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Readof my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Sexy TalesThough I enjoyed this book as much as the others, It felt like the tone had changed a bit into beinginstructional And the instructions were great We learned how to give good oral to both male and females, and even Ms Clarke is warming up to Brie how could she not Brie practiced her oral skills on her Brie also lived out her Dom s Doctor fantasy, something she has an innate fear of But it was a very hot scene, and I wouldn t mind being a patient This book also made me want to practice my oral skillson my hubby..I learned some new tricks On to book 6 I can t believe that this series is actually getting better and better the further through it I get It isn t slowing down or losing pace it s actually becoming a much deeper story with A LOT of character development I was actually quite excited that this volume was basically entirely oral I must say that although I knew all the steps that are mentioned in this story when pleasing either a man or a woman, I had no idea about all the terminology I never expected to actually learn something from an erotica story, lol I very much appreciated that Ms Clark finally got what was coming to her Although I would say that part of this it ispleasing to her than I would ve liked but at least Brie gets to prove her Google search engine skills Loved it Put Clark right in her place I was glad to see some f f action however I wondered if Red was going to include that I was pleasantly surprised when not only did our subs practice their oral skills on doms and dommes alike, a domme actually won Lea Awesome Mm I wonder where the red headed domme actually comes into the overall story or if we are going to hear anything about that I honestly had a hard time getting through Brie s entire experience with her 2nd auction Although there were parts that were very hot and steamy for the most part I just couldn t get past the creep factor of a dude pretending to be a Dr to get into a girl s panties That s totally just me though, for anyone who is reading this review, it s just not my thing and I was glad when it was over This is really the only reason I gave this volume 4 stars instead of 5 The story is great, we get to seeinto Lea and Mary s characters, but this scene just didn t do it for me and since it consisted of so much of the story I couldn t quite give it the 5 star rating I would ve liked to.Disclaimer Don t read if you have a problem with lots and lots of oral sex both rough and sensual on men and women alike, Doctor Patient role playing, anal play, pain as pleasure, and as always intense domination submission themes. [Download Epub] ♱ Brie Practices Her Oral Skills (Submissive Training Center, #5) ♗ BookOf The Brie SeriesBrie S First Full Week Of Training Is An Exciting Roller Coaster Ride Although She Receives A Good Review From Rytsar, Brie Suffers From An Underlying Problem It Rears Its Ugly Head And Brings Brie To Her Knees Literally She Is Thrilled When Sir Offers To Practice With Her On Stage On Auction Day, The Lucky Little Sub Spends Quality Time With Doctor HarrisThis Succulently Hot Novelette Encompasses An Entire Week Of Brie S Submissive Training, Including Her Second Auction DayExtended Description Brie S First Full Week Of Training Focuses On Perfecting Her Oral Skills Not Only Does She Learn The Secrets Of The Mighty Shaft, She Also Applies Her Tongue Skills On A Domme Or Two Unfortunately, Brie Has A Weakness That Threatens Her Success As A Submissive, But Sir Refuses To Let Her Fail Time On Stage Provides The Devoted Sub A Chance To Express Her True Feelings For Him Brie S Week Ends With The Auction, Putting Her In The Care Of A Sexy But Demanding DoctorAdult MaterialWarning This Book Contains Sexually Explicit Content And Scenes That Some Readers May Find Objectionable This book was not as good as the previous one but it was still good enough The scene with Ms Clark was my favorite and the way Doctor Harris tricked Brie with the syringe was very clever I m glad that i finally got to see the 3 girls bonding with each other and i want to seeof their friendship, while i m hoping that these series end well for Brie. Wow. How to give a proper BJ 101 LOL.Even I thought I was good at it until I read Mr Gallant s teaching Oral Skills 101 LOL LOL LOLIs Sir going to give in to his desire for Brie Brie comes to the end of her first training week and following her exciting fantasy fulfillment with Rytsar the important Russian Dom, she now has to develop and practice her oral skills I learnt a few things from this novelette, shows we are never too old to learn ne skills Brie has another but public session with Sir which surprised me I thought it was her fantasy unreciprocated once he d had what he desired from her I still don t know whether it will be a HEA for them or whether she is suited to another Her experience with Dr Harris is a must for all of you with doctor fetish and medical kinkwhich Brie doesn t seem to have Again I considered this for 4 and 5 stars but go with 4 this time Again good standard of English. Another good read.Few typos. I also loved Brie s journey, I love the fact that you started it from no experience at all for her, the idea of the training school and other beginners was a wonderful journey to go on throughout the series, I love all the characters and their paths as well, each one is a vital part to the series and for Brie on her journey The journey was intended for Brie but I found myself falling in love with Sir and his own personal journey to realizing what he wants and needs I have read and re read this series over and over I would love any other novellas you may entice us with, even on the other characters lives I look forward to your future musings. The latest installment in this series was erotic and,surprisingly, educational as Brie continues her pursuit to be the best submissive possible My favorite part of the story was after Brie used her newly acquired oral skills on the bitchy Domme and instructor Ms Clark When asked by another instructor how she, a novice, employed advanced cunnilingus techniques on Ms Clark, Brie answers, I googled it, Sir Too funny The only part I didn t care for was when Brie acted out a doctor patient scenario with Master Harris I don t particularly care for reading about medical sexual fantasies The time she spent acting out a fantasy with Rystar in the last book was muchentertaining and erotic.Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to Brie s next adventure. 4.25Brie Practices Her Oral Skills by Red Phoenix Brie 5 This is a BDSM erotica short coming in around 40 pages Week 2This begins with Brie freaking out over getting her monthly friend But the receptionist says, Miss Bennett, We have been doing this for 25 years, we know what we are doing Get some rest we will see you at tomorrow s class This is an interesting point, that I ve been pondering Leave it to me There has been a ton of activities going on, yet there has been no mention of prevention, there is defiantly no protection used, so when do we start Jerry Springer s round of Who s the Daddy I m just saying, with that much use as a receptacle, someone s getting knocked up, seriously The Dom s have turned in the evaluations of the scenes Apparently, they all suck, since they have negative critiques, hmmm, but not well So this week is all about oral presentations And for those of you that don t know, you will get a lesson in human anatomy Lol Get out your pen and paper and get ready to take notes This weeks auction has them acting out the Dom s fantasy scene Brie is horrified to learn her bidder His fantasy is one of her greatest fears But he is a trained Dom, will he make her comfortable or will she safe word out As the saying goes, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.