all negatives in an employee Mind you, he also has to admit that she has the legs of a Las Vegas showgirl.According to Laura Hayes, Alec McDonald is a pompous bigot who considers hankies standard issue for his female employees But while these are negatives in a boss, Laura doesn t intend to remain his employee for long.Within twenty four hours of their first meeting, Laura and Alec are partners Equal partners Yet two bosses is one too many for any business especially when the boss is falling in love with the boss And his six year old son Harlequin are always good for a quick and steamy read as long as you pick the collections that guarantee sex, like Blaze This is by far my favorite Harlequin, and it was my first Both of the main characters are hard on the outside and tender on the inside Through a series of crises, their stubborn nature and forced professionalism crumbles under the intensity of the attraction, curiosity, and care they feel for each other Predictably, it follows the familiar romance formula , but I still loved it Typical Dynamics of a Romance Novel based on my observations 1 A love hate relationship usually because of distrust and or misunderstanding or forbidden love because of cheating, morals, or disapproval from family culture 2 Denying the intense and irrational physical attraction felt between the characters.3 Building sexual tension erupts, and the characters kiss, touch, or f.4 The first encounter is addicting and confusing The characters wantbut feel conflicted about wanting , usually vowing to never do it again 5 Some cataclysmic crisis or series of crises bring the characters together again, forcing them to recognize their mistakes and how much they care for each other.6 The object of her affection surprises the main character in some way Right when she expects things to be over, they end up happily ever after. A favorite of mine from long ago. {READ DOWNLOAD} ⚜ Too Many Bosses ï According To Alec McDonald, Laura Hayes Is Impertinent, Impulsive, Insubordinate And Totally Lacking In Self Discipline All Negatives In An Employee Mind You, He Also Has To Admit That She Has The Legs Of A Las Vegas ShowgirlAccording To Laura Hayes, Alec McDonald Is A Pompous Bigot Who Considers Hankies Standard Issue For His Female Employees But While These Are Negatives In A Boss, Laura Doesn T Intend To Remain His Employee For LongWithin Twenty Four Hours Of Their First Meeting, Laura And Alec Are Partners Equal Partners Yet Two Bosses Is One Too Many For Any Business Especially When The Boss Is Falling In Love With The Boss And His Six Year Old Son