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I wasn t feeling well and wanted something I could read quickly and easily so I did shoe shopping for a few Harlequin romance ebooks I don t remember a lot about this one now, except that for an over the top premise which I knew when I bought it it was handled pretty well I liked the hero and the heroine wasn t too stupid, which she could have been, given the setup I particularly liked the end where she finally found her strength and the very end where she went to find him Certainly not my best book of the year and equally certainly not the worst but perfect for where my brain was at at the time. Hmmn, let me see, I think a sexy bodyguard isn t that bad, yeah The story portrayed Tate Baxter as a billion dollar heiress who lived a rather sheltered life because of her phobic condition So, her life continues in a succession of going to and from her therapist, penthouse, work in their charity foundation, and going shopping Because of her status in life, she has a CIA for a cook and secretary and an ex Army for a chauffeur and bodyguard, who was too sexy and likeable for her peace of mind Michael Caulfield s character on the other hand, though not liking it very much that he was babysitting the ultra rich sophisticated Tate, found that even though she was definitely classy and chic, she never ever made anyone feel inferior or less important She was very humble and kind And he most definitely enjoyed their shared moments when he was driving her and they talked about a lot of mundane things like their favorite books and or songs I liked the story and it was really exciting enough Just really hate the part where a lot of action was spent in the story. This is a formula book with a kick It mixed good drama and suspense with powerful chemistry between the hero and heroine The story is out of the realms of possibility, but then again, that s absolutely fine in the world of fiction SYNOPSIS Rich chick was kidnaped as a child Highly damaged from the incident, she has a terrible time adjusting to social life as an adult Her INSANE therapist suggests she face her fears of another kidnap attack and have some pros fake kidnap her You guessed it, real bad guys actually take her, her chief bodyguard, whom she has had a crush on forever comes charging to the rescue Hmm. It s a romance novel, so there s a good chance of kissing and stuff Cue end credits.If you like this type of story, go ahead and indulge. I wanted to like it . Meh Quite certainly this one does not belong on the keeper shelf the storyline was just off for a Blaze title A poor little rich girl with a kidnapping phobia plans to get herself kidnapped but is kidnapped for real Her chauffeur bodyguard ex military intelligence quasi boyfriend gets himself kidnapped too and tries to rescue her with a pocket comb They have boat sex They bond They get rescued Blah. Tate Baxter, a beautiful pampered woman living in fear of another kidnapping, enclosed in a protective bubble her every move monitored Her overprotective father sealed his daughter in a cocoon so restrictive she was suffocating Chauffeur Michael Caulfield, her bodyguard and glorified babysitter was restless in this new assignment, however it was his duty to protect Tate at all costs and he would never fail at his duty With reservations Tate agreed to a fake kidnapping at her therapist s suggestion to rid herself of her fear Everything went awry when a kidnapping took place and it was not the fake one but a legit one with vicious dangerous strangers What happened next was traumatic and surprising for Tate and Michael The premise of Kidnapped was different and difficult to believe The thought someone with previous traumatic kidnapping experiences would arrange a fake kidnapping seemed totally out of the realm of believability to me Putting this aside, the writing was good The bond formed between Tate and Michael and the need to protect each other was touching and believable Kidnapped was a quick, easy read. `Download Book ↻ Kidnapped! (Harlequin Blaze #345)(Forbidden Fantasies) ☛ Okay, It S Certainly An Unconventional Way For Manhattanheiress Tate Baxter To Conquer Her Fears But When Yourwhole Life Takes Place Behind The Tinted Windows Of A Limoand Your Household Staff Are All Gun Toting Ex CIA, Drasticmeasures Have To Be Taken Especially When One Memberof That Staff Has Got Her All Hot And BotheredChauffeur Michael Caulfield Has Just One Assignment Keeping Tate Safe But When She S Kidnapped For Real, The Only Way He Can Save Her Is To Become A Prisonerwith Her He May Be Just The Help, But As Her Take Chargeprotector, He S The Michael Of Her Sexual FantasiesMaybe A Man She Can Trust And Even Dare To Love Except Once Out Of His Uniform, He Isn T Exactly Layingbare All His Secretsto Tate