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@Read Epub à Pricksongs & Descants: Fictions ì Pricksongs Descants, Originally Published In , Is A Virtuoso Performance That Established Its Author Already A William Faulkner Award Winner For His First Novel As A Writer Of Enduring Power And Unquestionable Brilliance, A Promise He Has Fulfilled Over A Stellar Career It Also Began Coover S Now Trademark Riffs On Fairy Tales And Bedtime Stories In These Riotously Word Drunk Fictional Romps, Two Children Follow An Old Man Into The Woods, Trailing Bread Crumbs Behind And Edging Helplessly Toward A Sinister End That Never Comes A Husband Walks Toward The Bed Where His Wife Awaits His Caresses, But By The Time He Arrives She S Been Dead For Three Weeks And Detectives Are Pounding Down The Door A Teenaged Babysitter S Evening Becomes A Kaleidoscope Of Dangerous Erotic Fantasies Her Employer S, Her Boyfriend S, Her Own An Aging, Humble Carpenter Marries A Beautiful But Frigid Woman, And After He S Waited Weeks To Consummate Their Union She Announces That God Has Made Her Pregnant Now Available In A Grove Paperback, Pricksongs Descants Is A Cornerstone Of Robert Coover S Remarkable Career And A Brilliant Work By A Major American Writer 3.5 5 stars This was a case of my personal connection with a book not lining up with the work s real impact or excellence Despite my miserly three star rating, I would recommend reader give Pricksongs and Descants a try In fact, if I was just going to rate the book on innovation it would get 4.5 stars My favorite stories were Quenby and Ola, Swede and Carl a Pedestrian Accident the show stopping The Babysitter and the retelling of the story of Noah.The retelling of Noah is shocking and tragic while providing a glimpse of the biting edge we see later in The Public Burning A Pedestrian Accident is an absurd story of a man with a broken neck somewhat reminiscent of Barthelme and Beckett The other two stories use a technique whereby every potential angle of the story is turned towards the light and examined It s the literary equivalent of John Coltrane taking a 12 minute solo to run every single idea in his head into a corner, working and re working themes and motifs until he reached the exhaustion point Coover uses the storytelling style on four or five pieces in this collection, but it reaches its high point in The Babysitter In fact, if you re on the fence about reading this collection, check it out from the library, skip to page 206 and have at it If you re not ready to readafter that then it just might not be up your alley, but at the very least you will have had the chance to experience something new and vital in fiction. Pricksongs Descants is mostly about the power of human imagination That sweep odour that girls have The softness of her blouse He catches a glimpse of the gentle shadows amid her thighs, as she curls her legs up under her.Imagination is rich but it plays dirty And that s a reason so many prefer to live an imaginary life in a realm where everyone can be king.He loves her She loves him And then the babies come And dirty nappies and one goddamn meal after another Dishes Noise Clutter And fatThat s the real life Who wants it Legendary NarrativesThis collection of early stories is not a lesser work in any way In it, Coover maps out the journey that his writing career would subsequently follow It announces and displays his early ambition and skill.It reflects a dual interest in the subject matter of fiction and its methodology As Coover says of some of his stories, in retrospectgreat narratives remain meaningful through time as a language medium between generations, as a weapon against the fringe areas of our consciousness, and as a mythic reinforcement of our tenuous grip on reality The novelist uses familiar mythic or historical forms to combat the content of those forms and to conduct the reader to the real, away from mystification to clarification, away from magic to maturity, away from mystery to revelation And it is above all to the need for new modes of perception and fictional forms able to encompass them that I, barber s basin on my head, address these stories The Interpolation of the Post ModernCoover tells his stories within the framing device of other stories, of myths and legends, of fairy tales and parables.Fairy tales, in particular, are often written with great economy, perhaps because they formed part of an oral tradition in which they were memorised and recounted from generation to generation for the benefit of the young.Their economy leaves Coover scope to interpolate modernity into the tradition of the fairy tale Transposed to the contemporary, he fleshes his tales out withpricks and cunts. In doing so, he reminds us how much fairy tales have always been concerned with sexuality especially the fear of seduction, abduction, rape, murder and the premature loss of virginity , thus making explicit what was formerly and formally implicit.Some Titular HypothesesThis concern is signaled in the title of the collection, which adapts an expression used by Granny in the first story, a prologue of sortsI know who s got her giddy ear with his old death cunt and prick songs The idea of adeath cuntablack hole , in the words of Rikki Ducornet is aperception of the female body as seduction, a lethal detour of the spirit leading to enslavement the cunt as snare, prison and coffinview spoiler See Rikki Ducornet sThe Death Cunt of Dellhide spoiler One of the milestones, or pilestones, in self reflexive fiction, the influence of Pricksongs Descants among the subsequent two generations of humorous imps, genrebenders, and transgressive egomaniacs in experimental prose fiction, is plain to see Metafantastical fables, reworkings of reworkings, forking paths and fucking piths, numerical mini chapters, self regarding scoundrels for narrators, black humour, mindless surrealism, incomprehensible but entertaining indulgences, sneaky s o c, shock fodder, minxish moralisingthese are the realm of Coover, whose exuberance, relentlessness, inventiveness, comic spirit, is unflushable, and whose tireless endless exhausting books and stories keep coming like a waterfall of perverted warpedness Among my personal pleasures, the Seven Exemplary Fictions in homage to Cervantes, the stomach plummeting weirdness of The Elevator, the carnival craziness of Romance of the Thin Man and the Fat Lady, and the comedy of A Pedestrian Accident The other stories in here were too Cooverian in their oddity, tedious, incoherent, or simply unfunny.