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Two day before Bob Marley The Wailers were to perform at the Smile Jamaica concert on December 5, 1976, gunmen swarmed his home and rehearsal space at 56 Hope Rd in Jamaica and shot Bob along with others in an attempt to kill him The questions have always been why and how did these young ghetto gunslingers pull off this assassination attempt and who put them up to it Oh not the brothers, but the ones, who set them up These are questions that people have been asking since the incident and although many theories have been developed and tossed around over the years, no definitive answers have ever been offered Although we still have no definitive answers, with the publication of Stir It Up we now have what is probably the most likely scenario of the events leading up to the shooting, why the shooting took place and who was behind it all All presented in an a very unique and original way.This book may be disturbing to some, a confirmation of beliefs to others and a real eye opener for many The author, David Dusty Cupples, did some thorough research in order to lay out a very concise scenario of not only what was happening with Bob Marley at this point in history but also Jamaica, the entire Caribbean community, the Cold War and the attitude many on the right including the CIA had The book is a true page turner and how Cupples moves the story along is quite impressive while also very entertaining.So basically this novel portrays fictional and actual characters The main character is Scott Mitchell, an American teenager who is dragged around South America and eventually Jamaica by his CIA employed father in the mid 70 s Although his dad always tells him that he only works the Visas in these countries, for some reason whenever they arrive in a country chaos ensues After arriving in Yard, Scott soon forms a friendship with Bob and unknowingly becomes intimately involved with the shooting It s only after help from a California psychologist after four years of burying the memories that Scott is able to tell about his days in Jamaica and what he discovered after the shooting.Without giving the story away, I will say, this is by far the most in depth scenario presented as to who shot Bob, his wife Rita and manager Don Taylor and why For years, some such as Alex Constantine, have perpetuated conspiracy theories that link the Smile Jamaica shooting and Bob dying of melanoma cancer nearly four and a half years later I have always dismissed this as pure nonsense and thankfully, Cupples steers clear of any of that type of drivel The claims by Constantine have always been that somehow, Carl Colby Jr, who was hired by Island Records to film the concert, brought Bob a pair of boots after the shooting embedded with a wire containing cancer that poked Bob s foot as he tried on the boot The cancer was then injected into Bob and that s how he got cancer Of course that s utter nonsense and the lack of a mention in this book tells me others, muchintelligent than myself, who have done their homework, feel the same way as I do The book instead focus on the continued injuries inflicted on Bob s toe over the years and the melanoma that developed because of it.I recommend this book to all Marley fans who are seeking answers to the assassination attempt on Bob as well as those interested in the CIA, left and right wing politricks and the tactics employed by deranged lunatics This is a welcomed addition to any Bob Marley book shelf stocking the must haves. This is a beautiful novel about fairness, equality and human rights a must read for anyone interested in these topics, and how ideology in modern day USA and the rest of the world relates to them The author s extensive knowledge of the historical context for the novel makes it stimulating and engrossing Jamaican culture, Bob Marley, the 70s, the CIA Written from the perspective of an adolescent, the novel also describes the young man s struggle to become an adult A mysterious psychological incident brings him under the care of a psychologist, who wrestles not only with finding a way to break through to the kid but with his own demons The book also brings us face to face with potentially heavy prejudices surrounding cultural differences, and at times beautifully attempts to bridge those gaps by invoking mythological themes of universal applicability. Dusty Cupples Jah some book makes truthdigestible by disguising it as fiction It juggles Jamaican mysticism, history, and music into a steaming cauldron of hidden manipulation, open vision, and certain inevitable righteousness Stir It Up takes the amazing life of Bob Marley and incorporates it into a riveting tale of unhinged sinister forces clashing with content of the character hopes and dreams Misguided agents of corruption infiltrate and undermine One Love instincts to this day to help insure the top