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This series feels like a therapy for people mainly working for web. Finally got around to purchasing the first three issues of the Manual and I m wondering what took me so long Issue 1 was fantastic A combination of great writing and careful editing resulted in a really enjoyable book with every section providing food for thought I particularly enjoyed the sections from Simon Collison, Dan Rubin, and Frank Chimero I also was really impressed by the quality of the book itself looks great and lovely attention to detail. `Free Kindle ↾ The Manual, Volume 1 ☞ The Manual Is A Beautifully Crafted Journal That Takes A Fresh Look, In Print, At The Maturing Of The Discipline And Profession Of Web DesignIn Lively, Rich Articles And Vibrant, Personal Stories We Explore The Tiny Distance Between Loving People And Seeing Them As Mere Specks, The Deadliness Of CSS Galleries, The Impact Of The Corruption Of The Web S Original Vision As Interconnected Nodes, The Way In Which Our Increasingly Scattered Identities Call For A New Etiquette, The Foundation Of Design In Finely Tuned Critical Thinking, And The Urgent Need To Cull And Surrender, Focus On Craftsmanship, And Build A New Visual Language For Web Design