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!READ PDF ⚇ The Knot ☥ Dominic Kitchen Is A Wedding Photographer Every Saturday Since His Career Began In The Sixties He Has Photographed A Bride And Groom On The Happiest Day Of Their Lives, Captured The Moment They Tied The Knot Forever, And Then Faded Away Into The BackgroundBut Throughout His Life, Dominic Has Felt A Knot Inside Him Tighten, Threatening His Own Chance Of A Happy Ever After And As The Years Go By, It Becomes Difficult To Ignore, Until The Ties That Bind Threaten To Tear Him Apart I would not recommend this book to anyone I even left it behind It presents as light summer reading, a tragi comedy it states Its actually a story of incest and I struggled to find much humour in it at all. I don t say this lightly but, this has to be one of the best books I ve read in a long time Not only is it fun, moving, easy to read, and all the other superlatives that folks use far too easily, but it is really well written The pace is a delight, it rattles along without the reader even knowing they re doing it I finished the last chapter, put the book down, looked out of the window and realised I was in Iceland Time was getting on and I needed beer No easy task in Reykjavik Seriously though I cannot recommend this book enough Happy, funny, endearing, heart rending and shocking There s even a Ford Capri in there fairly sure that s not a spoiler After reading a million books about events, it s nice to read a book about people And what a book I found the characters very believable and endearing The story captivated me in a way not many books do.Now the SPOILERS If you haven t read it, DON T read on From early in the book, there are definite signs that Dominic has feelings for his sister Victoria that go beyond brotherly love and that eventually lead to an extreme you can guess Other reviewers seem to take this as the defining point of the book and the only thing worth mentioning, going as far as saying they wouldn t have read the book, had they known If that were the case they would have missed out on a book that both warmed and wrenched my heart. BABTBlurb Dominic Kitchen is a wedding photographer who is used to seeing people tie the knot, an expression that also represents a sensation that he feels in the pit of his stomach A sensation that emerges when he is in the presence of a certain person who could change his ordinary life forever They have a secret that only they can ever know as it is something that society, even today, would struggle with This is a tale of agonising loss and forbidden love.Written by Mark WatsonAbridged by John PeacockReader Julian Rhind TuttDirector Celia de WolffA Pier production for BBC Radio 4. I really, really want to rate this higher but I just can t, maybe 2 and a half at a push I loved Eleven and was expecting something as complex and well written but I was disappointed It s nothing to do with the sensitive subject matter, which was handled about as delicately as possible, I just didn t really warm to anyone I also struggled with parts of the ending Victoria finding out their Mothers secret didn t really change anything and I wasn t really sure how Beth suddenly becoming a major character really fitted in.It hasn t put me off reading anyMark Watson, maybe my hopes were too high Hmmm really not sure about my feelings on this one didn t like the subject matter and, although it was well written, I had absolutely no sympathy empathy or connection with any of the characters They all needed to get a grip and sort themselves out sorry if that s an over generalisation Would only recommend it to avid readers if you don t read very much then pick something else there s far too many other good books out there, in my opinion Would be interested in reading another one of Watson s books though and giving him another chance. Listened to this while doing other stuff and it kept slipping into the background Terribly boring for a story about incest Still, not awful, so a weak 2 stars I did get my dishes done so I can t complain too much. Never before have I had such mixed feelings about a book when I ve finished it This book is essentially a fictional memoir which pretty much tells everything that happened in the life of wedding photographer Dominic Kitchen The titular knot comes in two distinct ways One is from tying the knot what with their being lots of weddings, both professionally and involving family members The second comes from the knot in the stomach, the feeling of unease or distress that Dominic has That unease comes from various things and the main is Dominic s feelings towards his sister Victoria Yes, this book goes there I won t tell you how far it goes but the book is essentially about a man s life where all the normal things happen but along the way the man develops inappropriate feelings towards his sister Had I known this before I got the book, I wouldn t have got it It s not a story I want to read But having said that, a book which tells the entire life of a character is fairly unusual In places it was fairly predictable but there s all sorts of emotion in there and there s probably something in there that virtually everyone can relate to It s written in a warm, witty style and the end is very clever Maybe I just didn t get this book It s well written but I m fairly underwhelmed by the main part of the story, whilst enjoying many of the smaller plot points I m left with a confused feeling of not knowing whether I really enjoyed it or not. This is one of those books I found myself flipping back to the cover to wonder about as I read Because the main character is a wedding photographer, the title makes sense, but the light attitude of the artwork seems to contradict the serious tone of the book Told as a memoir, the story details the life and relationships of Dominic those of his immediate family, his family as a married man, and his professional life as a photographer Anyone drawn to this book because of the wedding photography would be surprised to find the story is anything but that And yes, there s a secret to be uncovered one that is suspected, simmers, then leaves you feeling a bit puzzled and wondering whatcould have been done with it in the course of the book Thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to reading each night settling down after a busy day of traveling.