tier can never lose or be held accountable It brings back the key period of the mid to late 1970s when the world made a giant u turn into fear and misplaced loathing as Seaga, Reagan, Thatcher etc started blaming and gleefully harming the powerless, wildly deregulating all governors on greed, as they unleashed a lawless era of needless austerity and rampant bullying and gouging, runaway freedoms that still need tempering Cupples keeps the inspiring story lively and highly interesting as it builds to an amazing crescendo when the actual events peak in Bob s destiny driven final years and musical creations Filled with insight, wisdom, and facts David Dusty Cupples Stir It Up delivers a read that will leave one breathless and astounded Yes I, this is the way it is Babylon system is the vampire Art leads the way every time Mix it up operator This book explores meanings and theories behind the actions of the CIA during the time period of 1976 I love the story line and the writing is just amazing All exciting and on the edge type of book David almost seems to pull you into the character, we tend to show emotion towards a certain thing and with his writing style he achieved it Best Marley related book I ve read in a while Well thought out and well delivered throughout the entire book I would defiantly recommend this book to any fans of Bob Marley or Reggae in general It spans the musical side of things during that time It s very interesting and worth a read You nailed it with this one David BIG UP Much Love, Jamie Stir It Up The CIA Targets Jamaica, Bob Marley and the Progressive Manley Government I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading Stir It Up I could tell the author spent a lot of time in Jamaica to give this book an authentic feel I learned a lot about the culture, the music, the politics andof this island paradise, even though I ve never been there Anyone who loves a good story with well drawn characters will really like this book Two Thumbs Up from this reader Stir It UpSuperb A multi layered tale about Jamaica s experiment with democratic socialism in the late 70 s, Bob Marley s powerful unifying force for all the people with love, faith, music, the CIA s nefarious brutal efforts to derail the Progressive Manley government, and a psychological thriller with building suspense that reaches a climactic and satisfying conclusion A masterfully woven tale with multi layered themes integrated into a brilliant and lustrous tapestry, all leading up to a multifaceted whirlwind resolution with hope for a better future. A great read Mr Cupples demonstrates a keen awareness of this countrys history and of its beautiful musical people yearning to be free Well researched, cleverly written..I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Really great book This is how you bring in political and historical context the effects of colonialism, capitalism, the terrorist approach of the CIA into people s heads without boring them And you tell the story of Bob Marley along the way Win win. {Free} ⚡ Stir It Up Ó Jamaica,Bob Marley Sings Revolution The Democratic Socialist Government Of Michael Manley Leans Closer To Fidel Castro, Angering Washington Many Believe The CIA Is On The Island Stirring Things Up, Whipping Election Year Violence Into Tribal War Scott Gallagher Lived Through It But Four Years Later, AYear Old Residing In Santa Barbara, He Remembers Little His Girlfriend Marva, Hanging With Marley At Hope Road Beyond That It S Lost Time As If Obeah Jamaican Black Magic Has Fixed His Business Was His Father CIA Chief Of Station In Kingston What Caused The Bad Blood Between Them Why Would The CIA Be In Jamaica Anyway An Emotional Trauma Brings Him To Psychologist Phil Mitchell, Who Pushes Scott To Relive The Fateful Year And Uncover The Truth That Will Either Set Them Both Free Or Be Their UndoingStir It Up Sets Into Stark Relief The Historical Backdrop Of Its Times The Vietnam War Has Finally Ended The Year Before Henry Kissinger, Survivor Of The Disgraced Nixon Watergate Administration, Continues As Secretary Of State Under President Ford Operation Condor Is In Full Swing With The Spread Of Brutal Military Dictatorships Throughout Latin America Tiny Jamaica Becomes A Microcosm In Which The Great Political Issues Of The Day Come Into Play The Novel Is Also A Tribute To Bob Marley As The Voice Of The Third World A Rousing Tour Through The Colorful Kingston Scene In The Golden Age Of Reggae, Featuring The Great Rasta Musicians From The Ghettos A Warm Snapshot Of Jamaican Culture An Account Of The Leader Of A Poor Third World Country Standing Against American Power At The Dawning Of The New World Order Of Neoliberal Economics A Sympathetic Portrait Of Jamaican First Lady Beverley Manley The Story Of A Young Lad S Coming Of Age As He Faces The Terrors And Mysteries Of His Past With A Psychologist Who Has Lost His Way